[Caution: Don't read this if you haven't seen the Power Season 5 finale and/or don't want clues about what happens next!]

Welp, that happened.

Following an labyrinthine series of reveals, double-crosses, murders and unlikely alliances in Season 5 of Power, Ghost's (Omari Hardwick) true ride-or-die bae Angela Valdes (Lela Loren) ended up taking a bullet for him and saving his life in the finale. In classic Power form, the crime drama let viewers rest, briefly, in a false comfort; Angela, Ghost and Tasha's (Naturi Naughton) messy mad scramble in the last three episodes to frame Kanan (Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson), get rid of Tommy's (Joseph Sikora) dad Teresi (William Sadler), keep Angela out of jail and have Dre (Rotimi Akinosho) extinguished worked one way or the other, with a moment of relative peace seeming to settle over these these people's effed up lives. But Power does not let its people live in peace too long. And so when Ghost's brother-in-arms Tommy set off to shoot Ghost (in the back!), 'twas Angela that caught a hot one. So. Is she dead?

Power's Season 5 Finale Will Seal Angela and Ghost's Fate "Forever"

Lela Loren and Naturi Naughton, <em>Power</em>Lela Loren and Naturi Naughton, Power

"Angela is not dead in the finale," series creator Courtney Kemp told TV Guide. "She's just shot." Kemp's words come with a caution, though: she is careful to stress in the finale, which means that we'll have to wait an excruciating 10 or so months to find out if Angela lives, dies or maybe spends time in a hospital fighting for her life going into Season 6. Why the decision to have Angela meet this fate? "We always try to have people fall into calamity of their own making," Kemp said. "After Tasha and Tommy threatened her in her house, what should Angela do? Get on a plane. It wasn't a decision; it was a natural outgrowth of her bad choices. She could have turned witness. She could have been in some cushy 5-star hotel. It could have gone a lot of ways and it didn't go her way."

Things didn't go well for many other Power players either. Season 6 is about vengeance, Kemp said, which surely means characters will be looking for payback with blood. When asked if Tommy's attempted murder of his BFF means an all-out war between the two in Season 6, Kemp said, "They're not getting along, I'll leave it at that. [Tommy's mindset is] 'You tricked me into killing my dad.' [Ghost's mindset is] 'You shot the woman I love while trying to shoot me.' They're probably not going to go play some video games."

Keisha Has No Idea the Danger She's in on Power

Silver (Brandon Victor Dixon) is dead too, strangled by Ghost's hands — one more dirty deed by Ghost in a list. Not only did he kill his wife's lawyer/paramour, but he lied about to Angela too, confirming that Ghost just cannot tell the truth and setting up — you guessed it — more dire consequences later. "There will be an investigation into Silver's death," Kemp promised. Season 6 will harken back to the faster-paced, heart-pounding action style Power had in Seasons 3 and 4; we should all expect to once again need a hand to hold while watching this dark web widen and ensnare more people.

Joseph Sikora, PowerJoseph Sikora, Power

Keisha (La La Anthony) for example, may not know how much danger she's in just yet, but she soon will, and from the sounds of it, she'll be as eager to take down her former friend Tasha as Tommy is to take down Ghost. "Tommy was always looking for his version of Tasha, a help mate," Kemp said. "What's interesting now is, what will Tommy's life be like once he has the right woman?"

However that plays out, Power is irrevocably changed now. "Tommy shooting Angela is the gunshot heard 'round the world for all the characters."

Power is currently in production for Season 6.