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Murphy Brown Season 10 Episodes

23 Episodes 1997 - 1998

Episode 1

Murphy Redux

Wed, Oct 1, 1997 30 mins

Murphy gets ready to take a White House post and Joan Lunden prepares to fill Murphy's shoes at "FYI." Kay: Lily Tomlin. Corky: Faith Ford. Mr. Dunne: Jon Menick.

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Episode 2

Butcher, Faker, Bummed-Out Promo Maker

Wed, Oct 8, 1997 30 mins

A visit to the doctor's office ends up a major deal for Murphy, who's enmeshed in a sting operation involving health-code violations at a supermarket chain. Ed: Rick Ducommun. Dr. Gaddis: Randy Oglesby. Stan: Barry Kivel.

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Episode 3

Ectomy, Schmectomy

Wed, Oct 15, 1997 30 mins

Murphy consults her doctor and learns that she faces two options for surgery, both of which stink.

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Episode 4

Operation Murphy Brown

Wed, Oct 22, 1997 30 mins

Murphy comes to terms with her cancer---but not until she goes under the knife. She also tells Avery the truth about her condition.

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Episode 5

Florence Night-en-corky

Wed, Oct 29, 1997 30 mins

Corky moves in with Murphy to cook and care for her, and soon the recuperating Murphy begins to depend on the little luxuries that Corky provides.

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Episode 6

Waiting to Inhale

Wed, Nov 5, 1997 30 mins

Fighting cancer proves tough for Murphy, who considers using marijuana to fight the nausea that has begun to trip her up since she underwent chemotherapy.

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Episode 7

Petty Woman

Wed, Nov 12, 1997 30 mins

Murphy intends to bury the hatchet with a Washington socialite---until she overhears a dirty little secret that could ruin the woman.

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Episode 8

From Here to Jerusalem

Wed, Nov 19, 1997 30 mins

Murphy has a little extra spring in her step after she begins dating a much younger man. But co-workers think he may not be her type.

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Episode 9

Tempus Fugit

Mon, Nov 24, 1997 30 mins

Contract-renewal time for Murphy finds the newswoman believing that the network is grooming Corky to replace her.

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Episode 10

I Hear a Symphony

Wed, Dec 10, 1997 30 mins

A charity auction has Murphy bidding on the chance to conduct an orchestra, and Jim reconnecting with Doris (Concetta Tomei). Olivia Newton-John appears. Concertmaster: Harry Groener. Jeffrey: Michael Ryan Way.

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Episode 11

From the Terrace

Wed, Dec 17, 1997 30 mins

When the "FYI"ers get trapped out on the office balcony one Friday night, Kay is certain fate has had a hand in bringing them there. Secretary No. 88: Julie Brown. Willie: Beans Morocco. Man: Wren T. Brown.

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Episode 12

The Last Temptation of Murphy

Wed, Jan 7, 1998 30 mins

A recently paroled inside trader (Alan Rosenberg) enlists Murphy's help in starting a charitable foundation for breast cancer research. Eleanor Mondale has a cameo. Secretary 89: Laura Kightlinger. Murphy: Candice Bergen.

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Episode 13

Turpis Capillis Annus (Bad-Hair Year)

Wed, Jan 14, 1998 30 mins

Recent hair loss---and wearing a wig---sends Murphy to a cancer support group. Lisa: Tracy Nelson. Molly: Marcia Wallace. Ann: Wendie Jo Sperber. Sandra: Susan Moore. Rhonda: Gail Strickland. Murphy: Candice Bergen.

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Episode 14

Wee Small Hours

Wed, Jan 21, 1998 30 mins

Murphy awakens from a nightmare that prompts her to call her friends for comfort, and it's Kay who comes through for her with a clever suggestion that diminishes her fears. Hank: Patrick Cassidy. Doris: Concetta Tomei.

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Episode 15

Then and Now

Wed, Jan 28, 1998 30 mins

Kay's proposed clip show sends staffers into a tailspin and Murphy to her childhood home in Philadelphia. Lloyd: David Wells. Woman: Meg Wittner. Murphy: Candice Bergen. Kay: Lily Tomlin. Frank: Joe Regalbuto.

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Episode 16

Opus One

Mon, Apr 6, 1998 30 mins

From April 1998: Frank throws a '50s birthday bash for Murphy, with Dick Clark, Chubby Checker, Lesley Gore and Fabian Forte. Sally Field also appears as Murphy's secretary. Candice Bergen, Joe Regalbuto, Lily Tomlin.

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Episode 17

Seems like Gold Times

Mon, Apr 13, 1998 30 mins

Murphy has a wild reunion---and ends up in bed---with old friend Jerry Gold (Jay Thomas), then discovers he's getting married. Elka: Kimberly Flynn. Murphy: Candice Bergen. Kay: Lily Tomlin.

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Episode 18

Second Time Around

Mon, Apr 20, 1998 30 mins

When "FYIers" learn that Murphy plans to surprise her pal Lisa by locating an old beau, they scheme to do the same for Murphy. Dennis: Michael McKean. Wally: Eric Allan Kramer. Lisa: Tracy Nelson.

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Episode 19

A Man and a Woman

Mon, Apr 27, 1998 30 mins

Kay shows up in drag to prove a point amid a scandal involving a congressman and a prostitute. Rosie O'Donnell plays Murphy's singing secretary. Kenny: Frederic Forrest. Murphy: Candice Bergen.

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Episode 20

Dial and Substance

Mon, May 4, 1998 30 mins

Jim's reputation goes up in smoke after he's busted with the marijuana he once purchased for Murphy during her chemotherapy. Secretary 90: Don Rickles. Jim: Charles Kimbrough. "FYI" Guard: David Dunard. Roommate: Steve Franken.

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Episode 21

Never Can Say Good-bye

Mon, May 18, 1998 30 mins

"FYI" seems to be coming to a close when Murphy wants to "start living" life again. Part 1 of two. Bette Midler, Julia Roberts, Pat Corley, Frances Bergen (in a cameo). Doctor: Kevin Scannell. Wizened Man: Phil Leeds.

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Episode 22

Never Can Say Good-bye

Mon, May 18, 1998 30 mins

In the conclusion of the two-part series finale, Murphy goes under the knife---again---and gets a chance at a rare interview. Mike Wallace, Julia Roberts, Alan King, Robert Pastorelli, George Clooney, Diane English.

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Episode 23

Franks Appendecotomy

Thu, Feb 28, 2019 30 mins

Murphy and Frank need to help Miles save his job after the FYI show gets embarrassed because of the pranks.

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