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Power's Season 5 Finale Will Seal Angela and Ghost's Fate "Forever"

Clues have been there all along

Malcolm Venable

If you thought Season 5 of Power started off at a bit of a crawl, you're not alone and you're not wrong: Co-showrunner Gary Lennon told TV Guide in a phone interview Monday that yes, "everyone agrees it started slow." But that's because Starz's crime drama was setting up some screeching turns that have begun to play out in Power's patented "Holy shit, what just happened?!" style over the last few episodes -- including last week's shocking death and in Sunday's episode, federal agent Angela Valdes (Lela Loren) finally being forced to confess that she's been conspiring with Ghost (Omari Hardwick) in all his criminal misdeeds.

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Angela faced two choices as the episode ended with her surrounded by her colleagues and her face on an evidence board: turn on Ghost (and probably still lose her job and freedom, if somebody didn't kill her first) or, somehow, lie and risk even greater scrutiny. Either way, Angela is in deep, deep trouble, and Lennon said the Season 5 finale brings lingering questions about her relationship with Ghost to an end. "It's a very Angela-Ghost heavy episode," he said. Fans have long been perplexed at how Angela could be dumb enough to ingrain herself into Jamie's criminal life -- not to mention Jamie's marriage to Tasha (Naturi Naughton) -- and "It's a great question," Lennon noted. "[Angela's decisions are] built upon the theme of [Sunday's episode] which is, 'Sometimes you're so close to someone you can't see them.' Sometimes when we take actions our heart overrides the brain and I think Angela is a great example of that."


Omari Hardwick as Jamie and Lela Loren as Angela, Power

Jessica Miglio/Starz

Power's Season 5 finale, which airs next week, was written by Courtney Kemp, Power's creator and showrunner. "If you go re-watch the pilot," Lennon said, "Courtney set up a love triangle from the get-go. [Angela] is in love with the man she's chasing. It's a little like Out of Sight with Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney. Through all of the action and crime and killing and fun stuff we've seen it has always been a love story." The romantic part of Jamie and Tasha's marriage is over, he added. "Angela is where the romance lies for Ghost."

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Angela and Jamie are old high school sweethearts who took different paths. And since we've known her, Angela has always believed that Jamie was a guy who wanted to do good but was in a bad situation. "She bought into that hook, line and sinker." Now she's stuck. Really stuck. What happens next will seal her and Ghost's fate forever.

"If you want to know where they end up for the rest of their lives," Lennon said, "that's answered in the finale."

Power's Season 5 finale airs Sunday September 9 at 9/8c on Starz.