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Mannix Season 2 Episodes

25 Episodes 1968 - 1969

Episode 1

The Silent Cry

Sat, Sep 28, 1968 60 mins

Actors from the National Theater of the Deaf are featured as Mannix chases kidnappers. Anton: Laurence Naismith. Mannix: Mike Connors. Jody: Audree Norton. Man: Jason Evers.

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Episode 2

Comes Up Rose

Sat, Oct 5, 1968 60 mins

Mannix fights a conspiracy of silence to find Rose Anderson, who has been swallowed up by the underground she deserted. Mannix: Mike Connors. Anderson: Gerald S. O'Loughlin. Templeton: Lee Bergere. Billie: Barbara Rhoades.

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Episode 3

Pressure Point

Sat, Oct 12, 1968 60 mins

Mannix's clues to court corruption: the few words gasped by a badly beaten man. Mannix: Mike Connors. Judge: Harold J. Stone. Kelly: Pamela Dunlap. Farrow: Paul Stewart. McClure: Jay Robinson.

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Episode 4

To the Swiftest Death

Sat, Oct 19, 1968 60 mins

Mannix probes a race-car accident that killed an aerospace engineer. Ellen: Jill Ireland. Mannix: Mike Connors. Wagner: Nick Colasanto. Loos: Joe Mantell. Murdock: Peter Haskell. Abbott: Hugh Beaumont. Peggy: Gail Fisher. Margie: Sabrina Scharf.

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Episode 5

End of the Rainbow

Sat, Oct 26, 1968 60 mins

Mannix probes the death of a born loser whose life ended under the wheels of an unidentified car. Betsy: Kathryn Hays. Spencer: Jack Ging. Mrs. O'Farrell: Marti Stevens. Haskins: Carlos Romero.

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Episode 6

A Copy of Murder

Sat, Nov 2, 1968 60 mins

Clues to a murder unfold as Mannix searches for a chapter of the dead man's manuscript. Celia: Barbara Rush. Barney Ford: Clifton James. Mannix: Mike Connors. Fred Archer: Kevin Hagen. Bigelow: Michael Evans. Claiborne: Nelson Olmsted. Coroner: Harlen Warde. Graham: Allen Jaffe.

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Episode 7

Edge of the Knife

Sat, Nov 9, 1968 60 mins

Kidnappers threaten to kill a doctor's son unless the surgeon lets a patient die on the operating table. Mike Connors. Katerina: Geraldine Brooks. Teal: Timothy Scott. Henkel: Eddie Ryder. Janet: Patricia Morrill. Bell: Ford Rainey.

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Episode 8

Who Will Dig the Graves

Sat, Nov 16, 1968 60 mins

Startling denouements await Mannix in his search for a millionaire's wife. Susan: Linda Marsh. Phillips: Barry Atwater. Gregory: Austin Willis. Hill: Dean Stanton.

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Episode 9

In Need of a Friend

Sat, Nov 23, 1968 60 mins

Mannix struggles to clear a parolee who plans to avenge the conspiracy that set him up---and find $l million in lost loot. Mannix: Mike Connors. Timpkins: Paul Stevens. Barbara: Marie Windsor.

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Episode 10

Night Out of Time

Sat, Dec 7, 1968 60 mins

The likelihood that a young man killed a girl grows stronger as Mannix reconstructs the previous evening for him. Cliff: Mart Hulswit. Mannix: Mike Connors. Ross: David Brian. Hobart: Morgan Sterne. Peggy: Gail Fisher. Angstrom: Frank Campanella.

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Episode 11

A View of Nowhere

Sat, Dec 14, 1968 60 mins

Mannix is confounded by conflicting facts as he investigates a murder he saw committed on a penthouse terrace. Joanna: Kate Woodville. Mannix: Mike Connors. Montford: Michael Wilding. Barbara: Hazel Court.

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Episode 12

Fear I to Fall

Sat, Dec 21, 1968 60 mins

Mannix aids a lawyer in defending a murder suspect they believe innocent. Mannix: Mike Connors. Phyllis: Joanna Barnes. Sheriff: Dana Elcar. Bartlett: Richard Anderson. Vera: Marian Collier.

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Episode 13

Death Run

Sat, Jan 4, 1969 60 mins

A friend's plea brings Mannix to a forestry station---where he is menaced by a sheriff and met by two women claiming to be the friend's wife. Hale: John Milford. Chase: Fred Beir. Laura: Madlyn Rhue. Harris: Edward Franz. Carol: Beverlee McKinsey.

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Episode 14

A Pittance of Faith

Sat, Jan 11, 1969 60 mins

Friends of the late Gina Lardelli hire Mannix to prove that she could not have killed herself. Lardelli: David Opatoshu. Maria: Corinne Camacho. Carvello: E.N. Andre. Peggy: Gail Fisher. Scott: Don Fitner. Brecker: Lawrence Linville.

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Episode 15

Only Giants Can Plan

Sat, Jan 18, 1969 60 mins

Mannix takes a murder investigation into the political arena where a gubernatorial hopeful is fighting for nomination. Claman: John Dehner. Claire: Patricia Barry. Rhodes: Slim Pickens. Webb: Peter Donat. Rita: Bettye Ackerman.

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Episode 16

Shadow of a Man

Sat, Jan 25, 1969 60 mins

William Windom plays a war hero whose past Mannix tries to unravel. Barbara Sanderson: Antoinette Bower. Mannix: Mike Connors. Pete Collier: Don Chastain. Lieutenant Kramer: Lawrence Linville. Joy: Helen Funai. Peggy: Gail Fisher. Dr. Kaufman: Alex Gerry. Rhee: Philip Ahn.

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Episode 17

The Girl Who Came in With the Tide

Sat, Feb 1, 1969 60 mins

Mannix believes a drowning victim was murdered---despite contrary evidence. Ryan: Lloyd Bochner. Mannix: Mike Connors. Brett: Nancy Kovack. Tobias: Robert Reed. Mona: Salli Sachse.

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Episode 18

Death in a Minor Key

Sat, Feb 8, 1969 60 mins

An enigmatic police chief, a bigoted witness and an interloper thwart Mannix's search for Peggy's boyfriend. Mannix: Mike Connors. Finlay: Anthony Zerbe. Gabe: Yaphet Kotto. Phyllis: Evans Evans. Peggy: Gail Fisher. Gardner: Edmund Gilbert.

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Episode 19

End Game

Sat, Feb 15, 1969 60 mins

A court-martialed veteran seeks revenge against Mannix and a policeman, the last survivors of his combat unit. Keller: Steve Ihnat. Mannix: Mike Connors.

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Episode 20

All Around the Money Tree

Sat, Feb 22, 1969 60 mins

A glib thief lures Mannix into a Scotland Yard case and a double cross. Roger Bard: Christopher Cary. Mannix: Mike Connors. Wish: John Orchard. Rhodes: Hedley Mattingly. Peggy: Gail Fisher.

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Episode 21

The Odds Against Donald Jordan

Sat, Mar 1, 1969 60 mins

Donald Jordan is in a tight spot: loan sharks want his money; someone else wants his life. Linda: Susan Oliver. Mannix: Mike Connors. Peggy: Gail Fisher. Walter: Paul Winfield. Frances: Nan Martin.

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Episode 22

Last Rites for Miss Emma

Sat, Mar 8, 1969 60 mins

While probing a narcotics robbery with Mannix, Peggy becomes attracted to the chief suspect. Brown: Robert Hooks. Mannix: Mike Connors. Maple: Ron Randell. Coombs: Dabbs Greer.

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Episode 23

The Solid Gold Web

Sat, Mar 22, 1969 60 mins

Mannix tries to fathom the distress of a former girlfriend---unaware that she accidentally killed her latest lover. Mannix: Mike Connors. Diana: Sally Kellerman. Walker: John Randolph. Meacham: Whit Bissell. Reeves: Robert Ellenstein.

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Episode 24

Merry Go-Round for Murder

Sat, Apr 5, 1969 60 mins

Mannix tries to connect a murder and a missing fortune with a Las Vegas racket. Wallachs: Warren Stevens. Jean: Ruth McDevitt. Gloria: Sue Ane Langdon.

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Episode 25

To Catch a Rabbit

Sat, Apr 12, 1969 60 mins

A bitter murder suspect claims the death was accidental and that the victim bilked him of $800. Katherine: Gail Kobe. Tobias: Robert Reed. Mannix: Mike Connors. Peggy: Gail Fisher. Valera: Frank Ramirez.

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