Glee, Justin Bieber Glee, Justin Bieber

From Madonna to Lady Gaga and Britney Spears, Glee has tackled the biggest names in pop music, so it's no surprise that Justin Bieber is next in line.

A February sweeps episode will see the glee club covering several of the teeny bopper's songs, according to Bieber will factor into the plot, but there are no plans — yet — to have him appear on the series.

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Entertainment Weekly also reports that Gwyneth Paltrow will reprise her role as Holly Holliday for two additional episodes this spring. Holly will serve as a sex education teacher, and this time, she'll be dating Mr. Schue (Matthew Morrison). Kristin Chenoweth will also return as April Rhodes for a multi-episode arc.

In addition, Lady Gaga has given Glee producers permission to use her new single, "Born This Way," in an upcoming episode, which will center on the closeted jock, Karofsky.

Glee returns Sunday, Feb. 6, following the Super Bowl.

Which Bieber tunes would you like New Directions to sing? Do you think Holly and Will could make a good couple?