Top Chef Masters Top Chef Masters

Top Chef Masters is changing up its format and judges table for its upcoming third season, Bravo announced Wednesday.

At the judges tables, famous food critic and author Ruth Reichl joins regular James Oseland and replaces departing judge Gael Greene. Greene, however, will return for one episode this season. As previously reported, celebrity chef Curtis Stone will join the show as the new host, replacing Kelly Choi.

Curtis Stone replacing Kelly Choi on Top Chef Masters

Masters is also revamping its format — throwing out the scale system in favor of a format more similar to flagship series Top Chef. The 12 cheftestants will take part in quickfire and elimination-style challenges. They will compete for a charity of their choice and earn $5,000 and $10,000, respectively, for every quickfire and elimination challenge they win. The final winner of Top Chef Masters will be awarded $100,000 for their charity.

Celebrity guest judges will include Maroon 5, Kelis and Christina Hendricks.

Mad Men's Christina Hendricks to dine on Top Chef Masters

Top Chef Masters returns on Wed., April 6 at 11/10c on Bravo. Which chefs are you excited to see?

Check out the complete list of the 12 competing chefs:
Hugh Acheson — Five & Ten, The National, and Gosford Wine; Athens, G.A.
Flord Cardoz — Formerly at Tabla; New York, N.Y.
John Currence — City Grocery Restaurant Group; Oxford, Miss.
Traci Des Jardins — Jardiniére, Mijita Cocina Mexicana and Public House, and Manzanita; San Francisco, Calif.
George Mendes — ALDEA; New York, N.Y.
Mary Sue Milliken — Border Grill Restaurants; Los Angeles, Calif.
Naomi Pomeroy — Beast; Portland, Ore.
Suvir Saran — Dévi; New York, N.Y.
John Rivera Sedlar — Playa; Los Angeles, Calif.
Alex Stratta — Stratta; Las Vegas, Nev.
Celina Tio — JULIAN; Kansas City, M.O.
Sue Zemanick — Gautreau's; New Orleans, L.A.