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60 Minutes Season 25 Episodes

8 Episodes 1992 - 1993

Episode 1

Ameena/The Orange Juice Man/Top Gun

Sun, Jan 3, 1993 60 mins

Scheduled: A segment on a 13-year-old in India who was sold by her family to an elderly Saudi as a wife; a piece on migrant labor camps in Florida; a profile of former Soviet Air Force captain Alexander Zuyev, who, in 1989, defected to the U.S. Also: an Andy Rooney essay on road signs. Correspondents: Morley Safer, Ed Bradley and Mike Wallace.

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Episode 2

Totaled/To Catch a Thief/Act-Up

Sun, Jun 20, 1993 60 mins

Scheduled repeats include a February report on how some used-car dealers sell rebuilt wrecks. Also: stories from 1992 on art theft, and ACT UP. Correspondents include Mike Wallace, Morley Safer and Ed Bradley.

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Episode 3

Richard the Lionhearted/The Forgotten Hostage/Forensic Pathologist

Sun, Jun 27, 1993 60 mins

Scheduled 1992 repeats include a profile of self-made British tycoon Richard Branson; an interview with a sheik imprisoned by the Israeli government; and a report on a Texas forensic pathologist facing allegations.

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Episode 4

Sins of Their Fathers/A Tale of Two Cities/Melinda

Sun, Jul 4, 1993 60 mins

Repeats include interviews with "children of the architects of the Holocaust"; a segment on Belleville (Ill.); and a 1990 report on a 9-year-old girl's battle with muscular dystrophy.

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Episode 5

Sharks Don't Get Cancer/Caitlin's Story/The World's Biggest Shopping Spree

Sun, Jul 11, 1993 60 mins

Repeats include a report on the possible use of shark cartilage as a cancer treatment. Also: the effect of a cochlear implant on a girl's hearing; and the storage of "$100 billion worth" of Defense Department supplies.

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Episode 6

Cigar Sacco/Callahan/Medical Miracle

Sun, Jul 18, 1993 60 mins

Repeats include stories on cartoonist John Callahan, who's a quadriplegic; and a Peruvian Indian teen who's had over 80 operations to reconstruct his disfigured face. Also: a 1992 report on sports bookmaking.

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Episode 7

Michael Carey, M.D./Tango Finlandia/The Orange Juice Man

Sun, Jul 25, 1993 60 mins

Repeats include a report on the controversy surrounding the use of cats in medical research; and a segment visting Finland, where the tango is an "obsession." Correspondents include Mike Wallace.

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Episode 8

Johnny D./Camille Paglia/Ten Will Get You Five

Sun, Aug 1, 1993 60 mins

Included: stories on a death-row prisoner (who has since been freed); and author Camille Paglia, who believes, correspondent Steve Kroft says, that "the feminist movement has lost its way."

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