Ellen Pompeo (<I>Grey's Anatomy</i>), Joshua Jackson (<I>Fringe</i>) and Jensen Ackles (<I>Supernatural</i>) Ellen Pompeo (Grey's Anatomy), Joshua Jackson (Fringe) and Jensen Ackles (Supernatural)

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Any scoop to get us Mer-Der fans through the dog days of summer? Perhaps some "baby talk" about Grey's writing in Ellen Pompeo's pregnancy? — Hillary
MATT: Both Chyler Leigh and I are of the mind that Grey's Anatomy would be hard-pressed to accommodate Pompeo's pregnancy, if only because of the timing. "As far as I know they are not [writing it in]," Leigh told me, pointing out that by the time the ABC serial resumes production, "Ellen will be, like, seven months [along]." The only way I see it happening — and at least one source allows, "It could go either way" — is if Season 6 picks up five or six months after the recent finale. Such a jump would also allow poor George time to heal and look like recast Eddie Cibrian. (I kid!) 

If Fox is serious about Fringe (and aren't we all), why is it forcing it to compete against CSI, Grey's Anatomy and The Office on Thursdays? — Anita
MICKEY: At first blush, moving Fringe to such a powerhouse night would appear to be a suicide mission. But Fox entertainment prez Kevin Reilly lays out his strategy thusly: "[CSI and Grey's] are two still-terrific appointment shows, but they're down. They are not consuming all the oxygen at 9 o'clock" he insists. "[Fringe] got a huge amount of buzz coming out of the last batch of episodes ... and is a real alternative to both of those shows. It's not an overlapping audience." Oh yeah, Kev? Tell that to my DVR, which is already groaning at the prospect of Thursday nights this fall. 

Any Army Wives scoop? Jennie
TIM: Lots! Sally Pressman says the Season 3 premiere on June 7 will answer "every single question" so the Army wives can get into a whole new set of problems. For Roxie and Trevor, who are deeply invested in a failing business, those problems are financial — yet may be readily remedied by a plucky newcomer. For our full interview with Pressman, check back Friday, and for exclusive Wives casting scoop, click here.   

I have heard the CW wants Supernatural to go on, but Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Eric Kripke want to leave after this season. And with Lucifer rising, it seems the show is near its end. Can you shed any light on things? — Morgan
MATT: Yes, CW boss Dawn Ostroff has indicated that she may "override" Kripke's longtime plan to end Supernatural after five seasons. And while the series' creator isn't signed on beyond this season, its two leads are. In fact, Padalecki just told io9, "My best guess is that Supernatural will go beyond Season 5" —possibly sans Kripke. Inconceivable, you say? Smallville minus original bosses Al Gough and Miles Millar, I say. 

Has there ever been an official explanation for why Dustin Milligan was cut from 90210? — Tony
At the recent Paley Festival, new show-runner Rebecca Rand Kirshner said, "I was sort of stumped by [Ethan]. I didn't feel like there was the longevity in that character that I wanted. And so it was a real loss." Unofficially, I'm hearing that Ethan's departure has paved the way for a new male lead of a very different stripe. More on him here.

Will Ryan Hurst be back as "Opie" in the second season of FX's Sons of Anarchy? — Doc
TIM: Yes, he will. Grab your helmet because the now-widowed Opie will have an empty sidecar and plenty of screen time to hog as he rides into a Season 2 already revved up to kick-start plenty of drama and hit the open road Hell's Angels leather Easy Rider handlebars "Born to Be Wild" vroooooooom-varoooooooorrowwwwwwrrrr-screeeeeeeecccccch. [Tinkling of broken glass, followed by explosion

What do you think are the Emmy chances for The Big Bang Theory as best comedy and Jim Parsons for lead actor? Do you think voters will recognize this show after snubbing it last year? — Scott
MATT: I'd wager my sons' cherished and well-read DC Comics Encyclopedia on at least one of your dream nods happening. Seriously, Parsons' work has been praised by too many and too loudly for it to get overlooked, so hopefully at least one member of the category's old guard will "step aside" and let the boy onto the playing field. Now, should Big Bang also secure a Best Comedy nom, my reaction will be not unlike Sheldon's as he regarded Spock's soiled napkin.

Any news on SVU's ADA situation? Is there any chance they'll bring Diane Neal back? It could at least make up for the horrible send-off they gave her character. — Alex
MICKEY: I'm hearing that Dick Wolf & Co. are casting a very wide net for the new ADA position, even embracing the idea of a male ADA. But as for Neal returning, don't count on it. 

I was wondering if Bob Saget's Surviving Suburbia will be back. — Debra
TIM: If you missed Surviving Suburbia's return last week, you were in good company: It earned unimpressive ratings, and after taking this week off will return on Wednesdays, through July 1. ABC's entertainment president Stephen McPherson is taking a wait-and-see approach to its future beyond that. But be happy: Just a few short months ago the show was in limbo, without a network to its name. So it's been in tough neighborhoods before. UPDATE: Surviving Suburbia will now return June 12, airing Fridays at 8.

How about a scoop on the upcoming Stargate Universe? — Aled, in Wales
When SGU debuts on Sci Fi Channel Oct. 2 — at which point, remember, Sci Fi will be known as SyFy — viewers will be quick to pick up on the special something that sets this Stargate apart from any predecessors. As one source tells me, "Death is a big part of this show." So, I'd tread very, very carefully when getting attached to people you think will be series regulars.

Can you give us any scoop on the three new shows that the CW picked up — Melrose Place, Vampire Diaries, and The Beautiful Life? — Fernando
MICKEY: My take on Melrose is here (keep in mind that I chose not to spoil the pilot's big reveal like He Who Must Not Be Named did). I thought Vampire Diaries looked promising, with two handsome, compelling male leads and the same fetid, woodsy atmospherics that both Twilight and True Blood have brought to the genre. The Beautiful Life, on the other hand, looked neither beautiful nor alive, as all I remember about it is the wooden performance of Mischa Barton as an out-of-control model. It was hard to focus on the screen, what with all the eye-rolling going on. 

Do you have any info for the second season of Legend of the Seeker? When? Where? What? Who? — Sandra
TIM: When: Soon. (Season 2 hasn't officially been scheduled, but preparations are well underway.) Where? We left off with Richard successfully defeating Darken Rahl, but it remains to be seen whether he succeeded long-term. What? Defeating Rahl opened a rift into the underworld, which means Richard must contend with a war waged on the living. Who? You, Sandra, are sitting pretty with your question answered to your complete satisfaction, we hope. Why? Because we like you. 

Tim's Mega Rave: I couldn't have been happier to see Conan O'Brien's run across America to the Tonight Show set. Is this his way of saying he plans to reach out to the whole country instead of just the mole people who are awake at 12:35/11:35 Central? Maybe so. If this means we have to nod through familiar jokes about how pale he is as he reintroduces himself to the country, that works for me as well.

Mickey's Mini-Rant: Inexplicably, I watched The Hills' season finale. I hold no illusions about the show's veracity, but good gravy, Speidi's wedding was a spectacular belly flop of producer manipulation, culminating in the confusing reintroduction of Kristin Cavallari, who — with a few misleadingly edited glances at Audrina's ex, Justin Bobby — became next season's whore of Babylon. 

Matt's Micro Riff: Lou Diamond is a celebrity. Get him outta there.

Reader Quote of the Week: "I don't want my beloved franchise to turn into High School Whosical." (ctheslayer, commenting on the young actors now playing Doctor Who and his companion)

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