Javier Colon, Dia Frampton, Carson Daly Javier Colon, Dia Frampton, Carson Daly

Oh, what a fast and furious ride this first season of The Voice has been, huh? The soaring songs, the judges' jabs... the cotton-candy rat's nest on Christina Aguilera's head. Good times. And now that Javier Colon has rightfully been crowned the inaugural winner, we'd like to look back at some of the vital life lessons we have picked up from the show over the last 10 weeks.

You don't need two months of useless, over-produced and usually insulting auditions to hook viewers.
Bald is beautiful for men and women.
Social media works best online, not on TV. Sorry, Alison Haislip.
The Battle Round idea isn't as awesome as it sounds.
The Blind Audition idea is.
Adam Levine and Blake Shelton were the sexiest men on Tuesday TV, not Matthew Bomer.
Asking a cute contestant to take off his pants? Funny. Asking it twice? Creepy.
Only Cee Lo can get away with dressing like a cracked-out drag queen from Middle Earth.
Frenchie Davis has gotten better with age.
Hopefully, Xenia will too.
We really didn't need the mentors.
"Interesting voice" is the new term for "paper-thin voice."
"Judging" is the new term for "praising." (Seriously, gang, toughen up!)
Despite what Google says, Carson Daly is not a tool.
Group sing-alongs don't have to be painfully cheesy.
There will probably be a lot of babies named Javier in about seven months.
Song choice does matter. And that's why it's best left to the coaches, not the contestants.
Age, size, race and sexual preference don't matter.
Talent does.
Idol needs to seriously step it up next season, or it's gonna be shamed by a network that caused Love in the Wild.

OK, so surely you picked up some lessons along the way, too. So please, share in the comments below!

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