Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey

Grey's Anatomy will hit its 10th season this fall — as well as its milestone 200th episode — so it's time to start looking at where these doctors are going to end up. We've watched the Fab Five Three grow from young, and sometimes cocky, interns to confident attendings running (and in some cases, owning) the hospital. But what's next for these docs as they transition into full-blown leaders? We've put together a wish list of what we hope is next for the docs of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital:

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Meredith and Derek (Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey):
Since we've only seen Meredith as a mother a few times, it would seem logical for her to finally make a definitive choice to become the mom her own mother was never capable of being. She should take a step back from the hospital to spend more time with Baby Bailey and Zola. As for Derek, he should start a new trial — one Mer doesn't tamper with — so he can get published, which could help GSM regain its standing.

Cristina and Owen (Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd):
After years of back and forth, it's high time that Cristina and Owen finally decide to move on. (Let the hate mail commence.) Owen should find another woman who he connects with and who actually wants to have a family, while Cristina should throw herself into her true love of medicine. At some point, Cristina will get published and stumble upon someone who is as dedicated to the job as she is who will come to work at GSM so that they can be together.

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Callie and Arizona (Sara Ramirez and Jessica Capshaw):
Sure, we expect the duo to work past Arizona's infidelity eventually, but we'd actually be curious to see Lauren (Hilarie Burton) stick around for a while and try to fight for Arizona. Should Calzona test the waters of being apart, Arizona will eventually come to realize that Callie is, and always has been, her true love. But will she be too late? Since Callie has now been cheated on twice, we'd love to see the normally strong doc falter and go to therapy — just not couples' therapy since that didn't work out for Cristina and Owen.

Alex and Jo (Justin Chambers and Camilla Luddington):
It would be nice to actually see Alex in a healthy relationship — one that makes him so happy, it would freak the other doctors out. Meanwhile, Jo understandably needs to go through some anger management or therapy, which will open her up to the possibility of being loved by Alex. Thanks to his support, she'll finally start to lose that chip on her shoulder. However, it would be fun to throw a wrench in this budding relationship with an appearance from one of his exes. Not that we'd want to see Katherine Heigl return as Izzie, but maybe Lucy Fields (Rachael Taylor) could come back from Africa on one of Alex's pro bono trips?

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Bailey and Ben (Chandra Wilson and Jason George):
Since Bailey is facing the possibility of losing her mentor in Richard Webber (James Pickens, Jr.), she needs to use this moment to grow both as a doctor and as a person. It's been foreshadowed since the first season that she would eventually become Chief of the hospital, so it's time for her to step up into a leadership position. Also, Ben fit so seamlessly into the final episodes in the OR that executive producer Shonda Rhimes should just finally give George a regular role on the series. He could be there to support Bailey in the aftermath of the Richard debacle. And who doesn't love them an appearance by Booty Call Bailey?

April and Jackson (Sarah Drew and Jesse Williams):
After April told Jackson to give her a reason not to marry Matt (Justin Bruening), we'd love to see these two kids finally get together next season. However, it's Matt who should dump April — he did see how upset she was when Jackson risked his life in the bus explosion, after all. Once April loses Matt, she should put all her focus back on medicine so she can pass her boards, after which she can finally reunite with Jackson. Oh, and Jackson needs to really end it with Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton).

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Richard (James Pickens, Jr.):
As much as we all love Richard Webber — and Pickens Jr. has been a staple on this series — it seems like it's time for the former Chief to put down his scalpel. Whether that means he has to die or not remains to be seen, but, like with all good stories, the other doctors can't achieve their full potential if they always have the safety net of their mentor around. His best bet could be to move to Boston and work alongside Catherine Avery (Debbie Allen). 

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