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Mannix Season 4 Episodes

24 Episodes 1970 - 1971

Episode 1

A Ticket to the Eclipse

Sat, Sep 19, 1970 60 mins

Darren McGavin plays a systematic psychotic killer. Lt. Blaine: Dane Clark. Mannix: Mike Connors. Toby: Mark Stewart. Tommy: Paul Mantee. Peggy: Gail Fisher. Ray: Don McGovern. Zoo Attendants: John Wheeler, Jack Griffin. Miss Hoyo: Adele Yoshioka.

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Episode 2

One for the Lady

Sat, Sep 26, 1970 60 mins

Jo Van Fleet plays a gangster's widow with a suspicious job offer for Mannix (Mike Connors). Tobias: Robert Reed. O'Toole: Jack Carter. North: Robert Sorrells. Sam Duck: David Sheiner. Peggy: Gail Fisher. Bonning: Forrest Compton. Langdon: James Sikking. Maury: Damian London. Angelo: Russ Marin.

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Episode 3

Time Out of Mind

Sat, Oct 3, 1970 60 mins

A case involving an ex-boxing champ suspected of killing a fight fixer. Sonny: Brock Peters. Hallie: Kim Hamilton. Mannix: Mike Connors. Dolph: George Tobias. Mrs. Davis: Juanita Moore. Talbot: Stacy Harris. Peggy: Gail Fisher. Starr: Phillip Pine. Pancho: A Martinez. Malcolm: Ward Wood.

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Episode 4

Figures in a Landscape

Sat, Oct 10, 1970 60 mins

Phone threats and an unknown pursuer hinder Mannix's search for a missing woman. Hastings: Victor French. Jill: Loretta Swit. Mannix: Mike Connors. Malcolm: Ward Wood. Peggy: Gail Fisher. Nolan: Jason Wingreen.

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Episode 5

The Mouse That Died

Sat, Oct 17, 1970 60 mins

A slow-acting poison and an anagram are crucial elements in this suspense tale. Hally: Patricia Stich. Hammond: Hugh Beaumont. Dr. Crowson: Richard Bull. Mannix: Mike Connors. Malcolm: Ward Wood. Ferguson: Douglas Henderson. Peggy: Gail Fisher. Dr. Yoshiro: Robert Ito. Baker: Ralph James.

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Episode 6

The Lost Art of Dying

Sat, Oct 24, 1970 60 mins

Mannix investigates the case of a death-row inmate condemned to die in 72 hours. Directed by Fernando Lamas. McGill: Alex Dreier. Carl: Richard Van Vleet. Weldon: Ramon Bieri. Mannix: Mike Connors. Ruth: Julie Parrish. Harry Ruxton: Val Avery.

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Episode 7

The Other Game in Town

Sat, Oct 31, 1970 60 mins

Insurance fraud is suspected in the search for a debt-ridden gambler. Brady: Martine Beswick. Jaycie: Leslie Parrish. Mannix: Mike Connors. Billy Moss: Rich Little. Conforti: Alan Bergman. Allison: Don Dubbins.

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Episode 8

The World Between

Sat, Nov 7, 1970 60 mins

An assassination plot against Peggy's new love, an African Premier (Hari Rhodes). Dr. Linkrum: Ford Rainey. Mannix: Mike Connors. Peggy: Gail Fisher. Lt. Webster: Jerry Douglas. Nurse Evans: Scottie MacGregor.

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Episode 9


Sat, Nov 14, 1970 60 mins

Mannix tries to learn who held him captive in a lonely desert cafe. Dana Simmons: Pat Quinn. Ben Simmons: Paul Carr. Peterson: Barry Atwater. Mannix: Mike Connors. Sheriff: Kenneth Tobey. Romano: Brad Dexter. York: Warren Vanders. Croaker: Ross Hagen.

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Episode 10

To Cage a Seagull

Sat, Nov 21, 1970 60 mins

Two bizarre clues figure in a case involving a fatal plane crash. Mike Connors. Travers: Norman Alden. Brix: Michael Vandever. Frank Binns: Ben Cooper. Malcolm: Ward Wood. Bonnie: Peggy Walton. Prof. Resnick: Grace Albertson. Peggy: Gail Fisher.

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Episode 11

Bang, Bang, You're Dead

Sat, Nov 28, 1970 60 mins

A hit-and-run attempt on a little girl jolts Mannix into believing her story about escaping from killers plotting a new murder. Dotty: Patti Cohoon. Helen MacNeil: Loretta Leversee. Chris: Lloyd Battista. Lt. Kramer: Lawrence Linville. Earl Bannon: Pat Renella. Samantha: Karen Arthur.

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Episode 12

Deja Vu

Sat, Dec 12, 1970 60 mins

An eerie tale about a young woman's prophetic dreams. Mannix: Mike Connors. Kathy: Brenda Scott. Angela: Kim Hunter. Bannerman: Morgan Sterne. Dr. Halder: Paul Stewart. Malcolm: Ward Wood. Peggy: Gail Fisher. Kellaway: Sid Haig.

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Episode 13

Duet for Three

Sat, Dec 19, 1970 60 mins

An opaque mystery involving a suicide victim's widow and a Vietnamese man who's shadowing her. Ellen: Katherine Justice. Vic Stanley: Robert Colbert. Mannix: Mike Connors. Tobias: Robert Reed. Mae: Gloria Grahame. Gray: John Considine. Cab Driver: Johnny Silver. Vendor: Harold Fong. Manager: Liam Dunn.

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Episode 14

Round Trip to Nowhere

Sat, Jan 2, 1971 60 mins

Mannix is enmeshed in a puzzling murder mystery. Tucker: Tim O'Connor. Amanda: Susan Howard. Mannix: Mike Connors. Lt. Webster: Jerry Douglas. Barnes: Larry Pennell. Guthrie: Kevin Hagen. Tom West: Stuart Nisbet.

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Episode 15

What Happened to Sunday?

Sat, Jan 9, 1971 60 mins

A haunting memory leads an injured Mannix on a desperate search to learn what happened to him in the last 24 hours. Mannix: Mike Connors. Vera: Kate Woodville. Lt. Straus: Milton Selzer. J. Lester Vail: Fred Beir. Bartender: J. Pat O'Malley. Gloria: Francine York. Peggy: Gail Fisher. Billie: Georgine Darcy.

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Episode 16

The Judas Touch

Sat, Jan 16, 1971 60 mins

Robert Lansing plays a police officer suspected of robbery and murder. Victoria: Ruth Roman. Helen: Brenda Benet. Mannix: Mike Connors. Smitty: James Wainwright. Frank: Don Eitner. Peggy: Gail Fisher. Paul Parish: Robert Ritchie. Man: Wayne Heffley. Coronet Girl: Linda Chandler.

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Episode 17

With Intent to Kill

Sat, Jan 23, 1971 60 mins

Dane Clark as a detective who's ignoring death threats to investigate a robbery. Evelyn Deegan: Joan Hotchkis. Mannix: Mike Connors. Larry Wallach: Lee Stanley. Peggy: Gail Fisher. Dedlos: Philip Kenneally. Pete Fender: Woodrow Parfrey.

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Episode 18

The Crime That Wasn't

Sat, Jan 30, 1971 60 mins

A missing corpse figures in a syndicate contract on Mannix (Mike Connors). Tobias: Robert Reed. Archer: Vincent Beck. Sherwin Kane: Dewey Martin. Donald Coverly: Robert Hogan. Clare Bowman: Jacqueline Susann.

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Episode 19

A Gathering of Ghosts

Sat, Feb 6, 1971 60 mins

Diana Muldaur, Robert Webber and Charles Aidman take part in this sinister reunion of Mannix's college football team. Mannix: Mike Connors. Ross: Jason Evers. Diana Stevens: Marj Dusay. Hal Lusk: Alan Oppenheimer.

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Episode 20

A Day Filled With Shadows

Sat, Feb 13, 1971 60 mins

Mannix races syndicate enforcers to find a millionaire's son whose disappearance is linked to a gangland murder. Mannix: Mike Connors. Alton Moore: John Colicos. Cal Moore: Sam Chew Jr. Ann: Tiffany Bolling.

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Mannix, Season 4 Episode 20 image

Episode 21

Voice in the Dark

Sat, Feb 20, 1971 60 mins

Carol Lynley plays a disabled diving champion who claims she's been receiving death threats. Tobias: Robert Reed. Mannix: Mike Connors. Roger Stack: Paul Picerni. Tony: Paul Bertoya. Deemer: Jim Antonio. George Kinman: Byron Morrow. Peggy: Gail Fisher. Grace Kinman: Patricia Winters.

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Episode 22

The Color of Murder

Sat, Feb 27, 1971 60 mins

Mannix tries to piece together the case of a man killed just before he could expose a syndicate operation. Cindy Conrad: Diane Keaton. Thompson: John Lupton. Blaney: John McLiam. Jenny: Virginia Gregg. Thelma: Karen Huston. Malcolm: Ward Wood. Sweater: Tom Geas.

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Episode 23

Shadow Play

Sat, Mar 6, 1971 60 mins

Comic Jan Murray plays it straight as a prominent businessman and recent widower suspected of killing his wife. Janet: Julie Gregg. Mannix: Mike Connors. Belden: John Vernon. Tyson: Dick Cangey. Blake: Paul Mantee. Blaine: Larry Watson. Landry: Burt Kramer.

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Episode 24


Sat, Mar 13, 1971 60 mins

Complicated plot twists highlight the search for a psychotic who may have killed Mannix's friend. Sorenson: Jeff Corey. Mannix: Mike Connors. Malcolm: Ward Wood. Lassiter: Lawrence Dane. Overkill: Jay Robinson. Webber: Marc Lawrence. Peggy: Gail Fisher. Bailey: Red Morgan. Nancy: Carol Bagdasarian.

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