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Murphy Brown Season 3 Episodes

26 Episodes 1990 - 1991

Episode 1

The 390th Broadcast

Mon, Sep 17, 1990 30 mins

Miles calls in an image consultant (Harry Shearer), who's determined to help Murphy overcome her "serious warmth problem." Secretary No. 37: Peter Slutsker. Greta: Felicity La Fortune. Miles: Grant Shaud.

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Episode 2

Brown and Blue

Mon, Sep 24, 1990 30 mins

Murphy's set to interview a shock comic (Michael Chiklis), but can she keep quiet when he launches into his sexist slurs? Secretary No. 38: Laura Waterbury. Newswriter: Denise Dennison. Woman in Bar: Jayne Modean.

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Episode 3

Loco Hero

Mon, Oct 1, 1990 30 mins

Frank (Joe Regalbuto) panics when his parents (Rose Marie, Barney Martin) arrive for their 50th-anniversary party. Uncle Sal: Richard Zavaglia. Mary: Sara Ballantine. Pat: Gracie Moore. Maria: Karen Hensel.

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Episode 4

Strike Two

Mon, Oct 15, 1990 30 mins

With Murphy and the team out on strike, Miles is forced to toss Murphy's big interview to a brainless pinch-hit anchor (Christopher Rich). Kinsella: Alan Oppenheimer. James Chandler: Paul Collins. Miles: Grant Shaud.

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Episode 5

The Gold Rush

Mon, Oct 22, 1990 30 mins

The insults---and the sparks---fly when Murphy's old flame (Jay Thomas) joins "F.Y.I." for a series of heated debates with Murphy. Carl: Ritch Brinkley. Murphy: Candice Bergen. Miles: Grant Shaud. Jim: Charles Kimbrough.

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Episode 6

Bob and Murphy and Ted and Avery

Mon, Nov 5, 1990 30 mins

Murphy's mom (Colleen Dewhurst) announces that she's moving in with Murphy---and that she's arranged a double date. Theodore Wilkes: George Coe. Bob Wilkes: John Getz. Murphy: Candice Bergen. Phil: Pat Corley.

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Episode 7

The Last Laugh

Mon, Nov 12, 1990 30 mins

Murphy's antics have Jim in stitches on the air, but he's so broken up over breaking up that he decides not to return.

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Episode 8

Rootless People

Mon, Nov 19, 1990 30 mins

Practical joker Murphy is the reporter who cried wolf when she's kidnapped by a band of eco-terrorists.

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Episode 9

The Bummer of 42

Mon, Nov 26, 1990 30 mins

On her birthday, Frank surprises Murphy with the sister she never had, and Murphy can't shake the fake sibling.

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Episode 10

Trouble at Sherwood Forrest

Mon, Dec 10, 1990 30 mins

Murphy convinces Corky that a dinner party will help her affection-starved marriage.

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Episode 11

Jingle Hell, Jingle Hell, Jingle All the Way

Mon, Dec 17, 1990 30 mins

The gang decides to donate to charity instead of exchanging holiday gifts---until Murphy breaks the pact.

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Episode 12


Mon, Jan 7, 1991 30 mins

When the FYIers go on a corporate retreat, the call of the wild is drowned out by the whine of unhappy campers.

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Episode 13

Eldin Imitates Life

Mon, Jan 14, 1991 30 mins

Eldin's work is discovered, but Murphy's afraid his success as an artist will mean she'll get the brush-off.

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Episode 14


Mon, Jan 21, 1991 30 mins

Murphy, whose contract is almost up, is wooed by a Wolf Network exec---whom Miles tries to keep at bay.

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Episode 15

Hoarse Play

Mon, Feb 4, 1991 30 mins

Murphy loses her voice after Miles bets that she can get a quote at a Presidential news conference.

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Episode 16

The Novel

Mon, Feb 11, 1991 30 mins

When the love interest in Jim's novel resembles Murphy, she wants to close the book on his crush.

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Episode 17

Terror on the 17th Floor

Mon, Feb 18, 1991 30 mins

A ruthless VP is sent to cut FYI's budget following a corporate takeover, and Murphy is primed to give her the business.

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Episode 18

On Another Plane

Mon, Feb 25, 1991 30 mins

When the plane Murphy and Frank are on develops engine trouble, their lives flash before their eyes. Part 1 of two.

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Episode 19

On Another Plane

Mon, Feb 25, 1991 30 mins

Conclusion. Murphy and Frank witness their funeral, where the outpouring of emotions is not what they anticipated.

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Episode 20

Driving Miss Crazy

Mon, Mar 4, 1991 30 mins

Corky drives her fellow car-poolers crazy when she puts the brakes on their jokes about her intellect.

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Episode 21

Every Time It Rains...You Get Wet

Mon, Mar 18, 1991 30 mins

Miles requests an uplifting story from the FYI team, but all they can dig up is bad news.

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Episode 22

Corky's Place

Mon, Apr 8, 1991 30 mins

Corky wants Murphy to be a guest on her first network special, but Murphy would rather be grilled alive than grilled by Corky.

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Episode 23


Mon, Apr 29, 1991 30 mins

Murphy's little joke about short men gets her into big trouble.

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Episode 24

The Usual Suspects

Mon, May 6, 1991 30 mins

When someone leaks a story on Murphy to a tabloid, the star inquires around the globe as to who under the sun would spy on her.

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Episode 25

Q&A and 'FYI'

Mon, May 13, 1991 30 mins

The FYI team goes up against a panel of college whiz kids on a tough TV quiz show. Dr. Benoit: Tony Jay. Ben: Phillip LaMarr. Paul: Sam King. Alexis: Penny Balfour. Donald: Adam Goldberg. Melissa: Rebecca Cross.

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Episode 26


Mon, May 20, 1991 30 mins

Murphy's ex-husband Jake (Robin Thomas) and ex-lover Jerry (Jay Thomas) return to woo her. Part 1 of three. Scotty: Cal Gibson. Albert: Joseph Shamaa. Frank: Joe Regalbuto. Eldin: Robert Pastorelli. Corky: Faith Ford.

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