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60 Minutes Season 55 Episodes

29 Episodes 2022 -

Episode 1

President Biden; Ebrahim Raisi

Sun, Sep 18, 2022 60 mins

In the Season 55 premiere, Scott Pelley interviews President Biden. Topics include inflation, Russia's war on Ukraine, U.S.-China tensions and the midterm elections. Also: Lesley Stahl traveled to Tehran to interview Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi at the presidential complex in his first interview with a Western reporter.

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Episode 2

Secretary of State Blinken; Inside the Committee; Rescuing Reefs

Sun, Sep 25, 2022 60 mins

Secretary of State Antony Blinken discusses Russia's war on Ukraine and U.S.-China relations; and former GOP congressman and January 6th committee senior staffer Denver Riggleman discusses his work investigating the Jan. 6th attack on the Capitol. Also: the innovative ways marine biologists are trying to rebuild Florida's endangered reefs.

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Episode 3

Olena Zelenska; What Happened At Grizzly Flats; Captain Kolisi

Sun, Oct 2, 2022 60 mins

Ukrainian First Lady Olena Zelenska discusses the transformation of her country and of hersellf; a visit to the rural community of Grizzly Flats in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, which was almost wiped out in one of the worst wildfires in California's history; and a profile of South Africa's first black rugby captain, Siya Kolisi, whose team, the Springboks, won the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

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Episode 4

Taiwan; After Ian; Church and State

Sun, Oct 9, 2022 60 mins

How the Taiwanese are reacting and preparing for the possibility of a Chinese invasion. Also: Hurricane Ian's impact on Florida; and the Southern Baptist Convention's sexual abuse scandal.

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Episode 5

The Lost Souls of Bucha; The Power of Grimsby; Coach Prime

Sun, Oct 16, 2022 60 mins

Scott Pelley returns to the Ukrainian town of Bucha to meet with the families of the victims found in the mass grave behind St. Andrew's Orthodox Church. Also: the world's largest offshore wind farm, which powers millions of homes a day in the UK; and Deion Sanders, the NFL Hall of Famer who calls himself Coach Prime and is putting the football program at Jackson State, an historically black university in Jackson, Mississippi, back on the map.

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Episode 6

Dominion; American Prairie; Ina Garten

Sun, Oct 23, 2022 60 mins

Dominion Voting Systems CEO John Poulos is interviewed about the unsubstantiated claims about his company and the 2020 presidential election. Also: an effort to create a large nature reserve in the American prairie; and a profile of New York Times bestselling cookbook author Ina Garten.

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Episode 7

Belief in the Ballot; Pathogen X; David Sedaris

Sun, Oct 30, 2022 60 mins

A report from Arizona on a key midterm issue that has split the Republican party and the country: whether the 2020 election was stolen. Also: virus hunters trek deep inside the Impenetrable Forest in Uganda in search of the next deadly virus capable of jumping from wild animals to people; and a profile of writer David Sedaris.

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Episode 8

Angry in America; Buses From The Border; Ready Or Not

Sun, Nov 6, 2022 60 mins

How social media platforms are amplifying political polarization in America. Also: How New York City is dealing with an influx of migrants from Central and South America; and inside the world of preppers, those who stock up and skill up for extreme catastrophes.

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Episode 9

The Surfside Mystery; Paper Brigade; Sona And The Kora

Sun, Nov 13, 2022 60 mins

The investigations into what triggered the collapse of a 12-story beachfront condominium in Surfside, Fla., as well as how the catastrophe is expected to impact the affordability of condo living for hundreds of thousands of Floridians. Also: a group of resistance fighters who risked their lives to save a trove of Jewish artifacts during and after the Holocaust; and Sona Jobarteh, the first female virtuoso player of a centuries-old West African instrument called the kora.

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Episode 10

The Most Dangerous Place in the World; The Panini Sticker Phenomenon; Wild Horses

Sun, Nov 20, 2022 60 mins

The efforts of IAEA director general Rafael Grossi to protect Europe's biggest nuclear power plant in Russian-controlled Ukraine; the popularity of the World Cup Panini stickers; and the Wyoming Honor Farm, a state-run minimum-security prison where inmates train wild horses.

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Episode 11

Grave Injustice; Survival Of The Friendliest; Comparative Oncology

Sun, Nov 27, 2022 60 mins

Archeologists dig up lost graves in Clearwater, Florida; a connection between the evolution of humans and dogs and experts look into the treatment of similar cancers between them.

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Episode 12

The French President; Return To Gorongosa; The South Dakota Kid

Sun, Dec 4, 2022 60 mins

President Emmanuel Macron is interviewed at his office at the Élysée Palace in Paris. The French leader is preparing for his 2nd U.S. state visit and his first bilateral meeting with President Joe Biden. Correspondent Scott Pelley visits the Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique.

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Episode 13

The Treasury Secretary; Suing Social Media; College Of Magic

Mon, Dec 12, 2022 60 mins

Norah O'Donnell interviews Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen about inflation, the war in Ukraine and whether there will be a recession in 2023. Also: Sharyn Alfonsi reports on how new legal challenges against Meta, TikTok, YouTube and Snapchat may alter the future landscape of social media; and Jon Wertheim visits the College of Magic in Cape Town, South Africa, where students learn sleight of hand, juggling, ventriloquism and card tricks.

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Episode 14

Convoy Of Life; Litigation Funding; Lourdes

Sun, Dec 18, 2022 60 mins

Scott Pelley is in Ukraine, where over 1000 children are fighting cancer amid Russian attacks on hospitals and the power grid. Then, Lesley Stahl reports on litigation funding, a relatively new, multi-billion-dollar industry where investors fund lawsuits in exchange for a slice of the award.

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Episode 15

Ina Garten; Whither Ye Olde English Pub; Sona And The Kora

Sun, Dec 25, 2022 60 mins

Ina Garten is spotlighted.

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Episode 16

Radio Free Europe; The Vanishing Wild; Obesity

Sun, Dec 25, 2022 60 mins

Bill Whitaker visits the RFE headquarters in Prague and meets the brave journalists behind its fearless reporting; Scott Pelley speaks with experts who offer solutions to what they call one of the most urgent global problems; Lesley Stahl reports on a new medication that helps with weight loss but is wildly expensive and covered by very few insurance companies.

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Episode 17

Prince Harry; Hans Zimmer

Sun, Jan 8, 2023 60 mins

Anderson Cooper interviews Prince Harry. Topics include his memoir, "Spare," his childhood, the loss of his mother. and his rift with the royal family. Also: Lesley Stahl profiles Hans Zimmer, one of Hollywood's most in-demand composers, who will go on tour this spring to perform new arrangements of his iconic film scores.

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Episode 18

Star Power; Hide And Seek; The Guru

Sun, Jan 15, 2023 60 mins

Inside Lawrence Livermore Laboratory's National Ignition Facility, home of the world's largest laser, which recently reported a breakthrough in fusion research; a report on the island nation of Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean, which has long been a financial hub of choice for wealthy Russians to move their rubles offshore; and a profile of music producer Rick Rubin, who guides his artists to tap into their creativity with the most unorthodox approach.

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Episode 19

Carnegie Heroes; Ballet In Exile; Flying Blind

Sun, Jan 22, 2023 60 mins

People rewarded for heroic, life-saving acts by a 118-year-old foundation endowed by the steel magnate Andrew Carnegie; how Russia's invasion of Ukraine is developing on the most delicate of fronts: the world's ballet stages; and a profile of Jacob Smith, who at 15 is the only blind competitive freeride skier in the country.

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Episode 20

The IMF Report; Investigating Donald Trump; Red Hot Chili Peppers

Sun, Feb 5, 2023 60 mins

The International Monetary Fund's projections for the global economy are discussed with IMF managing director Kristalina Georgieva. Also: former Manhattan special assistant district attorney Mark Pomerantz, who resigned in 2022 after he says District Attorney Alvin Bragg declined to authorize the prosecution of former President Donald Trump; and the rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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Episode 21

Canada's Unmarked Graves; Sharswood

Sun, Feb 12, 2023 60 mins

The history of Canada's residential school system, where more than 150,000 indigenous children were sent after being forcibly removed from their communities. Also: the story of Fred Miller and his family, who bought a large house in southern Virginia only to discover that their own ancestors had once been enslaved on that very property.

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Episode 22

Candles Against the Darkness; Prime Minister Marin; The Historymakers

Sun, Feb 19, 2023 60 mins

How Ukrainians are surviving Russia's assaults on their power grid and living without light, heat and water; a profile of Finland's prime minister, Sanna Marin, who has called for her country to join NATO; and how one organization is creating an expansive digital archive of first-person accounts of the Black experience.

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Episode 23

Kherson Under Fire; The Girls Of Sola

Sun, Feb 26, 2023 60 mins

Life in Kherson, the first major Ukrainian city and only regional capital captured by the Russian army. Residents of Kherson endured a brutal occupation until the Ukrainian army forced the Russians to retreat; and Afghan girls who are continuing their education in an unlikely place, the African nation of Rwanda. The girls are students of a school called SOLA, led by a remarkable Afghan woman whose commitment to educating girls began under the first Taliban regime.

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Episode 24

Please Let Me Die; AI Chatbots; David Byrne

Sun, Mar 5, 2023 60 mins

Russia's treatment of Ukrainian prisoners of war; and the potential benefits and threats of AI-powered chatbots. Also: a profile of David Byrne, the lead singer-songwriter of Talking Heads, the influential post-punk rock band of the late 1970s and 80s.

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Episode 25

Survival Of The Friendliest; Comparative Oncology; Wild Horses

Sun, Mar 12, 2023 60 mins

Anderson Cooper reports on the links between dog and human evolution and explores how dogs diverged from wolves and developed what one geneticist calls "friendliness mutations."

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Episode 26

The State of the Navy; Only in America

Sun, Mar 19, 2023 60 mins

As the United States-China relations remain tense, Norah O'Donnell goes aboard the USS Nimitz, a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier operating southeast of Taiwan and China.

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Episode 27

Feeling Of Feeling; Silicon Valley Scandal; Charles Barkley

Sun, Mar 26, 2023 60 mins

Advancements in artificial prosthetics technology that can now restore a sense of touch; Ina and David Steiner, authors of a newsletter that reported on players in the e-commerce business, who were stalked and harassed by eBay senior managers; and NBA Hall of Famer and basketball commentator Charles Barkley.

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Episode 28


Sun, Apr 2, 2023 60 mins

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Episode 29


Sun, Apr 9, 2023 60 mins

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