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Power Is Developing Multiple Spin-Offs—Here's What They Might Look Like

Not one of them includes who you'd think

Malcolm Venable

Power creator Courtney Kemp is prepping potential spin-offs of the hugely popular crime drama, according to The Hollywood Reporter. This is an indicator of the show's blockbuster performance for Starz (it's the most-watched show on the network) as well as Power's addictive hold over viewers. The Season 5 finale -- streamed 3 million times, according to Deadline -- ended with yet another of the show's trademark eye-popping cliffhangers, and that possible big death came after the for-sure death of Kanan, a principal character on Power played by creator and producer 50 Cent.

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So Power is a big deal that's only gonna get bigger, and it will surely keep the big surprises coming. All that we know. What's less known is what exactly these potential spin-offs -- and yes, that's spinoffs with an 's,' as in multiple shows -- might look like or be about. Kemp is a former journalist who couldn't be tricked into giving a spoiler-y answer even if you woke her up in the middle of the night, so there's a zero-percent chance she'll give any details about these projects until she's good and ready. But based on some clues, we can make some informed guesses.

Said to be "inspired by the worlds of Power," these shows almost certainly take place in, or at least jump off from, the gritty New York City underworld. After that, the sky's the limit. So here are some guesses.

1. Tariq becomes Ghost
This is, for now, the most obvious choice for a spin-off: a series about Tariq (
Michael Rainey Jr.) leading a criminal enterprise like his dad, James St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick). Of course, this depends on how the series ends. Power was initially conceived to go seven seasons; hints suggest it's winding down. But whether it ends in Season 6 or in Season 7 (more likely), there's a strong likelihood Ghost will die by the time the show concludes, if not sooner. Kemp has said again and again that Power is not about Ghost but power itself -- how it shifts and changes people -- and given its parallels to other crime drama classics like Breaking Bad,Ghost must die. The only question is when. Going into Season 6, which is currently in production, Tariq is already on a path to be like his father and the logical journey down that storyline has him growing into a boss in his own right and continuing his dad's legacy without him. That's a whole series for sure.

2. A female-led story, with Tasha front and center
Season 5 saw Alicia Jimenez (Ana de la Reguera), the boss of the Jimenez cartel Kemp once called the "female Ghost," become a significant player. Though she was being carted off to prison the last we saw her, that is not binding, and even if she does stay locked up, she's hardly the only ladyboss on this show. Tasha, (Naturi Naughton), Ghost's wife, is of just as much interest to fans of the show as Ghost, and her conniving and dirty deeds as of late show she's mastermind material. To boot, she, unlike Ghost, has no interest in getting out of the crime business, which means she'd make a great lead for a series about a criminal enterprise, perhaps at odds with the already-existing female Ghost Alicia. If Ghost died, she'd presumably look to Tasha to settle any score or vice versa. Boom, series.

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​Naturi Naughton, Power

Naturi Naughton, Power

Myles Aronowitz/Starz

3. A series focused on the Jimenez drug cartel and rival gangs
Power is packed with gangs and crews looking for control of the streets of New York and even Washington, D.C. as we saw way back in Season 4. A series about drug gangs, perhaps with Tommy (Joseph Sikora) at the center, is an easy lay-up.

4. The Tommy and Keisha Bonnie and Clyde-type show
Power producer Gary Lennon told TV Guide earlier this year that Season 6 will explore Tommy and Keisha's (La La Anthony) relationship; as fans know, they're both, for their own reasons, on the outs with their buddies Ghost and Tasha. Tommy has been looking for the true ride-or-die bae of his dreams and Keisha seems to be that person, which erects a possible narrative about her slipping deeper and deeper into Tommy's violent, chaotic world. Should Keisha not meet the same fate as Tommy's other love, Holly, and somehow stay alive, it could be fun to see these two acting out an urban Bonnie and Clyde story, like the scripted series version of Jay-Z and Beyonce's "On the Run" tour.

Joseph Sikora, Power

Joseph Sikora, Power


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5. New characters we don't know about yet
There's the wildcard choice too: somebody we haven't met yet could emerge in Season 6, change the whole game and become the focal point of a new show. Yes, it seems late in the game to start retrofitting folks into Power canon but, hey, if
Kendrick Lamar can come on and kill his first acting role by playing a philosophical junkie, anything could happen.

What do you think a Power spin-off might look like?

Power will return for Season 6 on Starz at a later date.