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The Name of the Game Season 2 Episodes

Season 2 Episode Guide

26 Episodes 1969 - 1970

Episode 1

Lady on the Rocks

Fri, Sep 19, 1969 90 mins

Howard (Gene Barry) plans to buy a magazine owned by a woman whose husband is dead set against the deal. Madeline: Janice Rule. David: Nigel Davenport. Reddington: Laurence Naismith. Fitzwilliam: James Robertson Justice. Peggy: Susan Saint James. Ross: Mark Miller. Stephen: Peter Davies.

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Episode 2

A Hard Case of the Blues

Fri, Sep 26, 1969 90 mins

Sharon Farrell plays a blues singer in a drama about the pop-music business. Dan: Robert Stack. Bobby: Michael Anderson Jr. Winston Polk: Norman Fell. Lester: Keenan Wynn. Sheldon: Sal Mineo.

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Episode 3

Blind Man's Bluff

Fri, Oct 3, 1969 90 mins

A former DA (Jack Klugman) makes Howard's magazine part of his scheme to trap the assailant who blinded him and disfigured his wife. Lang: Broderick Crawford. Dillon: Tony Franciosa. Sylvia: Coleen Gray. Bill: Denny Miller. Evvy: Michele Carey. Peggy: Susan Saint James.

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Episode 4

The Emissary

Fri, Oct 10, 1969 90 mins

Charles Boyer in a story about political intrigue at an international health conference. Filmed in Paris. Howard: Gene Barry. Lang Roberts: Craig Stevens. Catherine: Natahsa Parry. Kutshov: Ivan Tchenko. Dedushko: Vernon Dobtceff. Ambassador: Alan Gifford.

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Episode 5

Chains of Command

Fri, Oct 17, 1969 90 mins

Pernell Roberts and Sidney Blackmer in a drama about corruption in a state prison. Dan: Robert Stack. Stella: Dorothy Lamour. Zack Whitten: Jay C. Flippen. Captain: Steve Ihnat. Judge O'Donnell: Paul Fix.

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Episode 6

Goodbye, Harry

Fri, Oct 24, 1969 90 mins

Darren McGavin as a reporter investigating an American missile scientist's disappearance. Dr. Roarke: James Whitmore. Babyface: Strother Martin. Howard: Gene Barry. Oliver: Dane Clark. Peggy: Susan Saint James. Elsa Roarke: Jan Sterling.

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Episode 7

Give Till It Hurts

Fri, Oct 31, 1969 90 mins

Dennis Weaver plays the head of a charity racket. Elaine Brennan: Diane Baker. Luther Storm: Mark Miller. Dan: Robert Stack. Turley: Larry Storch. Monica: Karen Black. Harriet: Sue Ane Langdon. Edith: Phyllis Kirk. Dorothy: Susan Brown.

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Episode 8

The Perfect Image

Fri, Nov 7, 1969 90 mins

Hal Holbrook plays a mayor rumored to be a syndicate stooge. Danziger: Clu Gulager. Lisa Adrian: Diana Hyland. Brock: Stephen McNally. Glenn: Gene Barry. Monique Madison: Ida Lupino. Ardith: Joanna Barnes. Peggy: Susan Saint James. Leonard: Edward Asner.

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Episode 9

The Prisoner Within

Fri, Nov 14, 1969 90 mins

Dillon (Tony Franciosa) investigates charges that an Army colonel is mistreating trainees at a POW survival school. Royce: Steve Forrest. Wynn: Ron Hayes. Hunter: Richard Van Vleet. O'Neal: Robert DoQui.

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Episode 10

The Civilized Men

Fri, Nov 28, 1969 90 mins

Farrell's investigation of tainted meat leads him to a Florida cattle ranch. Dan Farrell: Robert Stack. Creighton Howell: Jack Kelly. Esau Billings: Rod Cameron. Michele: Jill St. John. Finnegan: Kaz Garas.

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Episode 11

High Card

Fri, Dec 5, 1969 90 mins

Barry Sullivan as a senator who accuses publisher Glenn Howard of tipping off Cubans to the Bay of Pigs invasion. Howard: Gene Barry. Lamont Williams: Gene Raymond. Marie: Martine Beswick. Manuel Rica: Paul Stewart. Rafael: John Colicos. Paul: LLoyd Battista.

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Episode 12

The Power

Fri, Dec 12, 1969 90 mins

Farrell (Robert Stack) gets caught up in a power struggle for control of a longshoremen's union. Arnold Wexler: William Conrad. Mel Wexler: John Ireland. Binachi: Broderick Crawford. Roberta: Barbara Werle. Senator Reeland: Gene Raymond. Red: Steve Sandor.

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Episode 13

Laurie Marie

Fri, Dec 19, 1969 90 mins

Dillon and Peggy get involved in the search for a missing child. Filmed at Lake Arrowhead, Cal. Dillon: Tony Franciosa. Coates: Mark Richman. Katherine: Antoinette Bower. Stuart: John Kerry. Sheriff Lucas: Barry Atwater. Ranger: Bill Williams. Peggy: Susan Saint James.

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Episode 14

The Tradition

Fri, Jan 2, 1970 90 mins

Glenn's curiosity leads him into a dangerous challenge to stifling traditions in Greece. Thalia: Ina Balin. Glenn: Gene Barry. Nikos: Nico Minardos.

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Episode 15

The Brass Ring

Fri, Jan 9, 1970 90 mins

Dan Farrell (Robert Stack) suspects that a lightweight contender's manager is not acting in the boxer's best interests. Newell: Van Johnson. Paco: Lazaro Perez. Irene: Celeste Holm. Callahan: Tim O'Connor. Dall: Herbert Anderson. Crail: Jack Carter.

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Episode 16

Island of Gold and Precious Stones

Fri, Jan 16, 1970 90 mins

Jeff (Tony Franciosa) searches for the missing fortune of a late millionaire. Bridget: Lee Meriwether. Miss Playfair: Hazel Court. Mark: Michael Walker. Mrs. Levene: Yvonne De Carlo. Cameos by Rudy Vallee, Estelle Winwood and Edward Everett Horton.

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Episode 17

The Takeover

Fri, Jan 23, 1970 90 mins

Howard (Gene Barry) visits a crisis-torn Asian nation whose chief of state allegedly robbed the treasury and vanished. Magda: Anne Baxter. Bander: David Sheiner. Mme. Noh: Gloria Grahame. Kaliman: Michael Ansara. Mara: H.M. Wynant. Lawrence: Warren Stevens.

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Episode 18

The Garden

Fri, Jan 30, 1970 90 mins

Richard Kiley plays a charismatic psychiatrist who Farrell (Robert Stack) suspects of fraud. Suzie Murdock: Brenda Scott. Harry Murdock: Arch Johnson. Marsha Ryman: Anne Francis. Myra Louden: Madeleine Sherwood. McKenna: Burt Brinckerhoff. Billy: Schell Rasten.

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Episode 19


Fri, Feb 13, 1970 90 mins

Jose Ferrer appears in a drama exploring the occult. Howard: Gene Barry. Peter: William Shatner. Celia: Bethel Leslie. Jason: David Carradine. Stephanie: Carol Booth.

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Episode 20

The King of Denmark

Fri, Feb 20, 1970 90 mins

Peggy (Susan Saint James), investigating the death of a friend, is imprisoned by an eccentric Shakespearean scholar. Rayner: Joseph Cotten. Amelia: Margaret Leighton.

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Episode 21

The Skin Game

Fri, Feb 27, 1970 90 mins

Dan Farrell (Robert Stack) investigates the lethal dilution of medical supplies in Africa. Amy: Suzanne Pleshette. Galley: Charles Drake. Adzuwe: Hari Rhodes. Lazanos: Rossano Brazzi. Nakebe: Booker Bradshaw.

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Episode 22

Man of the People

Fri, Mar 6, 1970 90 mins

Jilted by a tycoon (Fernando Lamas), a reporter sets out to prove him a self-serving fraud. Hillary: Vera Miles. Salazar: Robert Alda. Glenn Howard: Gene Barry. Winslow: Jackie Coogan. Morton: Gene Evans.

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Episode 23

Echo of a Nightmare

Fri, Mar 20, 1970 90 mins

A kidnapping case is reopened when the abductor is murdered after his release from prison. Leo: Arthur Hill. Dan: Robert Stack. Martinez: Ricardo Montalban. Brill: Tom Drake. Peggy: Susan Saint James. Bailey: Andrew Prine. Ronnie: Michael Callan.

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Episode 24

Jenny Wilde Is Drowning

Fri, Mar 27, 1970 90 mins

A would-be actress with suicidal tendencies pegs Jeff (Tony Franciosa) as her key to success. Jennifer: Pamela Franklin. Billy: Frank Gorshin. Lewie: Gavin MacLeod. Peggy: Susan Saint James.

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Episode 25

One of the Girls in Research

Fri, Apr 3, 1970 90 mins

Howard must fend off a girl with a crush on him as he seeks an eccentric trying to topple his publishing empire. Sandy Graham: Brenda Vaccaro. Mac: Will Geer. Ross Craig: Mark Miller. Howard: Gene Barry. Mrs. Palmer: Sheree North. Dr. Malcolm: Woodrow Parfrey.

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Episode 26

The Other Kind of Spy

Fri, Apr 10, 1970 90 mins

Leslie Nielsen and Joseph Campanella appear in a drama of industrial espionage. Ethel: Jeannette Nolan. Jeff Dillon: Tony Franciosa. Leo McVey: Ed Begley.

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