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The Real World Season 5 Episodes

22 Episodes 1996 - 1996

Episode 1

Welcome to the Picture Show

Wed, Jul 10, 1996 30 mins

In the Season 5 premiere, the housemates arrive in Miami, where they learn they'll be living in waterfront digs in South Beach. The housemates include Cynthia, who attends San Jose State; Dan, a former editor of the Rutgers student paper; Flora, who attended the Art Institue of Boston; Joe, a grad student from New York City; Melissa, who hails from Miami; business-savvy Mike; and comic-book editor Sarah.

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Episode 2

Beauty Is Only Skin Deep

Wed, Jul 17, 1996 30 mins

The housemates have the opportunity to start their own business, but no one can agree on what it should be.

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Episode 3

The Temptation of Joe

Wed, Jul 24, 1996 30 mins

Joe's girlfriend, Nic, becomes concerned that Joe will give in to Miami's myriad of temptations---especially one named Cynthia. Meanwhile, the roommates name their pet fishes, only to be horrified at what happens to them next.

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Episode 4

The Silence of the Dan

Wed, Jul 31, 1996 30 mins

Dan lands an opportunity with a modeling agency, but his big mouth gets him in trouble with his roommates. Meanwhile, Cynthia has feelings for a former love that hinder her efforts to date.

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Episode 5

Torn Between Two Lovers

Wed, Aug 7, 1996 30 mins

Flora worries that Mitchell will learn about Louis; Joe returns home to make up with Nic, and the roommates take advantage of his absence.

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Episode 6

Fear of Commitment Poster Children

Wed, Aug 14, 1996 30 mins

Melissa and Dan both find the perfect guy, but it comes at the wrong time; the business causes conflict among the roomies.

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Episode 7

America Needs Underwear

Wed, Aug 21, 1996 30 mins

Dan's idea is a winner with the gang, but not for long; Sarah's afraid she can't trust her roommates; and Cynthia worries about her ability to make a contribution.

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Episode 8

Stand by Me?

Wed, Aug 28, 1996 30 mins

A mysterious bite sends Flora to the emergency room; Joe believes Nic is cheating on him so he decides to do the same; and Cynthia feels demoralized after she realizes that starting her own business isn't going to be easy.

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Episode 9

Say It Ain't So Joe

Wed, Sep 4, 1996 30 mins

Cynthia disapproves of Joe's girlfriend; and one roomie decides to drop out of the business, causing tempers to flare.

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Episode 10

Act Up!

Wed, Sep 11, 1996 30 mins

Dan contemplates coming out when his brother visits; Joe disappears after a terrible fight with Nic, leaving his roommates worried.

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Episode 11

Dependence Day

Wed, Sep 18, 1996 30 mins

Flora throws a fit---and throws Sarah's friends out of the house; Cynthia suffers an attack of homesickness; and one of the gang emerges as a leader in the business venture.

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Episode 12

Act Out

Wed, Sep 25, 1996 30 mins

The gang experiences problems with Melissa, and see a new side of Sarah when her Wisconsin friends visit. Meanwhile, the deadline for choosing a business comes closer.

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Episode 13

Meet the Renzis!

Wed, Oct 2, 1996 30 mins

Dan's parents come to visit, and to meet his love interest; and Mike and Heather discuss their relationship. Meanwhile, the gang must finally buckle down and choose a business.

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Episode 14


Wed, Oct 9, 1996 30 mins

Joe bails out of the business, leaving his roomies hurt---and paving the way for a new leader to emerge. Meanwhile, Cynthia takes charge of her life.

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Episode 15

A Class Act

Wed, Oct 16, 1996 30 mins

Joe must ask his roomies for help getting his diploma; Flora's doubt about one of the partners harms her relationship with Sarah; and the gang gets a new pet but they fail to take proper care of it.

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Episode 16

Why Do Fools Fall in Love?

Wed, Oct 23, 1996 30 mins

Dan makes a decision about his life after talking to his mother; Cynthia seeks comfort in music after a fight with Flora; Joe turns over his shares in the business to Leroy.

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Episode 17

...Lies, and Videotape

Wed, Oct 30, 1996 30 mins

Melissa reveals plenty about herself during a night at the house, a situation that makes Dan and his new boyfriend find their own social life dull by comparison.

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Episode 18

Liars and Lovers

Wed, Nov 6, 1996 30 mins

Joe has a surprise for Nic on his graduation, but the announcement gets a poor reception from Cynthia. Meanwhile, Flora has it out with Dan over remarks he made about her boyfriend.

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Episode 19

Nature Calls

Wed, Nov 13, 1996 30 mins

The roomies go to the Bahamas for their vacation, a situation that finds Cynthia less than happy about the planned activities.

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Episode 20

Everyone Gets the Jackson

Wed, Nov 20, 1996 30 mins

Sarah springs to Hank's defense when Flora demands he give her his video about the gang, and Melissa gives him the brushoff after flirting with him. Meanwhile, one of the roomies abruptly moves out.

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Episode 21

None of Your Business

Wed, Nov 27, 1996 30 mins

With their business deadline approaching, Flora offers a solution---but on her own terms; Dan's new romance is interrupted by his modeling trip to Italy.

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Episode 22


Wed, Dec 4, 1996 30 mins

It's move-out day for the group, and the roommates share their feelings---good and bad---about one another.

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