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Jamie Lynn Spears Is Definitely the Ladybug and 5 Other The Masked Singer Guesses

And we know that's you, Michelle from Destiny's Child!

Malcolm Venable

The Masked Singerproved it wasn't playing when producers said they'd have better talent and harder-to-guess contestants in Season 2. At least two of the players in the premiere showed they can SANG, like the furry Rottweiler or the honey-throated Thingamajig -- who both sounded like professional performers. Two players, Johnny Weir and gaming hero Tyler "Ninja" Blevins already had their heads yanked off, but there are still 14 more heads to go. Who could be singing so beautifully under that Butterflysuit, or growling under that Skeleton costume? Theories abound. Here's what we know from the clue packages, and the best guesses out there.

Things we know:

-She's tall, skinny, with slim legs! (Thanks Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger!)
- For the past year she's been "waiting patiently in my cocoon" for the promise of metamorphosis, so she's someone who had a bad year recently
- She's achieved success in many stages of life as we saw her being shot by photographers like a model.
- Said she found herself "terrified by the place I used to call home," with a shot of London in the background, but she said "bless your heart" when talking to Nick.
- She's got church roots. She said she's here to "take us to church," as they say when someone's going to sing their face off, and with a shot of her being baptized in her package, Butterfly wants us to know she's spent time in the Lord's house.
Judges guesses: Cara Delevingne, which is a good one. Jenny said Fantasia, but, no way. Someone said Mel B. but it was agreed she doesn't have the range. (Shade!) Nicole threw out Diana Ross and Diana Ross needs to tell her to stop in the name of love with that nonsense.
Other theories:
Could this be Jessie J or Rita Ora -- both London expats? Lots of people think it could be Michelle Williams, who lived in London a bit as part of a production of Chicago. She's also ended an engagement last year to a pastor, which explains the church references and the bad year she mentioned.
It's probably: Michelle Williams.


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I Went to a Masked Singer Taping, and One of These Two Is Going to Win

Things we know:
-Very tall, called himself a "gentle giant"
- Said he's more than "fashion shoots and a dream"
- He wanted us to see his big high top sneakers
- He has a "magic case" and mentioned something about "pace" -- both of which are the names of basketball teams
- The number 4 is relevant, somehow. That number was in his cupcake.
Judges guesses: Robin guessed Michael Strahan. Nicole guessed Dennis Rodman and Ken thought it might be Steph Curry -- all of which can't be right.
Other theories:
Savvy viewers seem to think it's Victor Oladipo, who's actually a singer. Could this be Chris Webber, who used to play for the Orlando Magic and has dabbled in music production? Or could it be Wayne Brady, who was in the basketball movie Crossover?
It's probably: Victor Oladipo. That's his jersey number.


Things we know:
- Said he's been around the block a few times
- Said he doesn't fear death
- Said he's tired of playing second fiddle and wants the spotlight to himself
- Said "Party on dudes," and "wild and crazy party," as some dudes in Christmas sweaters had a drink by a tree
Judges guesses:Ken is convinced this is Martin Short. Jenny thinks it could be Nathan Lane, who can sing much better than this, or Jon Cryer; Robin threw out Dana Carvey but his teammates noted rightfully that Dana doesn't really play second fiddle to anyone as Skeleton said he did.
Other theories: People are saying the numbers on Skeleton's tombstone, 4261, might be the birthday of Christopher Meloni. It sounds like Charlie Sheen, who has certainly been around the block and shown he doesn't fear death. The sleuths at Good Housekeeping think it's Tim Burton, which seems like a stretch.
It's probably: Dana Carvey.

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Things we know:
Uses aSouthern accent
- Said that after a lifetime of drama she could use love and luck
- Is shown with a spinning wheel like on a game show
- Showed an image of a ham
- Said she was born into limelight, and that the media keeps up with gossip about her family feuds
-We saw the image of a puppy twice
- Said she's been through so much in her life, which is why she chose the Ladybug
Judges guesses: Robin thought it could be Lily Collins, whose dad Phil is a singer. Willow Smith came out of Jenny's mouth because who knows why, while Ken guessed Lindsay Lohan. Nicole threw out Britney's sister Jamie Lynn Spears.
Other theories:
Some have said it's Mariska Hargitay. But could this be Vanna White? The Wheel of Fortune spinner was born in South Carolina, and has done some singing in the past. One good theory is Kelly Osbourne, who had a dog in therapy and her mom once tossed a ham over a fence.
It's probably:
Jamie Lynn Spears is the best guess so far.


Things we know:
Slayed "Maneater" by Hall & Oates so is probably a professional singer
- Said he got bit by a dog as a kid
- Has some sort of football affiliation since he mentioned the pigskin, and showed a championship ring
- Said being a hungry competitor is how he rose to fame, that it happened almost overnight
- Showed a closeup of blue roses
Judges guesses: Robin thought it could be Backstreet Boy Brian Litrell, while Jenny wondered if it was Nick Lachey. Ken thought it could be JC Chavez while Nicole had the audacity to let Bruno Mars' name come out of her mouth.
Other theories: Some have said Lil Bow Wow, which seems too on the nose. Chris Daughtry's name has been floated too, as well as Scott Porter from Friday Night Lights and Robbie Williams is a particularly inspired guess since he's a big fan of dogs and used the rock the same kind of '90s boy band look as Rottweiler.

It's probably: Robbie Williams.


Things we know:
Saidsheloves getting dolled up but but then sits in storage.
- Something about the number 30
- Said she's more than one thing we know them for.
- Said she spends time in exile and we see a TV, so she's on a show that takes breaks.
- Calls herself an old-school entertainer who can do it all.
- Said she likes to cook.
- Said she she's here to jazz it up.
Judges guesses: Jenny had really good guesses with Wendi McLendon-Covey of The Goldbergs, while Ken thought Rachael Ray could be in the tree, or Beverly D'Angelo since she's been in the National Lampoon's Vacation films.
Other theories: Paula Abdul,says Good Housekeeping. Amy Sedaris? The actress and writer is known for cooking segments on her show At Home with Amy Sedarisand qualifies as a renaissance woman who juggles many talents.
It's probably: Amy Sedaris.

The Masked Singer Season 2 premieres Wednesday Sept. 25 at 8/7c.