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Please tell me you have some Pam-and-Tara scoop for True Blood? — Lila
The state of Louisiana will declare war on vampires, so there won't be any time for Tara and Pam to braid each others' hair and talk about their feelings about their hot kiss in the finale. However, their relationship will deepen as a result of two shocking events: 1) Pam will find out (for the first time) who Nora really is to Eric and 2) Tara will become Victim No. 1 to a frighteningly powerful new weapon that the police has devised to combat vampires. These are no mere wooden bullets!

What can you tell me about the new season of Unforgettable?Maggie
We know that the cast will look very different this season, but forget about (see what I did there?) Carrie getting off on the right foot with her new colleagues. For starters, Murray (Heroes' Tawny Cypress), a highly decorated former FBI agent, doesn't quite understand (or appreciate) Carrie's gift, and Carrie's by-the-book new boss Eliot (The Good Wife and The Walking Dead's Dallas Roberts) won't be thrilled when she proposes going undercover because of her resemblance to a suspect.

Totally digging Mistresses! How will Savi deal with the fallout from sleeping with Dominic? — Nikki
Suffice it to say that she won't be keen on continuing the fling. "There's nothing that she enjoys about it," Alyssa Milano says. "It becomes darker and darker by the episode for her." Unfortunately, her one-night stand will have unforeseen consequences that are even worse than the possibility of her husband finding out.

Please tell me Michael and Fiona will get their happy ending on Burn Notice. — Wendy
Since Fiona has a new beau, it would be a bit premature to guarantee that she and Michael will have a happily-ever-after. But don't fret, 'shippers: You'll get your fix of lovey-dovey time — and then some! — in the show's 100th episode, which flashes-back to the couple's first meeting in Ireland. The landmark hour will shed new light on Michael and Fiona's roller-coaster relationship. Plus: Who doesn't want to hear pillow talk with Irish accents?

Got any scoop on Falling Skies? — Alex
There's a chance that the 2nd Mass could strike a fierce blow against the Espheni when they find a particularly high-value target, but taking it out could also leave the whole state uninhabitable. But Tom and Anne will have more important things to deal with as their baby arrives — and he/she is not exactly what they planned for. 

I'm getting excited for the new season of The Newsroom. What can you tell me about it? — Jake
Some viewers (myself included) winced at the end of Season 1 when Sloan hinted to Don that she'd had a crush on him for a while. (That Don-Maggie-Jim triangle didn't need to get any messier.) While the new season will certainly play with the chemistry between Don and Sloan, it might not necessarily be as romantic as you'd think. "You can have a crush on somebody, and it doesn't mean they're the love of your life," Olivia Munn tells us. "He shut her down completely. When somebody tells you they don't want to be with you... you see them differently forever."

I'm so excited that Switched at Birth is returning. Any scoop? — Sarah
Hold on for some major change! First up, Regina, Bay and Angelo will all be living under the same roof. But don't expect a rekindling just yet. "That's such a complex relationship and he paid for my rehab, so there's a budding relationship, but he's focused on [finding Lana]," Constance Marie tells me. One thing to look forward to? "All you Dancing with the Stars fans, Gilles [Marini] is going to be dancing in an episode!" Vanessa Marano adds. 

Enough about Castle and Beckett's engagement! Will the new season of Castle be good to Lanie-Esposito fans? — Jessica
All signs point to yes. "We're going to see more 'Esplanie' because the Twitter fans have gone ballistic," Tamala Jones says with a laugh. "[Creator Andrew W. Marlowe has found] a very intelligent way to execute what the fans want to see with what he already has in store." Bonus: Jones says that, not unlike the spotlight episodes given to Ryan and Esposito last season, Marlowe is cooking up a Lanie story that will explore her history.

Will Nurse Jackie be renewed for another season? — Elizabeth
You'd better hope so! The final moments of the season finale are not to be missed. As Jackie prepares to celebrate her first full year of sobriety, she'll turn to a very surprising place for comfort that will open up all sorts of questions about what could possibly come next.

So glad that The Killing was brought back from the dead! Got any scoop about what's to come for Holder? — Debbie
If you liked Holder's suit and tie and his more mature outlook on his police work, know this: It comes with a price. Executive producer Veena Sud says that mixing Holder's newfound ambition with his past as an addict isn't exactly a great cocktail. "In Season 1, he embraced the notion of a higher power [and] he was doing everything that he needed to do to keep his sobriety," Sud says. "This season, he's kind of gone back on it. He is self-propelled. He's definitely not a believer in sitting in a church basement listening to anybody's idea of God. That is going to affect him deeply."

Hoping you'll have some Awkward scoop! — Micah
Some harsh truths will come out in next week's midseason finale that could put Jenna and Matty's relationship on the line — and push Jenna further into Colin's orbit. But they won't be the only ones facing relationship troubles after Tamara takes Sadie's place. Seriously.

Will Ryan discover who or what Wilfred is this season? — Cameron
Wilfred himself will have an idea about who he really is — specifically, that he's a magical being who can't be harmed. Don't worry, he'll quickly and hilariously be disabused of this notion. But the duo will take a trip in the premiere that will have you seeing double — literally.

Natalie's Mega Rave: I'm way late on the Orphan Black bandwagon, but give Tatiana Maslany all the Emmys — one for every uniquely awesome clone portrayal.

Adam's Mini Rant: I'm giving The Killing's new season the benefit of the doubt, but seriously, turn off the rain machine. The metaphor has grown officially tiresome.

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