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Murphy Brown Season 4 Episodes

26 Episodes 1991 - 1992

Episode 1


Mon, Sep 16, 1991 30 mins

In the Season 4 opener, Murphy suspects she's pregnant, which is inconceivable to her co-workers---and to herself. Part 2 of three.

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Episode 2


Mon, Sep 16, 1991 30 mins

Conclusion. Murphy tells Jake that he's the father of her child, but it's Jerry and Eldin who offer support.

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Episode 3

I'm as Much a Man as I Ever Was

Mon, Sep 23, 1991 30 mins

A pregnant Murphy races after a quote from the President, who will only talk while jogging.

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Episode 4

Male Call

Mon, Sep 30, 1991 30 mins

Murphy promises to be one of the guys at a male-bonding workshop so she can interview a men's movement guru.

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Episode 5

The Square Triangle

Mon, Oct 7, 1991 30 mins

When Miles' girlfriend loses her job, Murphy gets a secretary, Miles gets "suffocated" and Frank may get a date.

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Episode 6

Full Circle

Mon, Oct 14, 1991 30 mins

Murphy's mum dies, and while waiting for her promised haunting, Murphy and her dad try to reconcile.

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Episode 7

The Smiths Go to Washington

Mon, Oct 28, 1991 30 mins

The FYIers fawn over a Midwestern family to acquire a videotape of a senator's indiscretion. Joe Smith: Joel McKinnon Miller. Ellen: Miriam Flynn. Secretary No. 46: Joe Nipote. Tim: Bo Sharon. Tom: John Christian Graas.

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Episode 8

It Came from College

Mon, Nov 4, 1991 30 mins

Murphy gets a crash course in parenting when a friend's daughter comes to visit. Eldin: Robert Pastorelli. Phil: Pat Corley. Murphy: Candice Bergen. Miles: Grant Shaud.

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Episode 9

The Queen of Soul

Mon, Nov 11, 1991 30 mins

Murphy has so much R-E-S-P-E-C-T for Aretha Franklin that she asks for more airtime, but she's forced to stall when the soul train is delayed. Franklin appears as herself. Murphy: Candice Bergen.

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Episode 10

Inside Murphy Brown

Mon, Nov 18, 1991 30 mins

Murphy needs someone to drive her to the gynecologist for a test, but Jim's not sure he's right for the job. Dr. Burton: Judyann Elder. Edie: Mother Love. Jim: Charles Kimbrough.

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Episode 11

Mission Control

Mon, Nov 25, 1991 30 mins

Murphy has a cornucopia of problems when she organizes Thanksgiving dinner at a mission. Patrice: Juanita Jennings. John: Felton Perry. Jim: Charles Kimbrough. Frank: Joe Regalbuto. Miles: Grant Shaud. Murphy: Candice Bergen.

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Episode 12

Be It Ever So Humboldt

Mon, Dec 9, 1991 30 mins

Frank (Joe Regalbuto) finally comes up the big winner at the Humboldt Awards, but his post-victory attitude really takes the prize. Harry Smith of CBS news has a cameo. Usher: Fred Stoller. Mr. Praskin: Brian Markinson.

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Episode 13

Love Is Blonde

Mon, Dec 16, 1991 30 mins

Corky considers having a fling with empty-headed ex-anchor Miller Redfield (Christopher Rich) while Will is away in Hollywood. Secretary No. 48: Tony Papenfuss. Will: Scott Bryce. Mr. Colarusso: Ken Thorley.

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Episode 14

Anchor Rancor

Mon, Jan 6, 1992 30 mins

Jim and Murphy compete to fill a part-time anchor slot, lowering themselves to a game of one-upmanship that really rocks the "FYI" boat. Harold: William F. Parker. Kinsella: Alan Oppenheimer. Kelli: Cynthia Steele.

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Episode 15

Guess Who's Coming to Luncheon

Mon, Jan 13, 1992 30 mins

When Corky (Faith Ford) is asked to a White House luncheon, Murphy tries to butter her up for an invitation. Secret Service Agent: Matt McKenzie. Protocol Officer: Rick Cicetti. Waiter: Ferdinand Lewis.

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Episode 16


Mon, Jan 20, 1992 30 mins

Jerry (Jay Thomas) moves in when Murphy is confined to the house for two weeks, but cohabitation lowers the ceiling on their tolerance levels. Eldin: Robert Pastorelli. Jim: Charles Kimbrough. Frank: Joe Regalbuto.

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Episode 17


Mon, Feb 3, 1992 30 mins

Murphy throws Miles a 30th birthday party with an old-age theme that could be what triggers his stress-induced attack. Dr. Armstrong: Steven Gilborn. Customer: Kenneth Tigar.

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Episode 18

Send In the Clowns

Mon, Feb 24, 1992 30 mins

Murphy appears before a Senate committee to defend her First Amendment rights. Stan: Barry Kivel. Sen. Dennehy: William Boyett.

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Episode 19

Murphy Buys the Farm

Mon, Mar 2, 1992 30 mins

Murphy takes the gang for a weekend visit to a farm she might purchase, only to harvest a bumper crop of boredom. Doris: Janet Carroll. Will: Scott Bryce.

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Episode 20

Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are

Wed, Mar 4, 1992 30 mins

Miles loses sleep over a dream that features him "frolicking" with the new publicity guy, awakening Miles to the possibility that he may be gay. Miles: Grant Shaud. Psychiatrists: Mark Hutter, Karen Ludwig, Peter Dennis.

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Episode 21

Rage Before Beauty

Mon, Mar 16, 1992 30 mins

The network wigs out when Murphy messes with her tresses. Kinsella: Alan Oppenheimer. Secretary No. 49: Deborah Taylor. Leon: Jack Axelrod.

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Episode 22

Phil's Not So Silent Partner

Mon, Mar 23, 1992 30 mins

Murphy could sink her friendship with Phil, after he asks her not to reveal that he's having trouble keeping the bar afloat. Charles McDaniel. Sen. McWilliams: Hal Landon Jr. Alan: Michael Tomlinson.

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Episode 23

He Ho, He Ho, It's off to Lamaze We Go

Mon, Apr 27, 1992 30 mins

There's a push to get Murphy expelled from Lamaze class when her wisecracks have no one breathing easier about birthing. Eldin: Robert Pastorelli. Chris: Mary Gross.

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Episode 24

On the Rocks

Mon, May 4, 1992 30 mins

Everyone's intoxicated by Murphy's replacement, a Toronto anchorwoman, but Murphy has a feeling this Canadian isn't dry. Hillary: Kate Mulgrew. Murphy: Candice Bergen. Miles: Grant Shaud.

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Episode 25

A Chance of Showers

Mon, May 11, 1992 30 mins

Katie Couric, Faith Daniels, Joan Lunden, Mary Alice Williams and Paula Zahn storm into town for Murphy's baby shower, unleashing a flood of self-doubt in the mom-to-be. Corky: Faith Ford. Murphy: Candice Bergen.

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Episode 26

Birth 101

Mon, May 18, 1992 30 mins

Still unable to conceive of the fact that she's having a baby, Murphy discovers labor can be a pain. Nurse No. 1: Angela Paton. Dr. Barton: Judyann Elder. Nurse No. 2: Jana Arnold. Murphy: Candice Bergen.

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