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I need scoop on the big Brennan episode of Bones. — Geena
: As you've no doubt heard, Brennan's investigation of a workaholic's death forces her to examine her own nonexistent personal life — and to take some bold action. What's the result? "We see Brennan's feelings about [Booth and Hannah] more," executive producer Stephen Nathan says. "She's trying to make the best of it, but it's difficult for her." Strangely, Brennan's big move may get more a reaction from Hannah than Booth. "The relationship that these two women forge is going to determine, to a large extent, what happens between Booth and Brennan," Nathan says.

Nikita scoop, please! — Monica
Alex is faced with her final test, in which she'll have to kill or be killed. When she's unable to pull the trigger, she's forced to turn over Nikita to Division to save her own life. That doesn't mean Alex won't make her first kill though, and wait until you see who the victim is.

Do you know if the CSI: Miami writers are planning a love interest for Horatio? — Samantha
Yes, they are! "We're definitely thinking that way," co-executive producer Barry O'Brien tells us. This season? Eh, maybe? "Horatio has had impactful stories with female victims throughout the entire season," O'Brien says. "You're seeing his sensitivity in that setting and the way he dedicates himself to a woman in jeopardy. I think the natural next step is to deepen his personal life as well. ...That's definitely a goal of ours." Hmm... maybe it's the sexy new trace evidence tech who will make business personal.

So happy to hear Parks and Recreation is coming back soon. What can you tell me? — Janet
Get ready for more Ron and Tammy! If you thought the randy on-and-off couple was off-the-charts kinky last season, wait until you get a load of one of them wearing cornrows and a kimono. Jail time will be served. Voyeurism will be involved. "I can't remember much of what happened. It was kind of hallucinatory," Nick Offerman tells us. Thankfully, Adam Scott, who plays state auditor Ben, recalls being on set during the filming: "Epic. Animal noises — that's all I'm going to say," he says. Meow!

Are we going to see Rose again on The Vampire Diaries? — Michelle
Yep, and sooner than you think. I'm hearing that she'll pop back up in order to help Damon and Stefan with a mysterious mission. First stop on their quest: a visit to another vampire savant who knows everything about everything in the world of bloodsuckers. He's willing to hand over the dangerous info Damon and Stefan seek — but only in exchange for a day-walking ring.

What can you tell us about the V premiere? — Rachel
The premiere picks up four days after the finale, when Anna released that creepy red sky that caused widespread panic and rioting among the humans. Anna's actions have also stirred unrest among her captains, who fear that she has developed human emotions. Lesson of the premiere: Never doubt Anna, or she'll kill you with her tail. That's not a metaphor.

Got anything interesting on NCIS? — Jeffrey
Ask yourself this: Which NCIS-er do you think needs to see a shrink? (Correct answer: All of them!) But in the meantime, one team member could log some couch time in the near future, as the show is looking to add a clinical psychiatrist who specializes in combat trauma and stress-related anxiety issues to the cast. She reads people like books and isn't shy about digging up sensitive memories.

What's the scoop on the big catastrophe on Grey's Anatomy? — Alison
The mock-tragedy that Owen created a few weeks ago will come in handy when a real disaster strikes in an upcoming episode. "There's a massive situation at a school, so all the training that Owen put into place suddenly makes people much more ready to handle this sort of thing," Kevin McKidd tells us.

So, is CSI: NY really going to put Mac and Jo together? — Maria
Well, that kind of depends on you, Maria. Executive producer Pam Veasey insists that she isn't writing that into the show, but that sometimes the audience perceives sparks. Specifically, Veasey thinks the January episode that introduces Jo's ex husband (David James Elliot) is going to create some waves. "There's a little hint of him wanting [Jo] back," she says. "It's a relationship of his pursuit, and she's not completely resistant to it. I can't wait for it to air because I want to know if the audience wants him to be around or go, 'No! We want her to be with Mac.' I think the audience will definitely think there's a triangle in motion."

Will we learn more about the machine on Fringe? —Andy
The pieces of the machine puzzle will come together when the show returns next year. John Noble calls it "a huge turning point" for the season. "What they've done with the machine — and Peter — I actually think it's super exciting," Anna Torv adds, noting that the upcoming machine-centric episodes are "awesome for Josh [Jackson]."

All I want for Christmas is scoop on Community's stop-motion-animated episode. — Barry
The episode is about Abed's journey to find the meaning of Christmas. The animation is explained, in typical meta-fashion, as a delusion Abed has created. Expect lots of singing, a clever dig at Lost, and a snowman Chang that would make Frosty blush!

What's this I hear about a new man for Ivy on 90210? I want her to get back with Dixon! — Beth
West Bev's surfer chick will indeed get close to a skater dude with whom she crosses paths... at a medical marijuana dispensary. The two bond over a package of pot Oreos. I believe the screenwriting term for that is "meeting groovy."

Adam's Mega Rave: The season finale of Boardwalk Empire features an unusual moment of vulnerability for Nucky Thompson. In a moving monologue, he reveals that he lost his wife and son because he was too busy with his job. In this moment, we, like Margaret, begin to understand the sadness that fuels Nucky's nihilism. A tip of the bowler to Steve Buscemi for a stellar season.

Natalie's Mini Rant: We've been waiting for a long time to meet the How I Met Your Mother mother, so Ted's sudden memory lapses are grating. I could barely follow the story about Barney and Lily's fight — and worse, I didn't care to.

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