Hugh Laurie by Timothy White/Fox Hugh Laurie by Timothy White/Fox
Hugh Laurie is getting a huge raise: The star of House is set to become one of the highest paid actors on network TV. Laurie, who has played the Vicodin-popping curmudgeon Dr. Gregory House for four seasons, has signed a new deal that will pay him around $400,000 an episode, confirms

The Hollywood Reporter. The Brit's deal also includes another year on the show (going through the year 2011), and a producing credit. House is currently Fox's highest rated drama, and Laurie's pitch-perfect snarky performance has earned him two Golden Globes and three Emmy nominations, including one this year. He joins the ranks of such sky-high earners as Kiefer Sutherland (who earns close to $500,000 per episode) of 24 and CSI's departing William Petersen ($600,000). Do you think Hugh Laurie is worth the money? - Erin Fox Related " Hugh Laurie Talks about the New Season of House " Use Our Online Video Guide to Watch Hugh Laurie as House