In one of its best fake-outs yet, The Masked Singer revealed the identity of its latest eliminated creature, the Ladybug, to be Kelly Osbourne, a bit of a shock considering many viewers (including us!) swore she was Jamie Lynn Spears. Hinting over and over that she was from a famous family and had endured her fair share of pressure from being under the glare of the Hollywood spotlights for so long, Ladybug also helped the Spears theory by speaking with a Southern twang. Well, we now know that was a stroke of brilliant trickery since Osbourne speaks with the same English lilt as her dad — famous rocker Ozzy — and her mom, The Talk host Sharon Osbourne.

Of course, Kelly needed no introduction to the world of reality TV: her family practically helped define the genre for the modern era on the Emmy-winning The Osbournes, and she made it to third place in Season 9 of Dancing with the Stars, among her many other endeavors (including three albums!) on-screen and off. But having taken two years out of the public eye to focus on sobriety, Osbourne told TV Guide that The Masked Singer was practically a life-changing experience, one that primed her to take on TV and her life again.

The Masked Singer Reveals Ladybug Is an O.G. Reality Star

Just before her elimination episode aired, Osbourne spoke with TV Guide about how she got that perfect Southern accent, the symbolism in the Ladybug costume, and why she kept acting shady every time Ken Jeong suggested she might be Lindsay Lohan.

You fooled everyone with that Southern accent. How'd you do it?
It was definitely a bit of a fluke. It ended up being funny. So, when you do the voice modulations [to disguise voices on the show] they said, 'You wont hear your accent.' But the second I opened my mouth, you could hear it. Out of nowhere, this Southern accent came out. It literally just happened, I couldn't believe it. The crew made fun of me! But if people had heard my [real] accent, they'd have known it was me.

Your clue package made mention of how the show helped with some confidence issues. What was the experience like for you?
Scary. I was very nervous. It's the first major thing I've done since sobriety. It was a way of easing back into things. I've taken so much time away to work on myself, I didn't know how I would feel about it. I didn't know if I was ready for it. I didn't do this to become a singer again. I did it because it was great way to ease my way back into the industry again. I knew I could work on my confidence. I can't put into words how much that gave to me, each week working a new challenge. I did something similar on Dancing with the Stars and I'll forever be grateful. In your head, stars, you hear things like, "You're not good enough. What are you doing? No one cares about you any more." But it made me realize I am good enough, and that whatever you want to accomplish, you can do it. Whatever fears I have, I can overcome them.

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What was it like being inside the costume, and why'd you pick the Ladybug?
I could not see. I could not hear. I could not feel anything; the costume weighs 40 pounds, and it was pressing into my ribs. I couldn't take a deep breath. All the senses that made you human it stripped from you, it's like an out-of-body experience. I think a ladybug is lucky, and for me that I felt so lucky to get another chance. I resonated with that. They gave me two other choices: ice cream, but I didn't want to be food, or another one, a sexy angel. But I thought it was too sexy; I wouldn't have been comfortable in that. When I saw the Ladybug, I thought it was coolest thing ever, like a ninja ladybug.

Every time Ken Jeong suggested you might be Lindsay Lohan, you were throwing some serious shade — acting like you were insulted. What was up with that?
Osbourne: They told us to interact with the judges, to just be silly. I have known Lindsay a long time. There's no ill will. She couldn't be further away [from someone I disliked]. I was just playing it up.

Did you tell your family you were on the show?
My brother knew, my mom knew, but I couldn't tell my dad. He's too much a gossip and a proud father. We couldn't tell him. Now he can start watching it.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Fox.