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The CW Fall TV Shows 2023: The Complete Schedule and Premiere Dates

The CW stands for Canada Watched (Already)

Tim Surette

The CW's 2023 fall TV schedule was always going to look a lot different from years past. A new owner (Nexstar) and a change in business strategy — goodbye teens, hello sports — meant that the traditional CW schedule full of superheroes and young people having seances would be history. Throw in writers and actors strikes for fair wages, and you get a schedule made up of Canadian imports, cable TV cast-offs, and the network's traditional unscripted programming.

Three Canadian comedies moving south already enjoyed summer runs on The CW and will be airing their second seasons on Thursdays in the fall. (They were previously scheduled for Mondays, but in September, The CW made the decision to swap them with FBoy Island. And in October, the network pushed their premieres back a week to Oct. 26.) They are: the '80s-set coming-of-age story Son of a Critch at 8/7c, followed by Run the Burbs, from Kim's Convenience's Andrew Phung, at 8:30/7:30c, and Children Ruin Everything, a series about how children ruin everything, at 9/8c. At 9:30/8:30c, it's the British comedy Everyone Else Burns, a family comedy about a religious clan who think the world's about to end. 

Recent acquisitions Inside the NFL and German limited sci-fi series The Swarm take on Tuesdays (how's that for a pairing?), and Wednesdays showcase back-to-back dramas from Canada: Sullivan's Crossing, featuring the return of CW stars Chad Michael Murray and Scott Patterson, and The Spencer Sisters, starring Lea Thompson

The CW also built some of its lineup from spare parts of other American networks. In addition to acquiring Paramount+'s Inside the NFL, the network has also brought over AMC's heavy drama 61st Street, which has two seasons in the can (but will still be held for midseason to better pair with All American, which isn't in the can. The reality dating show FBoy Island, previously on Max, gets Mondays all to itself. Jared Padalecki's Walker returns for Season 4 at a later date.

2023-2024 Fall TV Schedules: Fox Fall TV ShowsNBC Fall TV ShowsABC Fall TV Shows, CBS Fall TV Shows

Renewed The CW TV shows returning

All American, All American: Homecoming, Superman & Lois, Walker, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Penn & Teller: Fool Us, America's Funniest Animals, Masters of Illusion

Canceled The CW TV shows that won't be back

The Flash, Gotham Knights, Kung Fu, Nancy Drew, Riverdale, Stargirl, Walker: Independence, The Winchesters, Would I Lie to You?

Check out the full CW fall schedule below. Shows new to The CW are in ALL CAPS. All times listed in Eastern Time.

Sophia Powers, Son of a Critch

Sophia Powers, Son of a Critch

Dermot Carberry/Project 10 Productions Inc

The CW's fall TV schedule night by night

Note: The latest changes to The CW's schedule, as of Sept. 6, are reflected below. For exact premiere dates, scroll down.

The CW fall TV 2023 Monday night schedule

8 p.m.: FBOY ISLAND (Season 3)
9 p.m.: FBOY ISLAND (Season 3)

The CW fall TV 2023 Tuesday night schedule

8 p.m.: INSIDE THE NFL (Season 46)
9 p.m.: THE SWARM (Season 1)

The CW fall TV 2023 Wednesday night schedule

8 p.m.: SULLIVAN'S CROSSING (Season 1)
9 p.m.: THE SPENCER SISTERS (Season 1)

The CW fall TV 2023 Thursday night schedule

8 p.m.: SON OF A CRITCH (Season 2)
8:30 p.m.: RUN THE BURBS (Season 2)
9:30 p.m.: EVERYONE ELSE BURNS (Season 1)

The CW fall TV 2023 Friday night schedule

8 p.m.: Penn & Teller: Fool Us (Season 10)
9 p.m.: INSIDE THE NFL (Encore episode)

The CW fall TV 2023 Saturday night schedule

8 p.m.: Masters of Illusion (Season 13)
8 p.m.: Masters of Illusion (Season 13, repeat)
9 p.m.: World's Funniest Animals (Season 4)
9:30 p.m.: World's Funniest Animals (Season 4, repeat)

The CW fall TV 2022 Sunday night schedule

8 p.m.: I Am Films

The CW fall TV 2023 premiere dates

Tuesday, Sept. 5
8 p.m.: Inside the NFL — Season 46 premiere

Tuesday, Sept. 12
9 p.m.: The Swarm — U.S. series premiere

Wednesday, Oct. 4
8 p.m.: Sullivan's Crossing — U.S. series premiere
9 p.m: The Spencer Sisters — U.S. series premiere

Monday, Oct. 16
8 p.m.: Fboy Island — Season 3 premiere (2 hours)

Monday, Oct. 23
8 p.m.: Fboy Island — New episode
9 p.m.: TBA

Thursday, Oct. 26
8 p.m.: Son of a Critch — U.S. Season 2 premiere
8:30 p.m.: Run the Burbs — U.S. Season 2 premiere
9 p.m.: Children Ruin Everything — U.S. Season 2 premiere
9:30 p.m.: Everyone Else Burns — U.S. series premiere

Friday, Oct. 27
8 p.m.: Penn & Tell: Fool Us — Season 10 premiere

Saturday, Oct. 28
8 p.m.: Masters of Illusion — Season 10 premiere
8:30 p.m.: Masters of Illusion — New episode
9 p.m.: World's Funniest Animals — Season 4 premiere
9:30 p.m.: World's Funniest Animals — New episode

Tuesday, Nov. 14
9 p.m.: Whose Line Is It Anyway? — Season 12 premiere
9:30 p.m.: Whose Line Is It Anyway? — New episode

The CW 2023-24 midseason TV premieres

Fans will have to wait until midseason for new episodes of All American, 61st Street, Walker, and the premiere of the reality dating show FGirl Island, a spin-off of... FBoy Island. The CW has not yet scheduled Superman & Lois and All American: Homecoming, which both received late renewals in June.