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Murphy Brown Season 2 Episodes

27 Episodes 1989 - 1990

Episode 1

The Brothers Silverberg

Mon, Sep 18, 1989 30 mins

Miles feels his territory's been invaded when his not-much-older brother stakes a romantic claim to Murphy. Audrey Cohen: Jane Leeves. Waiter: Barry Dennen. Murphy: Candice Bergen.

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Episode 2

Anchors Away

Mon, Sep 25, 1989 30 mins

A green anchor (Christopher Rich) replaces Jim, who's off on a foreign assignment, and the gang, smelling network shuffle, plots to trip up the "fake Jim." Candice Bergen, Grant Shaud, Joe Regalbuto, Faith Ford.

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Episode 3

The Memo That Got Away

Mon, Oct 2, 1989 30 mins

Murphy wants the head of a junior-high reporter (Judd Trichter) who obtained a private memo Murphy wrote criticizing her co-workers. Murphy: Candice Bergen. Miles: Grant Shaud. Mailboy: Chuck Clayton.

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Episode 4

TV or Not TV

Mon, Oct 16, 1989 30 mins

Murphy is the role model for an actress (Morgan Fairchild) researching a role in a network sitcom based on a "tough, driven" anchorwoman. Connie Chung appears as herself. Secretary No. 23: Keith Amos. Mark: Sanford Jensen. Murphy: Candice Bergen.

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Episode 5

Miles' Big Adventure

Mon, Oct 23, 1989 30 mins

Miles happens to be vacationing on the island where an Air Force pilot decides to hold the world hostage with a nuclear weapon. Phoebe: Yeardley Smith. Dr. Ricks: David Selburg. Secretary No. 24: Paddi Edwards.

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Episode 6

Buddies, Schmuddies

Mon, Oct 30, 1989 30 mins

When Murphy and Frank get a lead on the same story, their friendship cools in the heat of professional rivalry; Phil hires a lounge singer (Fred Travalena). Candice Bergen, Joe Regalbuto. Secretary No. 25: Andrea Stein. Man: Joseph D'Angerio.

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Episode 7

Whose Garbage Is It Anyway

Mon, Nov 6, 1989 30 mins

The "FYI" team is challenged to recycle and conserve for two weeks, and if they fail, Murphy must appear on Jerry Gold's "trashy" TV show. Jerry Gold: Jay Thomas. Dr. Sakura: Mariko Tse. Murphy: Candice Bergen.

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Episode 8

And the Whiner Is...

Mon, Nov 13, 1989 30 mins

Murphy's record of winning the Humboldt Award is shattered---by Corky, who wastes no time reaping its rewards with help from agent Al Floss.

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Episode 9


Mon, Nov 20, 1989 30 mins

Walter Cronkite and Irving R Levine are among those in line to take jabs at Jim when Murphy throws him a surprise roast in the middle of his midlife crisis.

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Episode 10

Brown like Me

Mon, Nov 27, 1989 30 mins

Murphy's divorced parents visit to see her accept a journalism award. Part 1 of two.

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Episode 11

Brown like Me

Mon, Nov 27, 1989 30 mins

Conclusion. Fed up with her parents' bickering, Murphy decides not to attend the awards ceremony.

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Episode 12

The Strike

Mon, Dec 11, 1989 30 mins

Murphy labours to be tactful as mediator when a technicians strike turns the "FYI" telecast into one long blooper.

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Episode 13

Here's to You, Mrs. Kinsella

Mon, Dec 18, 1989 30 mins

Miles panics when he realises the older woman he shared a one-night stand with is the boss's wife.

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Episode 14

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

Mon, Jan 1, 1990 30 mins

Having hung up her lampshade, Murphy faces her first New Year's Eve on the wagon at Corky's very sober party.

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Episode 15

Subpoena Envy

Mon, Jan 8, 1990 30 mins

To protect a source, Murphy goes to prison---a cushy minimum-security facility.

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Episode 16

I Want My FYI

Mon, Jan 29, 1990 30 mins

When Miles produces a kids' version of "F.Y.I.," the reporters become role models for the youngsters, but Murphy may be too much of a mentor for her own "mini-Murph" (Mayim Bialik) to handle. Henry: Troy Slaten.

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Episode 17

Frankly Speaking

Mon, Feb 5, 1990 30 mins

It's an awkward situation when Frank asks Murphy for her honest opinion of his new girlfriend (Eve Gordon), and she gives it, but they continue seeing each other anyway. Candice Bergen, Joe Regalbuto. Secretary No. 28: Jeanette Schwaba.

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Episode 18

The Murphy Brown School of Broadcasting

Mon, Feb 12, 1990 30 mins

Murphy's embarrassed when her high-school journalism teacher (William Schallert) opens a broadcasting school named after her. Scottish Man: James Walch. Michael: Wallace Langham. Murhpy: Candice Bergen.

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Episode 19

Bad Girls

Mon, Feb 19, 1990 30 mins

Murphy and Corky (Candice Bergen, Faith Ford) reluctantly go undercover as prostitutes. Nick: Peter Marc. Ed: Steve Rankin. Rita: Beth Broderick. Barney: Raye Birk. Wally: Louis Mustillo. Jack: Don Bovingloh.

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Episode 20

Heart of Gold

Mon, Feb 26, 1990 30 mins

When Murphy discovers that brash TV host Jerry Gold (Jay Thomas) has a soft side, she falls for him, but she doesn't know how to break it to her co-workers. Nick: Tony DiBenedetto. Frank: Joe Regalbuto.

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Episode 21

On the Road Again

Mon, Mar 5, 1990 30 mins

Snowed in on a publicity stop, Murphy goads the normally frosty Jim into warming up to a woman (Jennifer Bassey) at the hotel bar. Candice Bergen, Charles Kimbrough. Porter: Gregory Itzin. Diane: Cynthia Mace.

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Episode 22

But First a Word from Our Sponsor

Mon, Mar 19, 1990 30 mins

An angry viewer (Caroline Lagerfelt) threatens a consumer boycott if "F.Y.I." airs Murphy's story on safe sex. Mr. Bryant: Wayne Tippit. Secretary No. 32: Kate McGregor-Stewart. Al Henderson: Larry Block. Phil: Pat Corley.

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Episode 23

Frank's Appendectomy

Mon, Apr 9, 1990 30 mins

Murphy gets in the first shot in a war of practical jokes when she sends Frank (Joe Regalbuto) a man claiming to be Deep Throat. Newton Green: Graham Jarvis. Murphy: Candice Bergen. Secretary No. 33: Lela Ivey.

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Episode 24

Fax or Fiction

Mon, Apr 30, 1990 30 mins

When a secret admirer becomes fax-ated on Miles (Grant Shaud), Cyrano de Brown takes over and faxes back the replies without telling Miles. Madeline: Teri Hatcher. Ben: Richard Masur. Murphy: Candice Bergen.

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Episode 25

The Bitch's Back

Mon, May 7, 1990 30 mins

Murphy's bad temper is back and worse than ever when a slipped disc puts her in the hospital. Dr. Bishop: David Paymer. Nurse Hawking: Loretta Devine. Guru Prem: Gedde Watanabe. Murphy: Candice Bergen.

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Episode 26

Goin' to the Chapel

Mon, May 14, 1990 30 mins

After a whirlwind romance and engagement, Corky (Faith Ford) gets cold feet and asks maid-of-honor Murphy's advice. Part 1 of two. Bootsie Sherwood: Alice Hirson. Will Forrest: Scott Bryce. Kiki: Sarah Abrell.

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Episode 27

Goin' to the Chapel

Mon, May 21, 1990 30 mins

Conclusion. With the press bearing down on her wedding day, Corky (Faith Ford) again questions her wish to wed. The Temptations, Kathleen Sullivan, Leeza Gibbons and John Tesh appear. Claire Forrest: Frances Bergen (Candice's mother). Will: Scott Bryce.

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