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Mannix Season 3 Episodes

25 Episodes 1969 - 1970

Episode 1

Eagles Sometimes Can't Fly

Sat, Sep 27, 1969 60 mins

Mannix fights to clear a black and a Native American wrongly accused of murder. Turner: Georg Stanford Brown. Jimmie: Geoffrey Deuel. Tobias: Robert Reed. Peggy: Gail Fisher. Boyd: Joseph Reale.

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Episode 2

Color Her Missing

Sat, Oct 4, 1969 60 mins

Mannix reluctantly takes on a client: the man accused of murdering one of the detective's colleagues. Egan: Jason Evers. Tobias: Robert Reed. Dallas: Carla Borelli. Boyes: John Beck. Liz: Virginia Gregg.

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Episode 3

Return to Summer Grove

Sat, Oct 11, 1969 60 mins

A reunion with his father awaits Mannix, who has returned to his home town to solve a murder. Stephan: Victor Jory. Jean: Vera Miles. Mannix: Mike Connors. Troy: Larry Pennell. Lurene: Marion Ross.

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Episode 4


Sat, Oct 18, 1969 60 mins

Robert Conrad as an obnoxious movie star whose life Mannix is trying to safeguard. Mona: Leslie Parrish. Pete: Ben Cooper. Rudy: Paul Comi. Mannix: Mike Connors. Peggy: Gail Fisher. Director: Dan Barton. Prop Man: William Erwin.

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Episode 5

A Question of Midnight

Sat, Oct 25, 1969 60 mins

Lee Meriwether in an episode about Mannix's thwarted probe of a hospital scandal. Ben Holland: Tom Troupe. Dr. Bennett: Scott McKay. Mannix: Mike Connors. Stillwell: Logan Ramsey. Andrea Palmer: Laurel Goodwin. Chief: James Westerfield.

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Episode 6

A Penny for a Peep-Show

Sat, Nov 1, 1969 60 mins

Thieves, threats and red herrings enter into the search for a woman's uncle. Celia: Sabrina Scharf. Clay: Edd Byrnes. Mannix: Mike Connors. Jackson: Kevin Hagen. Mikuta: Charles Dierkop. Kramer: Lawrence Linville. Peters: Ramon Bieri. Peggy: Gail Fisher.

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Episode 7

A Sleep in the Deep

Sat, Nov 8, 1969 60 mins

The drowning of a swimming ace looks like murder to Mannix (Mike Connors). Gordon: Skip Homeier. Korvak: Paul Stewart. Dave: Milton Selzer. Ellen: Marianna Hill. Tommy: Jonathan Lippe. Barbara: Angel Tompkins. Carla: Sivi Aberg. Peggy: Gail Fisher. Yoshi: David Chow. Stoner: Byron Morrow.

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Episode 8

Memory: Zero

Sat, Nov 22, 1969 60 mins

Mannix tries to locate a killer who's out to silence the secretary of a recently murdered detective. Maggie: Katherine Justice. Martell: Don Francks. Mannix: Mike Connors. Kramer: Frank Campanella. Peggy: Gail Fisher. Connelly: Tom Geas.

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Episode 9

The Nowhere Victim

Sat, Nov 29, 1969 60 mins

A murder contract figures in the case of a hit-and-run victim who disappeared from the scene of the accident. Angelo: Marc Lawrence. Victoria: Corinne Camacho. Mannix: Mike Connors. Dr. Whitaker: Richard Bull. Vincent: Lloyd Batista. Peggy: Gail Fisher. Jones: Richard Bakalyn. Antionoli: Frank Puglia. Brown: Ric Roman. Smith: Peter Mamakos.

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Episode 10

The Sound of Darkness

Sat, Dec 6, 1969 60 mins

Suffering psychosomatic blindness, Mannix prepares to trap a killer. Tobias: Robert Reed. Marin: Joby Baker. Jerry: James Edwards. Dr. Lang: Gilbert Green. Peggy: Gail Fisher. Killer: Glen Wilder. Derelict: Peter Brocco.

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Episode 11

Who Killed Me?

Sat, Dec 13, 1969 60 mins

About a plane crash and its supposed victim---who turns up alive with tales of attempted murder. Brad: Paul Richards. Mannix: Mike Connors. Christina: Susan Howard. King: Anthony Eisley. Diana: Yvonne Craig.

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Episode 12

Missing: Sun and Sky

Sat, Dec 20, 1969 60 mins

The kidnapping of a million-dollar racehorse has Mannix involved in a puzzling case with no apparent motive. Mannix: Mike Connors. Green: Gene Raymond. Mrs. Green: Anita Louise. Sam Dallas: Alex Dreier. Paddy: Richard Davalos. Floyd: Harry Carey Jr.

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Episode 13

Tooth of the Serpent

Sat, Dec 27, 1969 60 mins

Jim Chancellor is a tough cop and a tougher father---and a robbery case he's now working on may involve his missing son. Eberhard: Bert Freed. Mannix: Mike Connors. Eve: Lynn Hamilton. Cap: Harrison Page. Rich: Jonathan Brooks.

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Episode 14

Medal for a Hero

Sat, Jan 3, 1970 60 mins

Mannix probes a series of robberies implicating Peggy's late husband, a valorous policeman. Burdette: Frank Marth. Ives: Jack Ging. Mannix: Mike Connors. Marcus Fair: Terry Carter. Bobby: Bobby Troup. Hettie: Gloria Calomee. Peggy: Gail Fisher.

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Episode 15

Walk with a Dead Man

Sat, Jan 10, 1970 60 mins

Mannix is framed for murder. Emory: Mark Richman. Deegan: Dane Clark. Laura: Marian McCargo. Archie: Parley Baer. Mannix: Mike Connors. Faye: Helen Westcott. Peggy: Gail Fisher. Desk Clerk: Bill Fawcett. Vince: Bart La Rue. Marcia: Hollie Hayes.

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Episode 16

A Chance at the Roses

Sat, Jan 17, 1970 60 mins

An apparently open-and-shut case of robbery arouses Mannix's curiosity. Lockwood: Dewey Martin. Delaney: Scott Brady. Mannix: Mike Connors. Vodich: Jan Merlin. Hammel: Sandy Kenyon. Marge: Leslie Ann Charleson. Peggy: Gail Fisher. Danny: Gordon Hoban.

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Episode 17

Blind Mirror

Sat, Jan 24, 1970 60 mins

Attempted murder and romantic entanglements confound Mannix's search for a woman who fled after witnessing a near drowning. Mike Connors. George: Robert Lansing. Stella: Diane McBain. Winifred: Linda Marsh. Riegels: Mike Farrell. Lieutenant: Ed Gilbert.

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Episode 18

Harlequin's Gold

Sat, Jan 31, 1970 60 mins

Pirates? That's the startling possibility as Mannix searches for the survivor of a disaster at sea. Gantry: Don Knight. Angel: Karen Steele. Tobias: Robert Reed. Klegg: Peter Whitney.

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Episode 19

Who Is Sylvia?

Sat, Feb 7, 1970 60 mins

Mannix tries to find out who wants to kill a quiet young matron. Kathy Graves: Jessica Walter. Philip: Robert Colbert. Mannix: Mike Connors. Kramer: Lawrence Linville. Peggy: Gail Fisher. Redhead: Victoria Carroll. Announcer: Bill Baldwin.

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Episode 20

Only One Death to a Customer

Sat, Feb 14, 1970 60 mins

Mannix goes after a vengeful ghost. Dorothy: Loretta Swit. Corey: Garry Walberg. Hammond: Neil Russell. Malcolm: Ward Wood. Bauer: Erik Holland. Peggy: Gail Fisher. Medical Examiner: Jonathan Kidd. Bradshaw: Frank Christi.

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Episode 21

Fly, Little One

Sat, Feb 21, 1970 60 mins

A disturbed child plays a part in Mannix's search for a killer. Hicks: Lawrence Dane. Amos: Woodrow Parfrey. Dana: Pamelyn Ferdin. Mannix: Mike Connors. Dr. Barbara Harley: Julie Gregg. Malcolm: Ward Wood. Peggy: Gail Fisher. Dr. Gasperi: Martin Braddock. Killer: Gene Dynarski.

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Episode 22

The Search for Darrell Andrews

Sat, Feb 28, 1970 60 mins

Peggy's life is threatened unless Mannix surrenders a role of film identifying the mastermind of a bank robbery. Uncle: Dana Elcar. Kimbrough: Harry Townes. Young Man: Robert Pine. Mannix: Mike Connors. Peggy: Gail Fisher. Executive 1: Van Williams. Executive 2: Jay Robinson.

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Episode 23

Murder Revisited

Sat, Mar 7, 1970 60 mins

Twin sisters are implicated in a murder that occurred while the victim was being questioned on the phone by a TV interviewer. Hackett: Don DeFore. Valerie/Muriel: Arlene Martel. Mannix: Mike Connors. Irene: Reva Rose. Russell: Joshua Bryant.

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Episode 24

War of Nerves

Sat, Mar 14, 1970 60 mins

Mannix walks into a web of lies and subterfuge as he searches for a young horsewoman who vanished on the eve of a county fair. Leader: Mort Mills. Deputy: Paul Picerni. Mannix: Mike Connors. Calder: Hugh Beaumont. Lenz: Med Flory. Mayor: Alan Baxter.

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Episode 25

Once upon a Saturday

Sat, Mar 21, 1970 60 mins

Hostility dogs Mannix as he tries to find the tormentor of carnival-troupe boss Bev Miller (Bethel Leslie). Rick: Michael Conrad. Mannix: Mike Connors. Peggy: Gail Fisher. Armando: Carlos Rivas. Susan: Pamela Kingsley.

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