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The Name of the Game Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Episode Guide

26 Episodes 1968 - 1969

Episode 1

The Fear of High Places

Fri, Sep 20, 1968 90 mins

Investigation of a model's death. Cameo role: Zsa Zsa Gabor. McKendricks: Robert Webber. Liane: Claudine Longet. Mrs. McKendricks: Jeanne Crain. Jeff: Tony Franciosa. Coroner: Herb Jeffries. FBI Agent: John Payne.

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Episode 2


Fri, Sep 27, 1968 90 mins

Dan gets caught up in the murder of a Mafia informant. Jean Thorndyke: Joan Hackett. Bea Decker: Ruth Roman. Charles Thorndyke: Joseph Campanella. Dan: Robert Stack. Soldier: Murray MacLeod. Peggy: Susan Saint James. Ernie Cori: Jack Carter.

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Episode 3

The Taker

Fri, Oct 4, 1968 90 mins

Burl Ives plays a tycoon determined to ruin Howard's magazine empire. Howard: Gene Barry. Keith: Bradford Dillman. Grace: Laraine Day. Ruth Procheck: Lois Nettleton. Henrietta Tate: Estelle Winwood. Donald: Whit Bissell. Valerie: Ena Hartman.

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Episode 4

Collector's Edition

Fri, Oct 11, 1968 90 mins

John Saxon plays Dillon's former Vietnam buddy, now accused of murder. Dillon: Tony Franciosa. Arnold: Robert Loggia. Marietta: Senta Berger. Angela: Nina Foch. Panadero: Don Gordon. Vincennes: Paul Lukas. Peggy: Susan Saint James.

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Episode 5


Fri, Oct 18, 1968 90 mins

Dan Farrell (Robert Stack) searches for the man who killed his wife years before. Herb Witmer: Martin Balsam. Kelso: Larry Storch. Ralph Hoak: Steve Ihnat. Bert Walker: John Agar. Norman: Troy Donahue. Helen: Cloris Leachman. Lorraine: Laraine Stephens.

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Episode 6

Incident in Berlin

Fri, Oct 25, 1968 90 mins

Glenn Howard (Gene Barry) investigates the jailing of his Berlin bureau chief. Carter Haines: Kevin McCarthy. Carol: Anne Francis. Brian Smith: Dane Clark. Deist: John van Dreelen. Evelyn: Geraldine Brooks. Edgewater: Charles Macaulay.

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Episode 7

Shine On, Shine On, Jesse Gil

Fri, Nov 1, 1968 90 mins

Darren McGavin as the powerful ruler of an agricultural empire. Aja Fowler: Juliet Prowse. Rosetta Stewart: Gypsy Rose Lee. Jeff: Tony Franciosa. Peggy: Susan Saint James. Sheriff Beal: Gary Collins.

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Episode 8

Lola in Lipstick

Fri, Nov 8, 1968 90 mins

Howard (Gene Barry) gets caught up in corruption and drug dealing while investigating the death of a playgirl in Rome. Sobel: Ed Begley. Leopardi: Louis Jourdan. Countess: Dana Wynter. Alfieri: Cesare Danova. Ross: William Windom. Stephano: Harvey Lembeck.

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Episode 9

The Protector

Fri, Nov 15, 1968 90 mins

Robert Young and Anne Baxter in a drama about a wealthy reactionary's solution to the race problem. Goddard: Ralph Meeker. Howard: Gene Barry. Albert Lang: Stephen McNally. Dr. Wallace: Jeff Morrow. Andy: Cliff Potter.

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Episode 10

The Ordeal

Fri, Nov 22, 1968 90 mins

Dan struggles to prove the innocence of a death-row inmate. Linda Ramsey: Jessica Walter. Hoagland: Farley Granger. Billie Ramsey: Martha Hyer. Dan: Robert Stack. Buck Hambleton: Sean Garrison. Serokin: David Opatoshu. Peggy: Susan Saint James. Ramsey: Lloyd Bochner.

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Episode 11

The White Birch

Fri, Nov 29, 1968 90 mins

A strong cast appears in a story about a provocative group of journalists visiting Czechoslovakia. Chernin: Pete Duel. Emilio Fazio: Jean Pierre Aumont. Tatiana: Susan Oliver. Saxon: Roddy McDowall. Orlov: Boris Karloff. Mme. Orlov: Lilia Skala. Howard: Gene Barry.

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Episode 12

High on a Rainbow

Fri, Dec 6, 1968 90 mins

June Allyson and Van Johnson were reunited for this episode about teen-age drug addiction. Dan: Robert Stack. Harry Rico: Broderick Crawford. Marty Lench: Scott Brady. Sonny: Kevin Coughlin. Nancy: Veronica Cartwright.

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Episode 13

The Black Answer

Fri, Dec 13, 1968 90 mins

Abbey Lincoln and Ivan Dixon in an examination of black nationalism. Cutler: Raymond St. Jacques. W.B. Keys: Herb Jeffries. Carlton: D'Urville Martin. Dillon: Tony Franciosa. Peggy: Susan Saint James. Rowena Hillary: Mona Kelsh. Henderson: James McEachin. Captain Chagga: Albert Popwell. Compton: David Perna. Sergeant: Otis Greene.

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Episode 14

Pineapple Rose

Fri, Dec 20, 1968 90 mins

Peggy (Susan Saint James) gets involved with pop-music promoters and syndicate bigwigs. Cheryl Bridges: Susan Strasberg. Lincoln Bridges: Don Stroud. Louisa Hahn: Nancy Ames. Mort Binder: Mel Torme. Jigger: Andrew Prine. Howard: Gene Barry.

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Episode 15

The Revolutionary

Fri, Dec 27, 1968 90 mins

Political intrigue motivates this drama about an exiled Latin-American leader. Oliva: Harry Guardino. Fierro: Simon Oakland. Marisa: Vera Miles. Benitez: Albert Paulsen. Ambassador: Nehemiah Persoff. Howard: Gene Barry.

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Episode 16

Swingers Only

Fri, Jan 10, 1969 90 mins

Dan investigates a murder in a swinging-singles apartment. Dan: Robert Stack. Fred Martin: Robert Lansing. Frank Dovnik: Jack Klugman. Kay Martin: Ann Blyth. Steve Heywood: Clu Gulager. Linda Mathews: Nancy Kovack.

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Episode 17

The Inquiry

Fri, Jan 17, 1969 90 mins

Flashbacks trace Howard's career in an episode that finds him accused of a shady background. Senator: Barry Sullivan. Glenn: Gene Barry. Frank Fowler: Jack Kelly. Renata: Gia Scala. Col. Walter Sharz: Fritz Weaver. Marino: Edward Asner. Maxwell: Gene Evans.

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Episode 18

The Incomparable Connie Walker

Fri, Jan 24, 1969 90 mins

Ivan Dixon and Dina Merrill in a story about a black mayor who is accused of fraud. Jeff: Tony Franciosa. Grover: Jay C. Flippen. Doc Cullen: Bernie Hamilton. Peggy: Susan Saint James. Hillman: Mel Scott. Max Korbell: Larry D. Mann.

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Episode 19

Love-in at Ground Zero

Fri, Jan 31, 1969 90 mins

Howard is kidnapped by antiwar protesters who want a witness to their mass suicide. Filmed near Las Vegas. Bruce Ruxton: Jordan Christopher. Niobe: Tisha Sterling. G.B. Mosbie: Bo Svenson. Wallaby: Keenan Wynn. Howard: Gene Barry. Leora: Jackie DeShannon. The Rev. Mr. McKim: Henry Jones.

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Episode 20

The Suntan Mob

Fri, Feb 7, 1969 90 mins

Donald Sutherland and Wilfrid Hyde-White in a drama about an island controlled by a gambling syndicate. Dan: Robert Stack. Geneva Rogers: Suzanne Pleshette. Barada: Paul Winfield. Earl: Robert F. Lyons.

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Episode 21

Keep the Doctor Away

Fri, Feb 14, 1969 90 mins

Robert Goulet and Carol Lawrence in the story of a dangerously incompetent surgeon. Tracy Cannon: Vera Miles. Jeff: Tony Franciosa. Elton Wakefield: David Brian. Harry Mudd: Harold J. Stone. Peggy: Susan Saint James. Dr. Bertrand: George Murdock.

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Episode 22

The Bobby Currier Story

Fri, Feb 21, 1969 90 mins

A youth on a crime spree provokes an examination of raw, untempered violence. Bobby Currier: Brandon de Wilde. Sheriff: Steve Forrest. Alice Ward: Tisha Sterling. Verna Ward: Julie Harris. Betty-Jean Currier: Anne Baxter. Dan: Robert Stack. Currier: Lonny Chapman.

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Episode 23

A Wrath of Angels

Fri, Feb 28, 1969 90 mins

Ricardo Montalban plays a ghetto priest who runs up against a crime syndicate. Dan: Robert Stack. Father Billy Keaton: John Kerr. Milton Spencer: Edward Andrews. Harry Ward: Burr DeBenning. Martinez: David Sheiner.

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Episode 24

Third Choice

Fri, Mar 7, 1969 90 mins

Ossie Davis appears in a story about a political squeeze play in an African nation. Jackie: Shirley Jones. Chaney: John Marley. Wamumba: Roscoe Lee Browne. Nicole: Janet MacLachlan. Lund: Frank Marth. Glenn: Gene Barry.

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Episode 25

Breakout to a Fast Buck

Fri, Mar 14, 1969 90 mins

Dan Farrell tracks a gang that pulled off a multimillion-dollar robbery. Charlie Sherwin: Arthur O'Connell. Sandler: Barry Nelson. Dan: Robert Stack. Russ: Shelly Novack. Warden: Bert Freed. Carla: Lorraine Gray. Richter: Jack Hogan. Joe: Ben Murphy. Peggy: Susan Saint James.

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Episode 26

An Agent for the Plaintiff

Fri, Mar 21, 1969 90 mins

Honor Blackman, Maurice Evans, Brian Bedford and a predominantly British cast appear in the story of a libel suit directed at Glenn Howard (Gene Barry). Clark: Anthony Caruso. Rogers: Murray Matheson. Crammidge: Eric Christmas.

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