Sandra Oh (<I>Grey's Anatomy</i>), Jennifer Morrison (<I>House</i>) and Matthew Fox (<I>Lost</i>) Sandra Oh (Grey's Anatomy), Jennifer Morrison (House) and Matthew Fox (Lost)

Senior editors Matt Webb Mitovich and Mickey O'Connor answer your questions. As always, you may direct your own spoilery needs to

Having Denny appear on one episode of Grey's Anatomy, because Izzie's memories were triggered by a case, is one thing. But to make him a ghostly fixture in her life and carry on some kind of romance from beyond the grave is beyond ridiculous. — Evie
MATT: I hear you. Getting it on with a ghost is so circa-1981 Barbara Hershey. Now, if s-e-x between living, breathing humans is what floats your boat — and lord knows the pickings are slim if you only watch Grey's, Ghost Whisperer and Supernatural these days — Drs. Owen Hunt and Cristina Yang might soon move beyond spontaneous necking and into full-on boinking. As Kevin McKidd himself tells me, "At the end of the day, this is Grey's Anatomy, so you can bet good money on it!" (Read my full Q&A with "McArmy" on Thursday. Great Scot, he gave up crazy Journeyman scoop!) As for Izzie and Denny, that "ghost story" isn't ending any time soon, seeing as Jeffrey Dean Morgan still has a few more appearances left (says EW's Ausiello).

I've missed Chase and Cameron on House, and was thrilled to see them in significant roles again. Are they more involved in future episodes? — Shane
MICKEY: Though the much-touted "hostage" episode airing Nov. 25 is kind of the Thirteen Show (Olivia Wilde is great in it), Chase and Cameron do appear in a very familiar capacity. On the subject of more "Chameron," exec producer Katie Jacobs says this: "I know that whatever I say, the fans are going to think I'm making it up or lying, but I want more of them. They are going to be woven in [because] I'm really interested in their point of view."

When is the new season of Lost going to finally begin? — Anne
MATT: As you have (hopefully) since read, ABC has set a Jan. 21 premiere for Season 5 — a one-hour catch-up show followed by the first two episodes. The question now is what's going to air on either side of Lost, which is returning to one of its first time slots (Wednesdays at 9). On the topic of its critical lead-in, unofficial schedules making the rounds have Scrubs filling part of the 8 o'clock hour, though it's up in the air what it would be paired with. (My money is on Better Off Ted, a new laffer starring Portia de Rossi and Jay Harrington.) Life on Mars, meanwhile, is the best bet to claim the 10-spot. If it gets picked up, that is.

If Carlos gets his sight back on Desperate Housewives, will he still be a creampuff masseur? I liked the old Carlos, the corporate shark. — Arian
MICKEY: It's a very astute question, Arian. I will say that there are other, more lucrative career opportunities on the horizon for Carlos that don't involve "satisfying" old ladies. But will Carlos want to go back to being that "shark," as you put it? As my platonic friend Amber always says: That, my friend, is a whole other bottle of massage oil.

Will any heroes be leaving Heroes this season? Nearly everyone that has died has either come back or is a different person. I don't want to sound morbid or anything, but this show needs some real emotional loss. — Dave
MATT: Dave, I wanted nothing more than to procure a "yes" to your query, if only because it would suggest that NBC's sci-fi-er is righting its course after much public bashing and backstage turmoil. Alas, despite much prodding, not a single source was willing to promise "real emotional loss" any time soon.

Can you confirm for this die-hard JSR 'shipper that Without a Trace's Jack and Samantha kiss and get their groove on while in L.A. for the episode "Better Angels" (airing Nov. 25)? — SamanthaMalone
MICKEY: Yep, there is definite lip smackage. As for groove-getting, you need to be more specific: Are you asking if they do the horizontal mambo? If they knock boots? My source is telling me that, in the Biblical sense or otherwise, things will continue to be very complicated between Jack and Sam, and that you'll just have to wait and see.

Flack and Det. Angell shared an intriguing kiss on CSI: NY last week. Any news on whether this relationship is new, or if it will continue? — Laura W.
MATT: That smooch so came out of nowhere, right? There's a clip of it here, and I love Jessica's slightly giddy afterglow. I poked around to see where said lip-lock might take us, and all exec producer Pam Veasey would say is: "Flirting and kissing is always fun!" Well, yeah. Who knew a procedural producer could be so cheeky?

Can we please get over 90210's tiresome Naomi-Ethan-Annie love triangle? — Cesar
While the time-honored love triangle is an accurate depiction of my significant high-school romantic history, a lot of people find it to be an implausible male fantasy. So you'll definitely see it start to dissipate over the coming weeks, to be replaced by... another love triangle! This one includes two of the ladies (natch) and a new fella, who, if I'm reading this correctly, doesn't like either of them that way.   

Is Pauley Perrette (Abby)  leaving NCIS? Please say it ain't so. — Brian
MATT: Oh, it very much ain't so. In fact, my best NCIS mole dismissed your question as both "strange" and "out of left field." But to thank you nonetheless for playing, I offer this: Watch for General Hospital to collide with Dynasty in the red-hot show's Dec. 2 episode, when Antonio Sabato Jr. and Tracy Scoggins play husband/lawyer and wife/client. 

I loved Bobby Cannavale as Cold Case's Eddie Saccardo. Will he be back? I would love to see him and Det. Lilly Rush together again. — Briana
MICKEY: Sorry, Briana, Cannavale's mojo will be otherwise occupied, as he's playing Cupid in ABC's remake of the Jeremy Piven sitcom. Lilly will be too busy for love anyway, once her estranged father resurfaces in an upcoming episode. He'll apparently be sticking around, too — Raymond J. Barry has been put on recurring status with the show.

Matt, thanks for posting on KryptonSite about your new Erica Durance video. Can you tell me if she reveals anything about Lois' arc in the second half of Smallville's season? — Sakina
MATT: Oh, when that video goes up later this week, I think you'll enjoy much of what Erica has to say. She gives good tease. P.S. to Chloe fans: Nope, still nada out there! She must take one wild honeymoon.

Fringe is my favorite new show. But what's up with the bald guy? — James
MICKEY: When I spoke with Fringe executive producer Jeff Pinkner, he confirmed one thing for me about the bald guy (they call him "the Observer"): He's not an alien. But he also hinted that the Observer's omnipresence at all those crime scenes might be much less mysterious than originally thought. See why in my Q&A with Pinkner.

I was wondering if you have any gossip on Eli Stone? — Lu
MATT: Do I have gossip? Alas, no. Do I have a cool poster designed to generate buzz around this bubble show? Yeah!

Mickey's Mega Rave: Top Chef's Nov. 12 premiere, in which the cheftestants had to create dishes inspired by New York's various ethnic neighborhoods, made me very hungry for this new season. Immediate frontrunner Stefan, who is from Finland, made my mouth water with his Middle Eastern duo of grilled lamb and beef; big-mouth Fabio immediately appealed to my sense of Schadenfreude with his insane Italian superiority complex; plus, there are, like, at least five others who are thisclose to a total kitchen meltdown. It's going to be fantastic!

Matt's Mini Rant: Chuck has made me hungry... for a plot twist I don't see coming down Broadway. (I'm gesturing out my office window, at Broadway.) After getting Season 2 off to a strong start, the NBC comedy revealed that our hero's first love (guest star Jordana Brewster) is an enemy spy. This just weeks after Sarah's former high-school mate (guest star Nicole Ritchie) was revealed to be... an enemy spy. With enemies like those, can't a spy get a bona fide friend?

Reader Quote of the Week: "Can you really call somebody a winner [of The Bachelor] if their "prize" is Byron Velvick?" (thenightstalker, discussing Mary Delgado's arrest in charges of public intoxication, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct)

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