David Boreanaz, Marcia Cross, Thomas Gibson David Boreanaz, Marcia Cross, Thomas Gibson

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Bones baby: boy or girl? — Rita
The show won't drag out the reveal — you will know whether the nursery will be pink or blue by Episode 2. (Booth won't exactly be thrilled by how and when he learns the news, especially since he wasn't even invited to the ultrasound!) And as for that nursery, there may not be one if Booth and Brennan can't get their acts together enough to decide where they want their family to live.

When will they actually face some consequences for covering up the murder of Gabby's step-father on Desperate Housewives? — Hailey
How's this for consequences? Bree will fall off the wagon, and she'll hit the ground hard. However, someone else on Wisteria Lane will land in rehab.

Anything cool coming up on Criminal Minds? — Beth
You've heard that Dirty Sexy Money's Bellamy Young will play a museum curator who could be Agent Hotchner's new love interest, right? Well, I'm hearing that she isn't the only woman coming into Hotch's life. Look for him to cross paths with one of his former female students who is now a detective with a Northern California police department who is assisting the BAU with an upcoming case.

Is Carl really dead on The Walking Dead? — James
For those of you who know the comics, Carl's suffering is far from over, but it will be Shane who sets out on a mission to save his life, which will land him at an abandoned school that once doubled as a relief zone. Needless to say, he won't find relief there. And it's not just Shane who's contributing to Carl's recovery — Rick is too, literally.

What have you heard about Andre Braugher's character on Law & Order: SVU?
Aside from the fact that he's not necessarily a love interest for Olivia, I can tell you that he is a ruthless defense attorney who is looking for some redemption. "I want the squad room and the legal team to have worthy adversaries, not to have straw men that they can easily take down," executive producer Warren Leight tells us. "He's really smart, a very successful defense attorney who, in an effort to expiate his guilt, has started to defend those black and Latino youths who don't get good defense in New York. ... He sees an encroaching world of police and district attorney's office tyranny, and he's out to subvert it or to try to get the playing field back to where it was before 9/11."

Chuck is almost back. What will we see for Chuck and the gang this season? — Erin
Playing second fiddle to Morgan won't be easy for Chuck, especially since Morgan has developed a habit of hogging all the glory and screwing up their missions. Instead, Chuck will turn his attention toward finding Sarah her dream home, but that'll be a financial challenge as Carmichael Industries isn't as successful a venture as Team New Intersect hoped it would be.

I need some scoop on Pretty Little Liars' Halloween special. — Jennie
As you might expect, the prequel episode is jam-packed with details about Rosewood's residents, but there's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment that may in fact be a really major clue to solving the show's central mystery: Who is "A"? Sasha Pieterse hints that you should pay extra attention to the décor in Alison's room (which has never been seen on the show before).

I still can't believe Nick is dead. Who or what is actually coming after them on The Secret Circle? — Lily
It's not just demon snakes who are trying to slither their way into the coven — and if you listen very closely, there's a hint at who's really behind this mess in this week's episode. In possibly related news, Cassie will begin to look into the missing side of her family. "She's been mother-obsessed because her mother so recently passed away and it's so shaken her world, but she doesn't know very much about her father, for reasons she doesn't entirely understand," executive producer Andrew Miller tells us. Look for Cassie to start investigating her dad's side of the family tree very soon.

Sons of Anarchy has gotten crazy-good. What's coming up? — Chris
If Tuesday's cliff-hanger had you throwing things at your TV screen, you might want to insure your flat screen before next week's episode. Plenty of bullets will be flying, enough for the club to put off a very important vote. And by the episode's end, the Grim Reaper won't just be appearing on the SAMCRO boys' vests.

Will Amelia ever get sober on Private Practice? — Jackson
She may soon have to. November sweeps will feature a two-hour episode of Private Practice — the first hour of which was written by Shonda Rhimes herself — that will include Amelia's intervention. Please oh please, can the whole Shepherd family be involved?

So glad Psych is back. What can you tell me about the season? — Kevin
ADAM: Original Buffy the Vampire Slayer Kristy Swanson won't just be stopping by for the show's vampire-tribute episode. Because her character falls for Timothy Omundson's Det. Lassiter, she will become a very important character this season, Dule Hill says. Adds James Roday, who directed Swanson's first episode: "We're calling this the vampire episode and it will be promoted as the vampire episode, but what we really have here is a very sweet love story and a huge rite of passage for Lassiter. It kind of took on a whole new dynamic and a whole new meaning when we saw the chemistry between the two of them."

Got any Bonnie scoop on The Vampire Diaries? I feel like we've barely seen her this season. — Jessica
She may want to make herself even scarcer. Why? Her absentee mom is coming to town! And from what we understand, Abby Bennett is quite a handful. Bonnie definitely gets her fiery determination from her mother. But it'll be a fruitful visit, backstory-wise. We'll finally learn what led Abby to abandon her daughter.

Adam's Mega Rave: If you're not watching Homeland, you're missing some of the most compelling drama on TV at the moment. Come for Claire Danes' and Damian Lewis' commanding performances, but stay for the tightly plotted mystery. Who's lying? Who cares? The ride is fantastic!

Natalie's Mini Rant: We're all for Jim playing pranks on Dwight, but usually they make The Office funnier, not awkward and annoying.

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