Ezra Miller and Sarah Hyland Ezra Miller and Sarah Hyland

What do Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, Twilight, The Lying Game and The Hunger Games have in common? They're all popular young-adult novels getting adapted for the screen.

Populazzi is the latest in the genre — Disney starlet Bella Thorne, among others, has been tweeting about it. The novel follows Cara, the new girl who, with the help of her best friend, attempts to climb the social ladder.

Author Elise Allen is no stranger to writing for both television and print. She's written for Dinosaur Train and she co-wrote the novel Elixir with Hilary Duff. (The two are at work on a second book.)

Populazzi is Allen's first solo novel, and she shares her dream casting choices with TVGuide.com if the book were to make it to the screen.

Cara Leonard:
"She needs to be great with comedy, but also honest and likeable, even when she messes up big time," Allen says. "I love Modern Family's Sarah Hyland. As Haley Dunphy, she nails exactly what I'm talking about. I can totally see her making her way up the ladder, fumbling believably every step of the way.  She'd make you laugh even as she's making you wince."

Archer Jain:
"He's charming, quirky, quick-witted and completely at ease ... except when he's trying to express his feelings for Cara, at which point he gets all tangled up in himself," Allen explains. "I'd love to see Royal Pains' Ezra Miller in this role.  I took notice of Ezra in the movie City Island, and he'd have every viewer shaking Cara to make her realize she and 'platonic' best friend Archer are perfect for one other!"

Nate Wetherill:
"As the dark, brooding guitar-playing DangerZone who makes Cara's blood race, I'm dying to see Darren Criss," she says. "Swoon-worthy Nate is a 180 from [his Glee character] Blaine, but I know Criss could pull it off, and I think he'd have a blast with it."

Trista Camello:
"As the ultimate It Girl who keeps everyone's secrets in the palm of her hand, Trista could totally hang and hold her own with the Pretty Little Liars and the actress who plays her has to be as riveting as Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale and Shay Mitchell," Allen says. "My pick?  Emma Watson.  She's gorgeous, self-possessed, a terrific actress. Bonus: sexy, devious Trista is a complete departure from [Harry Potter's] Hermione Granger — what a great way to start a whole new chapter in her career."

Who would you cast?