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The Masked Singer's Butterfly Is Revealed to Be a Pop Icon

She's a survivor, indeed

Malcolm Venable

The Masked Singercame back after Thanksgiving ready to stuff everyone will fabulous performances and, of course, the potent glamour of Nick Cannon -- as delicious as sweet potato pie with a little bit of whipped cream on top. It's a small travesty that The Masked Singer doesn't have Nick debut an original ensemble every week(you have to say it the French way when you're talking about Nick, or else a rhinestone factory dies). We've already seen this Forever 21 Phantom of the Opera lewk on him before, and though it's still enough to make Elton John crush a glass with his bare hands out of envy for Nick's unparalleled eleganza extravaganza, it would be nice to see Nick work a look we haven't already seen. Oh well. Luckily there was much more to look at, including, obviously, some unforgettable performances until Butterfly was revealed (scroll down now if you want to find out who was beneath the costume). Here's what happened.

Matchup No. 1: Butterfly vs. Fox

Singing "Sorry Not Sorry" by Demi Lovato, Butterfly sounded confident and in her bag, bringing that gospel groove she's demonstrated in previous performances and bringing the judges to their feet.
This week's clues: There's no doubt this is Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child, and this week's clues only . made it more clear. She said she was used to sharing the stage with giants. (Uh, like the Immortal Being Beyonce?) She said she can feel herself becoming stronger than she was before. (Like a "Survivor?") We saw a tea kettle, and she said this show let her "tackle" insecurities -- a potential reference to the Super Bowl performance of 2013? We saw a Playbill like those on Broadway, where Michelle has done Aida, The Color Purple, Fela! and more. See some previous clues here, here and here. Here too!
The guesses: Jenny McCarthy guessed Michelle. Robin Thicke hollered out Monica and Leona Lewis. Ken blabbered some conspiracy theory about it being Kerry Washington.

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Singing "Tennessee Whiskey" by Chris Stapleton, this furry crooner sounded pitch perfect -- and a lot like that honey-throated multi hyphenate Wayne Brady.
This week's clues:
We saw Fox sitting down at a white piano and playing. He's said he felt underestimated in his career. We saw a sign that read "Yes and" -- a phrase well-known in the improv world, which is another strong clue it's Wayne Brady. He made another superhero reference. He said he's glad he's working with friends, too, which sent the panel wild. See some previous clueshere and here.
The guesses: Ken was among the people who kept burping up Jamie Foxx. Jenny put out Taye Diggs' name, and Robin said AJ McLean, again.

The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer


Matchup No. 2: Thingamajig vs. Tree

Singing "Haven't Met You Yet" by Michael Bublé, this dude sounded like his usual smooth self -- the man everyone is convinced is baller Victor Oladipo. His performance included a fake Tinder-type match with
Nicole Scherzinger, and it was too cute.
This week's clues: He said that in his line of work he's used to hustling everyday. He said that he has to focus on himself right now, and we saw a wedding ring settling onto a table -- a clue this person is maybe divorced or recently untangled somehow. He said he suffered a setback, while holding a record. We saw a letter that read "Maryland" on it. See some previous clueshereand here.
The guesses: Robin said Montell Jordan, which is at least sensible. Dennis Rodman's name came up. Ken said Brian McKnight -- which is wrong and prompted Nicole to serve some shade to Nick when she mentioned all her exes are narcissists. Ha!

Tree sang 'Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Bonnie Tyler in a sweet and simple fashion, but she doesn't at all sound like Lisa Kudrow, whose name has been floated thanks to Tree's occasional Friends references. She's got some iron pipes, and this might've been her best performance yet.
This week's clues: She said the show's given her confidence, so she's not a pro singer, and we saw her dance through a very well made up home. She made a reference to Smelly Cat, and we saw a sign that read "What Is a Friend?" We saw a witch hat, a stick of dynamite and cans of formula. See some previous clues here and here.
The guesses: Jenny guessed Ana Gasteyer -- another of her very good guesses. Nicole said Lisa Kudrow, and Ken said Nia Vardalos.

After that matchup, Thingamajig faced off against Butterfly in the Smackdown. After his version of Usher's "Caught Up" sent Butterfly's very good version of "Believer" by Imagine Dragons flying away, she was revealed to be... Michelle Williams!

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Fox.