The Masked Singer is just four episodes away from its semifinals, with the strongest singers floating to the top of this crazy pool of walking inflatable toys. Fashion savant Nick Cannon, looking like Prince's little cousin in a fabulous purple and pink suit, started the festivities by introducing the contestants: Ladybug, Fox, Flower, Tree, and Rottweiler as well as guest judge Triumph the Insult Comic Dog because why not double down on the crazy? In the end, Ladybug went home. Scroll down to see who it was (and read our exit interview), but here's how the night played out and who we think is in the costumes.

Singing "Every Little Step" by Bobby Brown, Fox once again proved he's an absolute pro. It's said to be extremely hard to sing and see, let alone dance, inside those costumes, and Fox KILLED it, leaving no doubt he's a master of the stage.
This week's clues: We saw Foxhole Hotel. He said his career has spanned 30 years, and we saw him playing a guitar. A telling set list read "Everybody Say Yeah," "Cabaret," "You and Me," and "Sugar Daddy." He's won multiple awards, and is mostly known for being part of a pack of talented fellows. He's going to prove he's a superhero all by himself. And then he referenced "One in a Million." He brought out a boombox as his final clue, saying this gift from his father helped him find his voice — and a few others. I'm convinced this is Wayne Brady, a great singer and dancer, and known for appearing on Whose Line Is It Anyway? See older clues here and here.
The guesses: Robin Thicke stuck to AJ McLean from the Backstreet Boys. Nicole Scherzinger went with Sterling K. Brown because of Fox's superhero references before doubling back down on Jaime Foxx, which is too literal and obvious to be true. Ken Jeong guessed Shawn Stockman of Boyz II Men.

Fox, <em>The Masked Singer</em>Fox, The Masked Singer

Singing "Youngblood" by 5 Seconds of Summer, Ladybug sounded better than she has of late, showing she's got pretty decent range. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to keep her from getting squished in the competition; she was sent to bug somebody else with her singing by the end of the episode.
This week's clues: She can feel her confidence growing every week. She said she convinced herself for years she wasn't good enough, and we saw people putting on makeup, clinking disco ball drinking glasses, playing jacks, playing guitar, and wearing rainbow scarves. She again mentioned her family and how being in the family enhanced her insecurities. We saw people trying on glittery high heels, as if getting a makeover. Her last clue was a golf cart with an all-access sign on it, the kind famous people get shuttled around in all the time. See some other clues here.
Guesses: Nicole said Jamie Lynn Spears, based on the family and makeup clues. Ken guessed Lindsay Lohan again, and Robin backed that too, which can't be right because Ladybug's voice doesn't sound like Marlboro Reds. Jenny McCarthy still thinks Paris Jackson, a great guess.

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I'll bet you 200 Popeyes chicken sandwiches this is Patti LaBelle. She sang "Amazed" by Lonestar, a ballad that was, once again, not really the best suited for her unique voice, but when she let out those big wails she might as well have said "Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?"
This week's clues: She said being on stage was always her "dream girls," a clue to throw us off since she wasn't in that original production of the iconic show. She said she was shy about showing her talents. She's an introvert, she said, but confirmed that she's Patti when she said she likes "kicking off her shoes," which fans of the singer know is a hallmark of a Patti performance. See older clues here and here.
Guesses: Robin got it right by guessing Patti LaBelle; Jenny thought her old clue about cooking might've been a hint this was Anita Baker. Triumph finally gave a serious guess with Dreamgirls star Jennifer Holliday. Whatever. This is Patti. The only question is, who is going to knock her off her spot?

The Masked SingerThe Masked Singer

Tree started off in the audience, as opposed to the stage, singing "No Excuses" by Meghan Trainor. She's clearly not a young singer but rather a mature woman with strong pipes suited to jazz or ballads.
This week's clues: She works well with others. She stepped on a Broadway playbill. She mentioned being beamed up, like in a sci-fi movie, and talked about being the "new girl." She dropped a Strangers with Candy reference too. See some previous clues here.
Guesses: Nicole Scherzinger again mentioned Amy Sedaris, still a solid bet. Jenny noted that Tree is funny, and might be an SNL star like Cheri Oteri. Ken guessed Lauren Graham, which made since given the Broadway hint.

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Gliding through Ed Sheeran's "Castle on the Hill" like the badass he is, this dog made the song sound like it was a studio version. He's fantastic!
This week's clues: He said he didn't take the conventional route to stardom. We saw a North Carolina flag. We saw him on a crime scene, where he mentioned opportunities on screen and off. He said he's showing a side of himself he doesn't ordinarily. See some previous clues here and here.
Guesses: Ken said Gavin DeGraw because he thinks he's from North Carolina (he is from New York). Nicole wondered if it might be Darren Criss — actually a great guess. Jenny threw out James Franco after seeing a picture Rottweiler revealed.

In the end, Ladybug removed her mask and showed herself to be... Kelly Osbourne! Read our interview with the OG reality star!

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Fox.