Schitt's Creek was our happy place for quite some time, until the Canadian comedy series came to a bittersweet ending earlier this year with a series finale that totally stuck the landing, concluding the story of the Rose family on a hopeful and hilarious note. The show finally got the respect it deserved at the 2020 Emmys, cleaning up in all four major acting categories in addition to scoring the win for Outstanding Comedy Series, among other prizes. And with Season 6 finally hitting streaming services next month, now is just as good a time as any to look back on one of the series' most memorable relationships. 

Throughout its run, Schitt's Creek gave us so many gifts, from Moira Rose's (Catherine O'Hara) wonderfully weird wardrobe and charming elocution to Johnny's (Eugene Levy) unfailing entrepreneurial spirit to Alexis' (Annie Murphy) unforgettable pop earworm. The Roses might have started out as a spoiled and disconnected group, but thanks to their time in the titular small town, they truly became a family for each other and the audience. But it's possible that no relationship on the show has been quite as heartwarming as the one between David (Dan Levy) and Patrick (Noah Reid). Ever since Patrick was introduced midway through the series, we've watched this couple grow from a professional partnership into an incredibly romantic pairing, with tons of laughs and touching moments along the way. It was fitting that the finale centered on not only the Roses' next adventures, but the commitment that David and Patrick were willing to make to one another.

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To celebrate the show's spectacular year, we're looking back on all of David and Patrick's most unforgettable moments. Read on to revisit all of the times David and Patrick made us cry tears of pure joy throughout Schitt's Creek.

<a href="" target="_blank">Dan Levy</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Noah Reid</a> in <a href="" target="_blank"><em>Schitt's Creek</em></a> Dan Levy and Noah Reid in Schitt's Creek

When their non-date turned into something more

Before they became a couple, David and Patrick were simply business partners trying to make David's crazy idea of opening an artisanal general store in Schitt's Creek work. David certainly didn't suspect that Patrick had any non-professional interest in him, so when Patrick invited him out to dinner in the Season 3 finale, "Grad Night," David assumed it was out of pity for the fact that the Rose family had forgotten his birthday.

Ever the wise one, though, Stevie (Emily Hampshire) read the room very well when she showed up to the birthday dinner at the cafe and knew right away that Patrick was disappointed by her arrival. Her suspicions were confirmed when David opened Patrick's gift and found that he'd thoughtfully framed the receipt from their first sale at the store. Later, when Patrick drove them home and talked about how glad he was to have joined David's business, David decided to go for it and plant a simple kiss on Patrick.

"Thank you," Patrick said in response. "I've never done that before with a guy. I was getting a little scared that I was going to let you leave here without us having done that, so thank you for making it happen for us." It was so pure and wholesome that it was impossible not to fall in love with them as a couple from the very beginning.

<a href="">Dan Levy</a> in <a href=""><em>Schitt's Creek</em></a> Dan Levy in Schitt's Creek

When Patrick's singing skills melted everyone

Here's another scene that conjures immediate tears every time: the moment in Season 4's "Open Mic" when Patrick first declared his feelings for David in front of everyone by singing an intimate acoustic rendition of "Simply the Best."

As always, David had his doubts about Patrick's plan to make their store more inviting with an open mic night, worrying that the event would be too pedestrian for their high-end marketplace. Patrick was a man with a plan, though, and he executed that plan beautifully onstage with just his feelings and a guitar.

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Between his earthy sound, Moira's quiet hums of approval, and David's crooked smile, it was a heart-swelling scene that proved just how adorable these two are and ensured they were going to be endgame.

<a href="">Dan Levy</a> and <a href="">Noah Reid</a> in <a href=""><em>Schitt's Creek</em></a> Dan Levy and Noah Reid in Schitt's Creek

When they got past the past

Of course, David and Patrick couldn't go straight to happiness without at least one wrong turn. Things got complicated in Season 4's "The Barbecue" when Patrick's ex-fiancée Rachel (Stacey Farber) came to town wanting to patch things up with him.

Her efforts were fruitless, of course, but David was still completely freaked out to learn that Patrick had been so serious with someone without ever telling him about it. Patrick tried to explain his feelings and delivered a monologue that was so full of truth that it hurt in the best way. "No matter how hard I tried with her, it just never felt right. And up until recently, I didn't understand why, David," he said. "I've spent most of my life not knowing what right was supposed to feel like, and everything changed. You make me feel right."

Although it would take a couple of episodes for them to get back on track, David still totally swooned a little at his beau's speech.

<a href="">Dan Levy</a> and <a href="">Noah Reid</a> in <a href=""><em>Schitt's Creek</em></a> Dan Levy and Noah Reid in Schitt's Creek

When they became each other's Mariah

David and Patrick's first "I love you" exchange was also completely ridiculous and adorable. During the Season 4 finale, "Singles Week," David was stressing out about getting in the middle of an awkward moment between Alexis and Ted (Dustin Milligan). Instead of indulging David's request to take his place delivering some donations for the veterinary clinic, Patrick decided to seize the moment and tell David then and there, for the first time, that he loved him.

Patrick didn't get bent out of shape when David didn't immediately return the sentiment — in fact, he seemed to be truly amused by how uncomfortable David was with those words, since he'd only said them twice before to his parents and once at a Mariah Carey concert.

"I don't expect you to say it back to me right now," Patrick told him kindly. "Say it when you're ready. Just felt right to me in the moment. You're my Mariah Carey." Because the show is never too ham-handed, though, Patrick did instruct David to come back with tea to make up for leaving him hanging.

When David eventually returned, newly reminded of how special his relationship with Patrick is, he walked right up to his boyfriend, gave him a hug, and finally said it back. To add some salt to all that sugar, Patrick made sure to point out that the moment was almost perfect, except that David had forgotten his tea. These two.

<a href="">Dan Levy</a> and <a href="">Noah Reid</a> in <a href=""><em>Schitt's Creek</em></a> Dan Levy and Noah Reid in Schitt's Creek

When David helped Patrick tell his parents

Coming out to one's parents can be a big deal, and Schitt's Creek handled that issue pretty perfectly thanks to some very tender moments between David and Patrick in Season 5's "Meet the Parents." It all began when David decided to throw Patrick a surprise birthday party and invite Patrick's parents. It seemed like a swell idea, especially considering how their relationship began, until he discovered that Patrick's parents didn't know the truth about their relationship. After welcoming them to the motel, Johnny (Eugene Levy) accidentally mentioned David and Patrick's romance to Patrick's parents, and although they weren't upset at all to learn that their son is gay, they were disappointed that they didn't get to hear it from him.

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David didn't want to deprive Patrick of the chance to have that exchange with his family, so he tried to recover by arranging for Patrick's parents to pretend they knew nothing. At the same time, he also assured Patrick that he understood it was a "very personal" conversation that he should have with his parents on his own terms — you know, before dropping the bombshell that they were already in town. Patrick eventually agreed that it was a good time to let them in on his life anyway, and when the time came for that conversation, David kindly assured his boyfriend, "I will be here, and we will get through it together."

Patrick's talk with his parents turned out to be completely lovely and supportive, of course. And as David and Patrick began to celebrate with a darling slow dance, Patrick called out David for spilling the beans to his parents.

<a href="">Dan Levy</a> and <a href="">Noah Reid</a> in <a href=""><em>Schitt's Creek</em></a> Dan Levy and Noah Reid in Schitt's Creek

When they decided on forever

Many of David and Patrick's most romantic moments happen amid some very silly misadventures, so it was fitting that in Season 5's "The Hike," Patrick's plans to take David on a romantic hike were nearly thwarted by David whining about the trek and Patrick suffering a minor foot injury.

Sure enough, Patrick realized that proposing at an imperfect time was pretty much perfect for these two. Instead of ditching his plans to propose after so many pratfalls, he decided to let David set up the picnic he'd planned and discover the box of rings Patrick bought for him.

"I used to come on this hike a lot when I first moved here and I was developing feelings for this guy I'd just gotten into business with," Patrick said, down on one knee. "And I didn't know what to do about it because I didn't know if that guy had the same feelings, or if I'd ever be able to muster up the courage to let him know how I felt. And now, here he is. The love of my life. Standing in front of me. It just felt like the perfect place to ask you to marry me."

But as always, there still had to be at least one line of levity thrown in. David asked if the rings were 24-karat gold before answering with a yes. It was exactly the kind of quirky sweetness that makes these two so special to watch.

Dan Levy and Noah Reid in <em>Schitt's Creek</em> Dan Levy and Noah Reid in Schitt's Creek

When Johnny had "the talk" with Patrick

Another one of their swooniest moments of the series actually happened while they were apart from each other. In Season 6's "Moira Rosė," David joined Moira for a lovely — albeit a bit messy — mother-son day at the winery sipping on potential blends that could bear her name, while Patrick and Johnny got to enjoy some quality time together watching baseball.

When Johnny seized on his opportunity to have a chat with his future son-in-law about their pending nuptials, Patrick, ever the empath, recognized that Johnny was stumbling over his words and decided to offer his own. "I hope it goes without saying that as lucky as I feel to have met David, I also feel incredibly lucky to be joining your family," Patrick said.

He went on to declare not only his affection for David but also how much he understands him. "I love your son, and I will always do everything I can to respect him and to protect him from all of the things in life that can set him off — and there are many, many things that can set him off." We're not sure how they pulled it off, but somehow, there were onions being cut all across North America the moment that perfect little line was delivered.

Dan Levy and Noah Reid in <em>Schitt's Creek</em> Dan Levy and Noah Reid in Schitt's Creek

When David decided to stay

On the penultimate episode of Schitt's Creek, titled "Start Spreading the News," David had a big decision to make about his future. Thanks to Johnny's successful pitch for the expansion of the Rosebud Motel empire and Moira's imminent return as Vivien Blake on the Sunrise Bay revival, David had a very real opportunity to finally return to New York and get back to a life of (relative) luxury.

However, Patrick didn't seem quite as excited about moving to a place he'd never even visited, and Stevie later let it slip that Patrick had been quietly trying to buy a house David had been admiring. It didn't take long for David to realize that his small-town beau wanted to remain in a small town, so he made the grand gesture of putting in an offer for the same house all on his own.

"I don't want to be anywhere you don't want to be," he told Patrick in front of their future house. In return, Patrick promised to make his fiancé "so happy." David being David, he joked, "You f---ing better." We have no doubt that he'll make good on that vow — and on the ones they made at the altar. Speaking of which ...

Dan Levy, Catherine O'Hara, Noah Reid, <em>Schitt's Creek</em>Dan Levy, Catherine O'Hara, Noah Reid, Schitt's Creek

When they said "I do"

The series finale for Schitt's Creek threw a wrench in David's plans for the picture-perfect wedding extravaganza — and there were other, um, complications throughout the day — but none of it mattered once David and Patrick stood before each other at their makeshift wedding venue to become husband and husband.

After the Jazzagals treated them to a choral rendition of their song, "Simply the Best," Patrick decided to add in another musical moment when he sang Mariah Carey's "Always Be My Baby" as part of his vows. But as touching as that wink to their first "I love you" exchange was, David's words had us crying even harder, as he laid his heart on the line: "Patrick I've never liked a smile as much as I like yours. I've never felt as safe as I do when I'm with you. I've never known love like I have when we're together. It's not been an easy road for me, but knowing that you will always be there for me at the end of it makes everything OK. Patrick Brewer, you are my happy ending." Even with that double entendre at the end, watching David deliver such a warm and personal speech showed us, once again, how much he has grown since we first met him and how beautifully unique his bond with Patrick really is.

Schitt's Creek Seasons 1-5 are currently available to stream on Netflix and CW Seed. Season 6 will be available to stream on both platforms starting Wednesday, Oct. 7.