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Mannix Season 1 Episodes

24 Episodes 1967 - 1968

Episode 1

The Name Is Mannix

Sat, Sep 16, 1967 60 mins

Mannix tries to rescue the kidnapped daughter of a former mob boss. Mannix: Mike Connors. Dubrio: Lloyd Nolan. Louise: Kim Hunter. Angela: Barbara Anderson. Wickersham: Joe Campanella.

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Episode 2

Skid Marks on a Dry Run

Sat, Sep 23, 1967 60 mins

Mannix tries to dig up dirt on a wealthy client who wants to know what's in store if he runs for governor. Adam: Charles Drake. Wickersham: Joe Campanella. Martha: Marion Moses. Sandra: Wende Wagner.

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Episode 3

Nothing Ever Works Twice

Sat, Sep 30, 1967 60 mins

Mannix finds himself the prime suspect in a murder involving an ex-flame's husband. Gloria: Gloria De Haven. Marshall: Frank Aletter. Wickersham: Joe Campanella. Mulloey: Robert H. Harris.

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Episode 4

The Many Deaths of Saint Christopher

Sat, Oct 7, 1967 60 mins

Mannix tries to locate a chemist who absconded with a secret formula. Rina: Linda Marsh. Stasos: John Marley. Wickersham: Joe Campanella. Vladek: David Hurst. Dedjan: Barry Ford.

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Episode 5

Make It Like It Never Happened

Sat, Oct 14, 1967 60 mins

Mannix helps a little girl get her father out of death row. Mannix: Mike Connors. Houston: John Randolph. Stella: Letitia Roman. Larkin: Phillip E. Pine. Betsy: Amber Flower.

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Episode 6

The Cost of a Vacation

Sat, Oct 21, 1967 60 mins

The search for a missing person leads Mannix to the discovery of a murdered colleague. Joyce: Marlyn Mason. Ramon: Donnelly Rhodes. Duncan: Henry Beckman. Figueroa: Henry Calvin.

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Episode 7

Warning: Live Blueberries

Sat, Oct 28, 1967 60 mins

Buffalo Springfield performs. Mannix takes off for a hippie retreat to search for a missing girl. Mannix: Mike Connors. Jill: Brooke Bundy. Morgan: Tom Skerritt. Warden: Robert Emhardt. Tony: Sherwood Price. Wilson: Phil Leeds.

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Episode 8

Beyond the Shadow of a Dream

Sat, Nov 4, 1967 60 mins

A high-strung woman is walking a fine line between nightmare and reality. Mannix must determine which of her companions is driving her back into a mental hospital. Mannix: Mike Connors. Carrie: Judi Meredith. Adams: Richard Mulligan. Di Angelo: Robert Yuro. Wickersham: Joe Campanella. Gwen: Ann Prentiss. Drake: Robert Karnes.

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Episode 9


Sat, Nov 18, 1967 60 mins

In an isolated cowtown, Mannix must contend with an injured foot---and citizens intent on keeping a deadly secret from him. Sheriff: Steve Ihnat. Glass: Paul Stevens. Violet: Sandra Smith. Dr. Crow: Ford Rainey. Wickersham: Joe Campanella.

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Episode 10

Coffin for a Clown

Sat, Nov 25, 1967 60 mins

A child-custody wrangle puts Mannix on both sides of the fence: while trying to mediate for the mother, he's forced to deal with attempts on the father's life. Mannix: Mike Connors. Brewer: Gabriel Dell. Cloris: Whitney Blake. Loman: Frank Campanella. Lew: Joe Campanella. Fran: Diana Muldaur.

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Episode 11

A Catalogue of Sins

Sat, Dec 2, 1967 60 mins

Mannix investigates a blackmail case stemming from the stolen files of a psychiatrist. Mannix: Mike Connors. Bradley: Percy Rodriguez. Doctor: Joe Maross. Wickersham: Joe Campanella. Audrey: Jennifer Billingsley. Stacy: Joe Mantell. Gladys: Fay Spain.

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Episode 12

Turn Every Stone

Sat, Dec 9, 1967 60 mins

Mannix investigates a million-dollar libel suit brought against a crusading publisher. Mannix: Mike Connors. Gloria: Nita Talbot. Boswell: Linden Chiles. Miniver: Lloyd Gough. Gregg: Noam Pitlik. Dover: Hampton Fancher.

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Episode 13

Run, Sheep, Run

Sat, Dec 16, 1967 60 mins

The police ask Mannix to help root out cops tied to a vice ring. Mannix: Mike Connors. Inspector: Malachi Throne. Jean: Ruta Lee. Lola: Joyce Van Patten. Kelbe: John Abbott.

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Episode 14

Then the Drink Takes the Man

Sat, Dec 30, 1967 60 mins

Mannix tries to find out why a teetotaler spends so much time and money at a Mexican retreat for alcoholics. Blake: John Anderson. Carol: Lynda Day. Laura: Dorothy Green. Mrs. Carter: Julie Adams. Winters: Sean McClory. Travers: Roger Torrey.

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Episode 15

Falling Star

Sat, Jan 6, 1968 60 mins

Mannix investigates attempts made on the life of a movie queen who's about to publish her explosive memoirs. Mannix: Mike Connors. Ida Colby: Marian Seldes. Kosloff: Lee Bergere. Lockwood: Doug Henderson. Carol Marion: Barbara Hunter.

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Episode 16

License to Kill---Limit Three People

Sat, Jan 13, 1968 60 mins

Mannix tries to prove that an escaped mental patient is innocent of the killings that followed his breakout. Mannix: Mike Connors. Tate: Peter Haskell. Elaine: Karen Black. Wickersham: Joe Campanella. Bowers: Warren Kemmerling. Hartigan: Wright King.

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Episode 17


Sat, Jan 20, 1968 60 mins

Part 1. Intertect is accused of stealing from its own client. Wickersham: Joe Campanella. Mannix: Mike Connors. Dr. Forrest: Michael Tolan. Edna: Beverly Garland. Gail: Antoinette Bower. Dr. Josephus: Roscoe Lee Browne.

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Episode 18


Sat, Jan 27, 1968 60 mins

Conclusion. Mannix uses a desperate strategy to crack an espionage case and save his boss. Mannix: Mike Connors. Wickersham: Joe Campanella. Josephus: Roscoe Lee Browne. Forrest: Michael Tolan. Edna: Beverly Garland. Gail: Antoinette Bower.

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Episode 19

You Can Get Killed Out There

Sat, Feb 3, 1968 60 mins

Mannix tries to locate a necklace and the man who stole it. Mannix: Mike Connors. Karmalis: Howard Da Silva. Wickersham: Joe Campanella. Marcie: Marianna Hill. Dade: Scott Marlowe. Arleen: Barbara Baldavin.

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Episode 20

Another Final Exit

Sat, Feb 10, 1968 60 mins

Larry Storch plays a straight dramatic role as Bernie Farmer, a frightened victim of circumstances. Mannix: Mike Connors. Lew: Joe Campanella. Rose: Jan Shepard. Gault: Harry Landers.

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Episode 21

Eight to Five, It's a Miracle

Sat, Feb 17, 1968 60 mins

Mannix turns devil's advocate to investigate an alleged miracle occurring on a mob boss's property. Father Mancino: Larry Perkins. Sandy: Brenda Scott. Pucci: William Smithers. Bishop: Bruce Gordon.

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Episode 22

Delayed Action

Sat, Mar 2, 1968 60 mins

Mannix's first clue in a mysterious hit-and-run leads him to a rehab center, where he finds the case is rooted in a 20-year-old crime. Danielle: Louise Sorel. Mannix: Mike Connors. Benny: John McLiam.

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Episode 23

To Kill a Writer

Sat, Mar 9, 1968 60 mins

Mannix tries to prevent a murder, but isn't helped by the intended victim---a mystery writer who tries to play sleuth. West: Michael Strong. Mannix: Mike Connors. Julie: Patti Chandler. Quinn: Larry D. Mann. Dean: Paul Petersen. Montoya: Ted Cassidy.

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Episode 24

The Girl in the Frame

Sat, Mar 16, 1968 60 mins

Mannix delves into an art forgery involving a model who posed for a fake Renoir. Mannix: Mike Connors. Linda: Leslie Parrish. Markos: Paul Mantee. Wickersham: Joe Campanella. Norris: William Windom.

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