The Black Keys, Steve Buscemi, Andy Samberg The Black Keys, Steve Buscemi, Andy Samberg

Steve Buscemi last hosted Saturday Night Live back in 1998, so for his second time at Studio 8H, the actor celebrated his recent leap from character actor to lead actor on HBO's Boardwalk Empire ("it's hard to believe but back then, the Jersey Shore was home to some pretty disgusting people"). Buscemi did his best to advise other character actors, like the clumsy best friend in romantic comedies, the granny character who says dirty or hip-hop things and the helpless girl from horror movies who can't find her friends:

Less than a week after video surfaced of Miley Cyrus calling herself a stoner, "The Miley Cyrus Show" returned. Too bad, the singer couldn't even get through her monologue without getting the giggles and munching on Doritos ("you're like a funny little Cheech Marin," Billy Ray Cyrus says). Cyrus brought on her "pretty cool" new friend, a hippie named Jeff (Buscemi), that she met at Burning Man as well as Whitney Houston (surprise guest Maya Rudolph) to warn Miley about the dangers of drug use. That is, until she learns Miley's only problem is marijuana. "I put weed in my cereal this morning. I smoke weed just to go to Target:"

Miley Cyrus proclaims herself a stoner in new video

In keeping up with the news, SNL took on the Penn State sex scandal again when Buscemi played an assistant coach at a college basketball program who is investigated despite there being no witnesses, no evidence and no allegations because he looks like a pedophile. "Is it the mustache? Because I can shave the mustache!":

Buscemi played a much more familiar character — Capt. Gordon — in the "Batman" digital short. Andy Samberg played the superhero who sees fighting crime as a 24/7 job, much to the dismay of Gordon, who gets surprise visits from Batman in the shower, during a prostate exam and when he's about to have sex with his wife. "I've always loved you," Batman tells him: