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The Name of the Game Season 3 Episodes

Season 3 Episode Guide

24 Episodes 1970 - 1971

Episode 1

So Long, Baby, and Amen

Fri, Sep 18, 1970 90 mins

Laurie Prange gives a touching performance as a troubled teen-ager trying to kick drugs. Ruth Harmon: Julie Harris. Hillary: Sal Mineo. Dan: Robert Stack. Lieutenant: Harold J. Stone. Craig: Mark Miller.

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Episode 2

Love to Remember

Fri, Sep 25, 1970 90 mins

Ray Milland and Lee Grant in a suspense drama rooted in Glenn Howard's past. Howard: Gene Barry. Walker: J.D. Cannon. Reed: Tom Bosley. Emily: Joanna Moore.

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Episode 3

Cynthia Is Alive and Living in Avalon

Fri, Oct 2, 1970 90 mins

A reporter (Robert Culp) poses as a criminal to land a story about a kooky jet-setter (Barbara Feldon). Les: Mickey Rooney. Pete: Tom Skerritt. Mike: Val Avery.

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Episode 4

Battle at Gannon's Bridge

Fri, Oct 9, 1970 90 mins

Darren McGavin plays an ex-con who runs a halfway house for fellow ex-cons. Doc Haller: Jan Murray. Miss Wall: Joan Blondell. Paul Reston: Percy Rodrigues. Williams: Keenan Wynn. Dan: Robert Stack.

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Episode 5

Enemy Before Us

Fri, Oct 16, 1970 90 mins

Orson Welles narrates a drama that finds Dillon (Tony Franciosa) trying to recapture his youth in a visit to his old neighborhood. Filomena: Katine Paxinou. Augie: Martin Balsam. Vito: Richard Conte. Dante: Lazaro Perez. Teresa: Renne Tetro.

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Episode 6

The Time Is Now

Fri, Oct 23, 1970 90 mins

Yaphet Kotto plays a black militant implicated in the death of a college dean. Mjomo: Max Julien. D.W.: William Windom. Darlene: Chelsea Brown. Captain Garrig: Jack Klugman. Howard: Gene Barry. Kajid: Georg Stanford Brown. Taylor: Dana Andrews.

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Episode 7

War Merchants

Fri, Oct 30, 1970 90 mins

Robert Wagner as a smuggler suspected of murder. Ned Wellman: Scott Brady. Jean Ulster: Rosemary Forsyth. Bruks Meecham: Frank Aletter. Dan: Robert Stack.

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Episode 8

Little Bear Died Running

Fri, Nov 6, 1970 90 mins

Robert Culp plays a reporter in a mystery laced with prejudice and political intrigue. Filmed in New Mexico. Senator: Dean Jagger. Hank: Steve Forrest. Cutter: Slim Pickens. Sheriff: Simon Oakland. Jean: Sheila Sullivan. Felson: Edgar Buchanan.

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Episode 9

All Old Familiar Faces

Fri, Nov 13, 1970 90 mins

Flashbacks combine with an unusual Greek chorus in a drama about death threats aimed at Howard (Gene Barry). Garver: Burgess Meredith. Johnson: Michael Constantine. Laura: Lois Nettleton. Louis Harris: Anne Baxter. Peggy: Susan Saint James. James Andry: Frank Maxwell.

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Episode 10

I Love You Billy Baker

Fri, Nov 20, 1970 90 mins

Sammy Davis Jr. in a two-part mystery filmed in Las Vegas and studded with cameos---Marilyn Michaels, Tony Martin, Ray Charles, Jack Carter, Norm Crosby. Roma: Janet McLachlan. Jeff: Tony Franciosa. Peggy: Susan Saint James.

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Episode 11

I Love You Billy Baker

Fri, Nov 27, 1970 90 mins

Performances by Ike and Tina Turner and Dionne Warwicke highlight Part 2 of a drama filmed in Las Vegas. Billy: Sammy Davis Jr. Jeff: Tony Franciosa.

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Episode 12

Why I Blew Up Dakota

Fri, Dec 4, 1970 90 mins

Jose Ferrer as a headline-hunting attorney and Roddy McDowall as his hippie client accused of murder. Dan: Robert Stack. Stan Rubin: Paul Stewart. Lydia: Carolyn Jones. Billy: Robert Lipton. Peggy: Susan Saint James. Ginger: Jill Banner.

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Episode 13

Aquarius Descending

Fri, Dec 11, 1970 90 mins

A vengeful politician sends a young thug to court Glenn's niece. Angela Dean: Brenda Scott. Tommy Crail: Michael Callan. Glenn: Gene Barry. Brighton: Arthur Hill. Vivian Forsyte: Hermione Gingold.

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Episode 14

The Glory Shouter

Fri, Dec 18, 1970 90 mins

William Shatner plays an evangelist who is blind to the misuse of his organization's funds. Maggie Payden: Dina Merrill. Chris Payden: Don Scardino. Wally: Howard Duff. Connie Hart: Jackie Coogan. Dan: Robert Stack. Peggy: Susan Saint James. Don Borden: Edward Binns. Martin: William Smithers.

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Episode 15

Sister from Napoli

Fri, Jan 8, 1971 90 mins

Geraldine Page as an outspoken nun matching wits with a veteran reporter (Peter Falk). Cameo: Erroll Garner. Ward: David Wayne. Creighton: Robert Emhardt. Dr. Witherton: Sheppard Strudwick. Vickie: Angel Tompkins. DA Simpson: Tom Ewell. Gruber: Bill Lucking.

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Episode 16

LA 2017

Fri, Jan 15, 1971 90 mins

An ecological nightmare about Los Angeles in the year 2017. Written by Philip Wylie. Sandrelle: Sharon Farrell. Howard: Gene Barry. Dane Bigelow: Barry Sullivan. Cameron: Severn Darden.

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Episode 17

The Man Who Killed the Ghost

Fri, Feb 5, 1971 90 mins

A reporter (Robert Wagner) seeks the reality behind a dead actor's Hollywood image. Glory Bates: Janet Leigh. Bates: David Hartman. Veta Marie: Kim Stanley. Rolf: Alfred Ryder. Peggy: Susan Saint James.

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Episode 18

Seek and Destroy

Fri, Feb 5, 1971 90 mins

Dan (Robert Stack) investigates the sudden deaths of three scientists. King: Leif Erickson. Embers: John Vernon. Walsh: Forrest Tucker. Dr. Cook: Susan Oliver. Tait: Tom Bosley.

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Episode 19

Capitol Affair

Fri, Feb 12, 1971 90 mins

A gossip columnist mounts a smear campaign against a promising Government official. Charlie: Monte Markham. Hallie: Suzanne Pleshette. Chasen: Larry Hagman. Veronica: Mercedes McCambridge. Howard: Gene Barry. Diedrick: Leon Ames.

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Episode 20

Savage Eye

Fri, Feb 19, 1971 90 mins

An avant-garde filmmaker is deliberately stirring up trouble between ecologists and local townspeople. Ted Sands: Pete Duel. Tracy: Mariana Hill. Zemmo: Geoffrey Deuel. Mike: Jim Hutton. Dan: Robert Stack. Peggy: Susan Saint James. Sheriff: Robert Foulk.

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Episode 21

Appointment in Palermo

Fri, Feb 26, 1971 90 mins

A change of pace is offered with slapstick comedy set in Sicily and directed by actor Ben Gazzara. Glenn: Gene Barry. Grabaldi: Harry Guardino. Gemma: Brenda Vaccaro. Don Ignazio: Joe De Santis.

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Episode 22

Beware of the Watchdog

Fri, Mar 5, 1971 90 mins

A consumer crusader clashes with the canning industry. Arlen McKittrick: Richard Kiley. Ernie Subich: Pernell Roberts. Terry: Diana Muldaur. Dan: Robert Stack. Ann: Nancy Olson. Peggy: Susan Saint James. Lazlo Subich: Ed Flanders.

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Episode 23

Broken Puzzle

Fri, Mar 12, 1971 90 mins

A plane crash and amnesia complicate Howard's investigation of a governor running his state in gangland fashion. Christy: Patricia Crowley. Governor Brill: Chuck Connors. Garth: Charles Aidman. Howard: Gene Barry. Jess Leighton: Alex Dreier.

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Episode 24

The Showdown

Fri, Mar 19, 1971 90 mins

A mystery spanning two centuries finds most of the leads in dual roles. Rita/Allie: Jessica Walter. Glenn/Will: Gene Barry. Lew Weatherford/John: Warren Oates. Augustus Kramer: Jack Albertson.

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