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Dinosaur Train

A preschool-aged T. rex and his adoptive pteranodon family go on whimsical adventures via the Dinosaur Train, which introduces them to other dinosaurs.

Premiered: September 7, 2009

Rating: TV-Y

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Dinosaur Train

Video: PBS Kids' Dinosaur Train Celebrates Halloween

A nocturnal guy named Vlad? Hey, it's nothing to worry about! The popular PBS Kids-Jim Henson Company series Dinosaur Train gets a leap on Halloween with a special episode airing Monday, Oct. 27 that finds the Pteranodon family riding the Night Train… Read more

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Zeppelin: Pangaea/Zeppelin: Crater Season 7, Episode 11 Jul 2, 2015 $2.99

When the Pteranodon kids draw maps, Don's map of one big land mass for "the whole Mesozoic." The Conductor explains that millions of years ago there actually was just one big land mass called Pangaea./As the Pteranodon kids are playing, a few seedpods fall from a nearby tree, bonking Don on the head. This leads to a discussion about how far away things can fall from...maybe even from space?

Zeppelin: Waterfall/Zeppelin: Atoll Season 7, Episode 10 Jul 2, 2015 $2.99

The Pteranodon kids are riding the Dinosaur Train with friend Quincy Queztalcoatlus. When they pass by a waterfall, Buddy comments on how big it is! Quincy's dad mentions a giant waterfall at the edge of the Western Interior Sea./When the Pteranodon family spots Annie and her herd migrating to follow the food, the Pteranodon kids wonder if other creatures, even marine mammals, also migrate.

Classic in the Jurassic: Ultimate Face-Off/Back in Time Season 7, Episode 9 Aug 21, 2014 $1.99

The `Classic in the Jurassic' games are back, and this time, it's the Ultimate Smackdown. Mr. Conductor explains the "wrestling" matchups from the three Time Periods feature carnivores vs. herbivores and the best choreographed and most entertaining show wins!/Buddy and Tiny start wondering aloud whether the Triassic was the beginning of time, and if there was anything before the Age of Dinosaurs.

One Big Frog/Caving with Vlad Season 7, Episode 5 Oct 27, 2014 $1.99

The Pteranodon kids are playing a game called "I'm the Biggest," which raises the question: how big is the biggest frog? Dad takes the kids on the Dinosaur Train to find the biggest frog ever, the legendary Beelzebufo./The Pteranodon family rides the "Night Train" all the way back to the Jurassic to visit their nocturnal friend, Vlad Volaticotherium, who wants to take them caving!

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Dinosaur Train Trailer
00:28 — Dinosaur Train embraces and celebrates the fascination that preschoolers have with both dinosaurs and trains while sparking an interest in life scienc (more…)

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Wed Jun 1 11:00am
Erma Eoraptor; Under the Volcano PBS

Buddy, Tiny and Mrs. Pteranodon travel to the Triassic period; Buddy, Tiny and Dad visit a volcano.

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Wed Jun 1 11:30am
Pteranadon Family World Tour; Gilbert the Junior Conductor PBS

The Pteranodons embark on a world tour; the Pteranodons meet Gilbert, the train conductor's nephew.

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Thu Jun 2 11:00am
Confuciusornis Says; Tiny's Tiny Doll PBS

The world tour stops in Confuciusornis Gardens, where the Pteranodons meet a wise old dinosaur; Tiny accidentally leaves her beloved Tiny Doll behind in Velociraptor Valley.

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Dinosaur Train
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Dinosaur Train
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