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9-1-1: Season 6 First Look
9-1-1: Season 6 First Look

1:28 9-1-1: Season 6 First Look


  • 2021 - People's Choice Awards - Favorite Cable TV Actress - nominated

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Angela Bassett
Athena Grant
Kenneth Choi
Howie 'Chimney' Han
Peter Krause
Bobby Nash

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Party of Five

6 Seasons
Debuting September 12, 1994, the long-running Fox drama series Party of Five revolved around the many trials and tribulations of the five Salinger siblings, who at the outset of the story were orphaned when their parents were killed in an auto accident. Matthew Fox headed the cast as oldest brother Charlie Salinger, appointed legal guardian of his younger brothers and sisters at the age of 24. Before striking out on his own, Charlie held down jobs both day and night to keep his family together, at one point laboring away as a bartender at the San Francisco restaurant once owned by his late father. The other Salinger "kids" were, in descending age order, family treasurer and problem-solver Bailey (Scott Wolf, overly sensitive Julia (Neve Campbell), musically gifted Claudia (Lacey Chabert), and baby brother Owen, played as an infant by twins Brandon and Taylor Porter and from age five onward by Jacob Smith). In addition to literally growing up before our eyes, the Salingers also experienced innumerable romantic attachments. Early in the series' run, Charlie became engaged to graduate student Kirsten Bennett (Paula Devicq), who'd been hired as nanny for the youngest kids. Only when the series was coming to an end did Charlie and Kirsten finally bow to the inevitable and become husband and wife (and ultimately, parents). In the interim, Charlie had an affair with the reckless Daphne Jablonski (Jennifer Aspen), who bore him a daughter named Diana; and Kirsten was briefly and unhappily married to Dr. Paul Thomas (Tim Dekay). Meanwhile, Charlie's brother Brandon suffered through a number of desultory romances, the longest of which was with Sarah Reeves (Jennifer Love Hewitt). In the later seasons, Brandon and Sarah would assume custody of his brother Owen, and on her own Sarah looked after Natalie Mott (Allison Bertonelli), the abandoned daughter of Brandon's much-older "amour" Annie Mott (Paige Turco), whom he'd met while attending a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. Despite their lengthy relationship, Brandon and Sarah never married, and at the end of Season Four she left for New York--and incidentally, for her own spinoff series, Time of Your Life. As for sister Julia Salinger, she spent her terminal months in high school torn between two boyfriends, Justin Thompson (Michael Goorjian) and Griffin Holbrook (Jeremy London). Married for several seasons to the troubled Griffin, Julia at last ended up with faithful Justin, who like her had just emerged from an unhappy marriage. Among the high-profile actors who appeared in regular or recurring roles on Party of Five were Carroll O'Connor as the Salinger kids' Grandpa Jacob, Scott Grimes as Brandon's best friend Will McCorkle, Megan Ward as Brandon's ill-fated high school girlfriend Jill Holbrook, Brenda Strong as Charlie's wrathful ex-lover Kathleen Eisely, Ever Carradine as Rosalie, Heather McComb as Maggie, Kyle Secor as Evan Stillman, Ben Browder as Sam Brody, Dan Lauria as Russ Petrocelli, and Thomas Ian Nicholas as Todd. Lasting six seasons, Party of Five wrapped up its Fox run on May 3, 2000.
79   Metascore
1994 TVPG Drama, Other

The X-Files

11 Seasons
'The truth is out there,' and FBI agents Scully and Mulder seek it in this sci-fi phenomenon about their quest to explain the seemingly unexplainable. Their strange cases include UFO sightings, alien abductions and just about anything else paranormal.
65   Metascore
1993 TV14 Drama, Fantasy, Suspense, Other, Science Fiction

Our Kind of People

1 Season
In a small New England town, single mother Angela vows to repair the bridges burned by her family and its dark legacy. Yet, a sinister secret from her mother's past threatens not only her quest but her livelihood as well.
53   Metascore
2021 TV14 Drama, Family, Other

The Big Leap

1 Season
A ragtag team of struggling dancers bands together to win a competitive reality series with their contemporary take on the Swan Lake ballet.
73   Metascore
2021 TV14 Drama, Other


1 Season
Having spent virtually all of her 15 years enwrapped in a sheltered, pampered existence, Lily Greeley McAllister (Alison Lohman) was not quite prepared for the emotional jolt attending the suicide of a strange man in the dining room of the Greeley family's luxurious Pasadena home. Lily was equally unprepared for the blasé, unconcerned reactions of the Greeleys to this appalling spectacle. Attempting to find out why the man killed himself and why no one seemed to care all that much, Lily began to methodically unearth a number of unsavory family secrets -- and in the process, put her own future in dire jeopardy. Mike White of Dawson's Creek, Freaks and Geeks, and Chuck and Buck fame was the guiding creative force behind this bizarre weekly blend of Beverly Hills 90210 and Dallas, while actress Diane Keaton helmed the series' pilot episode. Others in the cast included Natasha Gregson Wagner and Mark Valley as two branches of the Greeley family tree, and Dana Delany as Catherine McAllister. The 60-minute Pasadena debuted September 21, 2001, on the Fox Network.
2001 TV14 Drama


1 Season
An amalgam of Death Race 2000 and Lost with CGI effects thrown in, the quasi-fantasy action series Drive centered around a strange, exclusive, strictly secret and highly illegal cross-country race, wherein the contestants were all but shanghaied into participating for a winning purse of $32,000,000--assuming they lived that long. The first contestant was Alex (Nathan Fillion), who was desperately searching for his missing wife. A mystical race promoter named Mr. Bright (Charles Martin Smith) lured Alex to Florida by implying that he'd never see his wife again unless he agreed to become a driver. Alex was then teamed with wild blonde Kristin (Corinna Wiles), who acted as if she knew what it was all about. In truth, NO one knew what it was all about--not the woman just released from a hospital, nor the two siblings who were driving a "cursed" Cadillac, nor the paroled criminal, nor the Iraq veteran and his girlfriend, nor the scientist and his teenaged daughter. Though everyone knew that the race began in Florida, none of the racers had the slightest idea where it was headed, nor the remotest clue as to the location of the finish line. And how about the fact that none of the vehicles were actually sports cars? Only one thing was certain: Those who lost the race faced the direst of consequences. As was often the cast in enigmatic exercises of this nature, the course of the race and the backstories of the contestants were revealed bit by bit, episode by episode, on a need-to-know basis. Drive first parked itself on the Fox network on April 15, 2007.
52   Metascore
2007 TV14 Drama, Action & Adventure

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