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Murphy Brown Season 7 Episodes

26 Episodes 1994 - 1995

Episode 1

Brown vs. Board of Education

Mon, Sep 19, 1994 30 mins

From September 1994: Murphy tries to get Avery into a top preschool. Captain Kangaroo (Bob Keeshan) and California senator Barbara Boxer have cameos. Mr. Crawford: Richard Penn. Mrs. Wallace: Susan Kellermann. Secretary: Charles Esten.

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Episode 2

Where Have You Gone Joe DiMaggio?

Mon, Sep 26, 1994 30 mins

Murphy joins in the media lunacy when FYI covers an astronaut's fall from grace. Detective: Michael Potter. Wofford: Tom Amandes. Steve: Michael Fairman.

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Episode 3

Loose Affiliations

Mon, Oct 3, 1994 30 mins

Murphy must kiss-up to station executives after she bad-mouths her network's fall lineup. Stan Lansing: Garry Marshall. Miles: Grant Shaud. Jim: Charles Kimbrough.

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Episode 4

Be Careful What You Wish For

Mon, Oct 10, 1994 30 mins

Murphy fears that Corky will be kayoed by a tough-talking guest in her first hard-hitting interview.

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Episode 5

Burger, She Wrote

Mon, Oct 17, 1994 30 mins

Murphy grills her co-workers after someone steals the "Meaty Boy" burger statue she purchased.

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Episode 6

Humboldt IV: Judgment Day

Mon, Oct 24, 1994 30 mins

Murphy's plans to attend a music festival are foiled when she ends up judging documentaries for the Humboldt Awards.

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Episode 7

Frank Cuts Loose

Mon, Oct 31, 1994 30 mins

Frank is branded a traitor after he's named lead anchor of a newsmagazine slated for FYI's timeslot.

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Episode 8

Reporters Make Strange Bedfellows

Mon, Nov 7, 1994 30 mins

Romance takes a back seat to competitiveness when Murphy and Peter tangle over a story while in the Cayman Islands.

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Episode 9

Prelude to a Kiss

Mon, Nov 14, 1994 30 mins

Corky thinks she's discovered that special someone in her life: Miles.

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Episode 10

Bye Bye Bernecky

Mon, Nov 21, 1994 30 mins

Eldin's mother visits, bearing news that a renowned artist has invited her son to study painting in Spain.

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Episode 11

The Secret Life of Jim Dial

Mon, Nov 28, 1994 30 mins

A tabloid blows Jim's night of "forbidden pleasures" out of proportion.

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Episode 12

Brown in Toyland

Mon, Dec 12, 1994 30 mins

Avery's visit with Santa reveals that Murphy is one toy short of fulfilling the boy's Christmas list. Reena: Anne Meara. Santa: Andy Milder. Avery: Dyllan Christopher.

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Episode 13

The Best and Not So Brightest

Mon, Jan 2, 1995 30 mins

A former FYIer (Wallace Shawn) announces his return to Washington---as a Republican congressman. Jeff Binney: Marcus Smythe. Murphy: Candice Bergen.

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Episode 14

Rumble in the Alley

Mon, Jan 9, 1995 30 mins

Murphy and Peter realize they really don't know that much about each other when they set Frank up with a blind date. Murphy: Candice Begen. Peter: Scott Bakula. Linda: Leann Hunley. Frank: Joe Regalbuto. Secretary No. 72: Eliza Coyle.

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Episode 15

Requiem for a Crew Guy

Mon, Jan 16, 1995 30 mins

After learning that a member of the crew has died, everyone recalls fond memories, except Murphy, who can't remember the guy. John: John Hostetter. Mrs. Saunders: Billye Ree Wallace. Murphy: Candice Bergen. Jim: Charles Kimbrough.

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Episode 16

I Want My MTV-Jay

Mon, Jan 23, 1995 30 mins

A hospitalized Lansing demands that FYI cater to a younger audience by hiring a former MTV personality. McGovern: Paula Korologos. Nurse: Kathleen Marshall. President: Pat Rick.

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Episode 17

Specific Overtures

Mon, Feb 6, 1995 30 mins

Murphy takes it upon herself to confront a news executive who sexually harassed Corky. Tony Lucchesi: Dan Castellaneta. McGovern: Paula Korologos. Secretary No. 73: Charlotte Booker.

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Episode 18

A Rat's Tale

Mon, Feb 13, 1995 30 mins

Murphy's on the war path when a mischievous rat wreaks havoc in FYI's newly renovated studio. Felix: John Ratzenberger. Father Keily: Richard Roat. Dr. Whyler: David Garrison. Murphy: Candice Bergen.

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Episode 19

It's Miller Time

Mon, Feb 20, 1995 30 mins

FYI's thrown into turmoil when Murphy takes charge after Miles is tapped to revamp another news show. Miller Redfield: Christopher Rich. McGovern: Paula Korologos. Corky: Faith Ford.

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Episode 20

McGovern Unclothed

Mon, Feb 27, 1995 30 mins

Murphy gets her chance to get rid of McGovern when the twenty-something reporter bares all for a magazine cover. Lansing: Garry Marshall. Merle: Marte Boyle Slout. Secretary: Michael Bailey Smith.

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Episode 21

The Good Nephew

Mon, Mar 13, 1995 30 mins

When Murphy fires yet another secretary, Lansing's got just the person for the job---his nephew (Paul "Pee-wee Herman" Reubens). Stan Lansing: Garry Marshall. Frank: Joe Regalbuto. Miles: Grant Shaud.

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Episode 22

FYI of the Hurricane

Mon, Mar 20, 1995 30 mins

A surprise of a personal nature is in the forecast for Murphy when the FYI crew heads to Florida to cover a hurricane. Peter Hunt: Scott Bakula. Miller Redfield: Christopher Rich. Avery: Dyllan Christopher.

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Episode 23

Model Relationships

Mon, May 8, 1995 30 mins

Murphy starts making wedding plans. Meanwhile, Miles dates supermodel Vendela. Miller: Christopher Rich. Scarlet: Meagen Fay. McGovern: Paula Korologos.

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Episode 24

Make Room for Daddy

Mon, May 15, 1995 30 mins

Murphy wrestles with second thoughts about marriage when she crashes a bachelor party for Peter. Miller: Christopher Rich. McGovern: Paula Korologos. Bouncer: John Valdetero.

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Episode 25

A Retrospective

Mon, May 22, 1995 30 mins

A two-part retrospective featuring clips from classic episodes, interviews with cast members and a visit with creator Diane English. Also: humorous outtakes; and a segment on Murphy's string of secretaries. Lesley Stahl ("60 Minutes") hosts.

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Episode 26

A Retrospective

Mon, May 22, 1995 30 mins

The retrospective on the sitcom concludes with classic clips; talks with the cast members and comments from creator Diane English. Also: amusing outtakes; and a look at the diverse guests who have visited. Lesley Stahl ("60 Minutes") hosts.

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