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60 Minutes Season 26 Episodes

11 Episodes 1993 - 1994

Episode 1

25 Years of 60 Minutes

Sun, Nov 14, 1993 60 mins

Charles Kuralt hosts an edition that combines portraits of the correspondents with clips to celebrate the series' silver anniversary. Also: profiles of executive producer Don Hewitt and the late Harry Reasoner.

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Episode 2

Fingered/'A' Is for Abstinence/The Mad Russian?

Sun, Mar 6, 1994 60 mins

A profile of Vladimir Zhirinovsky, leader of Russia's Liberal Democratic Party; a report on abstinence being taught in sex education; and a piece on how new technology led to an arrest in an unsolved murder.

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Episode 3

Subcomandante Marcos/Dwayne Sexton/The State vs James Hamm

Sun, Mar 13, 1994 60 mins

Reports on a rebel leader in Mexico; Government-sponsored radiation experiments on humans in the '60s; an ex-con attending law school. Correspondents include Ed Bradley, Lesley Stahl and Mike Wallace.

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Episode 4

Who Says It Never Happened?/Mel White's Secret/Testing, Testing, Testing

Sun, Mar 20, 1994 60 mins

Reports on people who deny that the Holocaust happened; and safety regulations concerning the manufacturing of firearms. Also: an interview with a writer who discusses gay-bashing and the religious right.

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Episode 5

Kimberly's Story/Arms and the Woman/Parachute Lawyer

Sun, Jun 19, 1994 60 mins

A report on Kimberly Bergalis, a Florida woman who contracted the AIDS virus and died in 1991. Also: a story on women and handguns; a segment on "parachute lawyers," who jump in after accidents. Correspondents include Mike Wallace, Morley Safer and Ed Bradley.

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Episode 6

The Chunnel/Tin Man/Barbra

Sun, Jun 26, 1994 60 mins

Scheduled repeats include a profile of Barbra Streisand; a report on the construction of Chunnel, linking England and France; and a story on Alabama artist Charlie Lucas, who calls himself "the Tin Man."

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Episode 7

Halcion/Paul Hill/The $12 Billion Clean Up

Sun, Jul 3, 1994 60 mins

Scheduled repeats include a segment on the sleeping pill Halcion; a profile of Paul Hill, one of the "Guildford Four" who were framed as terrorists; and a report on monies spent on the U.S. nuclear-weapons program.

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Episode 8

Swindle/Nasty Girl/Bankrupt in Florida

Sun, Jul 10, 1994 60 mins

Scheduled repeats include segments on an Arizona senior citizen working undercover, and a German town's WWII past. Also: a report on bankruptcy in Florida. Correspondets include Mike Wallace, Morley Safer and Lesley Stahl.

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Episode 9

Made in the USA/American Gothic Gone Mad/Randy Shilts

Sun, Jul 17, 1994 60 mins

Scheduled repeats include segments about a Japanese manufacturer mislabeling tools as American; and a couple convicted of murdering homeless men. Also: a profile of AIDS victim Randy Shilts.

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Episode 10

Yes... But Is It Art?/Question of Mercy/A Few Good White Men

Sun, Jul 24, 1994 60 mins

Scheduled repeats include segments on the sale of "unlikely stuff" that's "considered art," and claims of racism in the Marines. Also: a report on "assisted suicides" among AIDS victims.

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Episode 11


Sun, Jul 31, 1994 60 mins

Scheduled repeats include reports on Luciano Pavarotti; Cody Scott, a former gang member who wrote an autobiography while behind bars; and "the open sale of fake documents [green cards] on the streets of Los Angeles."

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