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The Real World Season 6 Episodes

23 Episodes 1997 - 1997

Episode 1

Moving In: Boston

Tue, Jul 15, 1997 30 mins

The seven-member cast assembles in Boston's Beacon Hill and tries to decide who will be bunking together in their new home: a refurbished fire station.

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Episode 2


Wed, Jul 16, 1997 30 mins

The other roommates fear that Elka is too religious and Kameelah's too bossy. Also: Genesis informs Elka of her homosexuality during a night home alone.

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Episode 3

Black & White

Wed, Jul 23, 1997 30 mins

Kameelah's fondness for Syrus diminishes when she discovers he has a reputation as a lady's man. Also: Genesis questions her lesbianism.

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Episode 4

Blast From the Past

Wed, Jul 30, 1997 30 mins

Syrus relates a story about how he was once falsely accused of rape, but Montana doesn't buy it. Also: Kameelah blows up at Sean after he calls her a name.

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Episode 5

Elka's Shell

Wed, Aug 6, 1997 30 mins

Elka is initially indifferent to her roommates' drunken escapades, but eventually lets loose. Also: Genesis meets a new friend on-line.

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Episode 6

200 Things List a Guy Has to Be to Date Kameelah

Wed, Aug 13, 1997 30 mins

Love is in the air as Montana and Sean get a little closer---days before her boyfriend's arrival in Boston. Also: Jason's girlfriend makes a surprise visit, and Kameelah goes looking for her own love interest.

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Episode 7

If a Tree Falls in the Firehouse, Will Anyone Not Hear It?

Wed, Aug 20, 1997 30 mins

The house is rocked by an all-out fight between Jason and his girlfriend, while Montana wonders if monogamy is worth it, in light of her attraction to both Sean and Vaj.

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Episode 8

He Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

Wed, Aug 27, 1997 30 mins

Falling for a transvestite helps Genesis get over her shyness, while Montana has no problems making friends, much to the chagrin of Sean and Vaj.

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Episode 9

Dating Policy (aka Syrus Plays by the Rules, part 1)

Wed, Sep 3, 1997 30 mins

Just when his roommates are beginning to respect him, Syrus draws their ire by shirking his responsibilities /and by getting too close with one of the parents.

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Episode 10

The Girls in the House, The Girl out of the Closet (a.k.a. Syrus Plays by His Own Rules, part 2)

Wed, Sep 10, 1997 30 mins

Genesis gets a lesson in homophobia at the afterschool program. Meanwhile, Syrus angers the roomies, this time when his friend is caught in the bathroom with a woman. His boss also tells him to stop dating a student's mom.

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Episode 11

Don't Look Under This Sequined Tee, With Anyone Else But Me

Wed, Sep 17, 1997 30 mins

Genesis questions her sexuality after dating a guy who dresses like a gal, Kameelah's got a man who has it all---including a child, but both women find themselves changing their rules about romance and men, in general.

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Episode 12

Sweet Tarts And Sour Hearts

Wed, Sep 24, 1997 30 mins

Valentine's Day finds Montana juggling two men over one weekend; and Elka receives good news: her beau, who's abroad, is booking a trip to Boston.

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Episode 13

No Man Is An Island

Wed, Oct 1, 1997 30 mins

The roomies let loose in Puerto Rico, where they establish apen-pal program for the students at the afterschool project. While there, Montana catches the eye of a tour guide, and Sean catches the gang on video tape.

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Episode 14

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

Wed, Oct 8, 1997 30 mins

Jason's relationship with Timber suffers after she moves to Boston, while Montana also sees her love life fall apart. Of course, the roomies get to hear it all when Montana and Jason have all-out battles with their significant others, over the phone.

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Episode 15

Noises & Rumors

Wed, Oct 15, 1997 30 mins

Things get uncomfortable after Douglas and Kameelah are accused of fooling around, causing problems at school. Meanwhile, Elka's dad checks up on his daughter during a visit to Boston.

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Episode 16

Pent-Up Emotions in the Pig Pen (a.k.a. Communication)

Wed, Oct 22, 1997 30 mins

Genesis calls Sean on his fascination with her lifestyle, and comes out to the fact that only Kameelah makes her comfortable. Also: Jason and Sean slack off during a school-sponsored ski trip, infuriating the program director.

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Episode 17

Honor Thy Father and Mother

Wed, Oct 29, 1997 30 mins

Family ties pull at Elka, who visits her mother's grave, and at Genesis, who gets troubling news about her own mom's health. Meanwhile, Montana makes peace with her abusive past and with Syrus.

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Episode 18

Leather Pants in Virgin Territory

Wed, Nov 5, 1997 30 mins

Elka deals with a dilemma when her beau from abroad visits Boston. Meanwhile, the roomies head to Philadelphia with the kids for the Presidential Summit on Volunteerism.

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Episode 19

The English Rocker, the American Rapper, and the Renegade Redhead

Wed, Nov 12, 1997 30 mins

In Philadelphia for the Presidential Summit, the kids meet L.L. Cool J, while one of the roomies makes a bad choice about alcohol that could end their stint at the after-school project.

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Episode 20

Homeless Is As Homeless Does

Wed, Nov 19, 1997 30 mins

Sean teaches the kids about log rolling, and Cyrus sets up a basketball program at the school. Meanwhile, Montana volunteers for another group.

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Episode 21

Black, White, and Sunburn All Over

Wed, Nov 26, 1997 30 mins

A trip to Martha's Vineyard leads to discord among the roomies, but Jason and Kameelah find themselves closer. Meanwhile, Elka begins to wonder about her relationship with Montana.

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Episode 22

Turning to the Other Side

Wed, Dec 3, 1997 30 mins

Jason faces up to his problems with the after-school program. Also: Elka wavers between the warring factions in the firehouse, unsure which deserves her support.

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Episode 23

Moving Out

Wed, Dec 10, 1997 30 mins

As the gang's time together comes to a close, they receive a visit from the kids, and gather for a final supper before moving out of the firehouse. But before leaving Boston, Montana and Elka clear the air regarding Kameelah's accusations.

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