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The Real World Season 4 Episodes

23 Episodes 1995 - 1995

Episode 1

Moving In: London, Part 1

Wed, Jun 28, 1995 30 mins

Seven young people from the U.S., England, Germany and Australia introduce themselves as they prepare to move into a London flat. Included: Neil expresses misgivings about living with Americans.

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Episode 2

Moving In: London, Part 2

Wed, Jun 28, 1995 30 mins

The roommates suspect that romance is brewing between Kat and Neil; Michael and Jay try to deal with their feelings of homesickness.

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Episode 3

A Loaf of Bread, A Jug of Swinem and Thou

Tue, Jul 4, 1995 30 mins

Michael and Neil clash over Neil's supposedly "superior" attitude; Neil's girlfriend reacts to his growing friendship with Kat.

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Episode 4

Shush, Shush, Sweet Sharon

Wed, Jul 12, 1995 30 mins

Sharon is devastated and her singing career is threatened when she has to undergo throat surgery; Lars has difficulty finding work as a disc jockey in London.

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Episode 5

Brand New Swords and Formula Fords

Wed, Jul 19, 1995 30 mins

Mike turns to his father for help when his racing career is stalled, while Kat prepares for the Junior Olympics, looking to her mother for support.

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Episode 6

Model Employees

Wed, Jul 26, 1995 30 mins

Jacinda wonders whether she wants to be a model; Sharon has difficulty holding a job; Jacinda and Kat get angry with Mike and Jay for partying all night long.

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Episode 7

Speaking Parts

Wed, Aug 2, 1995 30 mins

Neil is attacked by a fan during a concert; Jay realizes he needs to be more constructive with his time, especially when his roommates label him a "slacker."

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Episode 8

Hounds of Love

Wed, Aug 9, 1995 30 mins

Jacinda receives a visit from her boyfriend, leaving her unsure about their relationship; Jay encounters Mike's latest flame and confronts Mike about his intentions.

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Episode 9

Innocents Abroad

Wed, Aug 16, 1995 30 mins

Mike hopes his father will help him further his racing career; Jay rethinks his relationship with Alicia when his first love visits him in London.

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Episode 10

Disfunction Junction

Wed, Aug 23, 1995 30 mins

Jacinda's dog and a phone bill wreak havoc on roommate relations, so they play a game designed to help them settle their differences.

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Episode 11

Outward Bonding

Wed, Aug 30, 1995 30 mins

On holiday in Northern England, Lars and Mike argue with Jacinda over her carelessness with others' belongings, while the roommates' teasing begins to get to Sharon.

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Episode 12

Fast Company

Wed, Sep 6, 1995 30 mins

Mike finally finds a sponsor for his racing career, and the roommates go to see him in competition. Meanwhile, Jacinda tries to get her pilot's license.

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Episode 13

The Play's the Thing

Wed, Sep 13, 1995 30 mins

With help from his roommates, Jay stages his play in the flat when visa limitations prohibit his working in the theater. Later, his relationship with his biological father is revealed.

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Episode 14

Unexpected Developments

Wed, Sep 20, 1995 30 mins

The roommates' party finds Mike flirting with a number of women, and Kat struggling to handle a drunken date. Later, Mike and Kat both try to establish romantic relationships.

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Episode 15

Oral Examinations

Wed, Sep 27, 1995 30 mins

The roommates' teasing frustrates Sharon, but she cheers up when they help her through tonsillitis; Kat feels overwhelmed by her school work.

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Episode 16

Homebodies and Free Spirits

Wed, Oct 4, 1995 30 mins

Jay prepares to visit his girlfriend, and Jacinda accompanies him on a shopping trip. Meanwhile, prankster Jacinda makes mischief for herself and partner Kat.

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Episode 17

Tales From the Confessional

Wed, Oct 11, 1995 30 mins

Commentary from each of the roommates offers some insight into day-to-day life in the flat.

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Episode 18

Words of Love

Wed, Oct 18, 1995 30 mins

Romance blossoms among the roommates as Lars, Kat and Mike begin relationships. Kat finds herself put off by her beau's reserved manners, but Mike surprises his friends by treating his new girlfriend with respect.

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Episode 19

Clubs, Pubs and Dubs

Wed, Oct 25, 1995 30 mins

Sharon argues with band members; Lars' plans for a party fall through, but he does get a gig; Neil must adopt a conservative look when he gets a temp job.

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Episode 20

There Is No Place Like Home...Is...There

Wed, Nov 1, 1995 30 mins

Mike competes in St. Louis, then takes his show on the road in London; Jacinda travels to Italy for a modeling shoot, where she's made to feel uncomfortable.

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Episode 21

Into Africa

Wed, Nov 8, 1995 30 mins

In the first of a two-part show, the roommates take a vacation in Kenya, where they're impressed by the country's beauty, and get invited to a Masai wedding.

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Episode 22

Out of Africa...and Outta Here!

Wed, Nov 15, 1995 30 mins

Conclusion. The roommates share personal reflections during their vacation in Kenya.

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Episode 23

London...Outta Here

Wed, Nov 15, 1995 30 mins

On moving day: the roommates reflect on their time together; give Kat a birthday present; and discuss their plans for the future.

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