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The Masked Singer's Penguin and Black Widow Were Revealed, and Jenny McCarthy Felt So Vindicated

And there is more proof that's definitely Patti Labelle in the Flower costume

Malcolm Venable

Silenced last week by the World Series, The Masked Singerreturned for a double dose of Masked Singery goodness Wednesday with back-to-back episodes that sent two howlin' creatures home. We're getting close to the other side of the season now, and host Nick Cannon's sartorial savoir faire conveyed the seriousness of the increasingly stiff competition by upping his already slick fashion game to levels that would make Elton John green with envy. In the first episode, Cannon arrived adorned in a hot pink cape, underneath which was a truly fetching lavender and blue suit done up in a shiny pattern because of course that boy never met a shiny finish he didn't love. Anyway, the first competition sent the Penguin waddling away; to find out who it was scroll down.

Man, that dog can sing! Rocking a rendition of "Love Runs Out" by OneRepublic, Rottweiler had it all -- stage presence, candy-coated vocal chords, charisma -- and his breath control and good falsetto confirmed he's a professional singer.
This week's clues: He said he wanted to show he can make it on his own, and he said "I want it that way," a reference to legendary boy group the Backstreet Boys. He said he had a background in makeup and musical theater and knew he was going to be a star. He was in a competitive environment -- what looked to be a dog show -- and he was in front of dog bowls that read Kale, Carolina, and Lil Pete. He was holding a trophy. His final clue was that his heroes growing up were Bruce Lee and Boyz II Men. See previous clues here and here.
Guesses: Robin said Brian Littrell from the Backstreet Boys. Jenny's eagle eye pointed out he was doing boy band moves on stage and thinks he's young Kevin Jonas. Nicole was skeptical it's a boy bander. Ken guessed Pat Monahan of Train.

I Went to a Masked Singer Taping, and One of These Two Is Going to Win

This poor dear, whom we've suspected is Jamie Lynn Spears, sang Lizzo's "Juice," but it sounded a little stale. She's not a pro singer, and has confessed to being less than confident before. She sounded better, but it's sure to be soon that her identity is revealed.
This week's clues: She said that growing up everything looked rosy on the outside but things were different up close. We saw a 'Best Host' trophy and a glittery high heeled pump. Her final clue was that queens of the world taught her how to be a lady. Maybe that was drag queens? See some previous clues here.
Guesses: Jenny guessed Paris Jackson -- a good guess since Ladybug has in the past said she'd been going through a lot. Ken said Lindsay Lohan, as if he can't hear.

Singing anything by Aretha Franklin takes a lot of nerve, and Tree had literal balls of steel doing "Think" by the Queen of Soul. She sounded OK, like the tipsy suburban mom version of Aretha karaoke, but she can hold a note even if she had a few screeching moments.
This week's clues: Whoever this is loves her some Christmas! Delivering her clues in the form of a rhyming ditty, she played piano as she said she was raised to be true to herself and then dropped a few holiday movie titles, including Elf and Home Alone. She said she's not a regular tree, she's a cool tree -- a hint she may be a mom? Her last clue was that she's been a brand ambassador for a food brand. See some previous clues here.
Guesses: Nicole Scherzinger guessed Amy Sedaris, a very good bet. Ken Jeong guessed Zooey Claire Deschanel, while Robin Thicke guessed Rachael Ray. Jenny's mouth farted up Padma Lakshmi.

Fox, The Masked Singer

Fox, The Masked Singer

Her version of Meghan Trainer's "All About That Bass" left a lot to be desired, but at least she looked like she was having a good time.
This week's clues: She said she had always been relegated to the D-list, and talked about making it as a comedian. She said I never "curb my enthusiasm," a likely hint she wants us to think she might be Wanda Sykes. We saw a list that included goals, playing a Hollywood comedy club among them. There was a cross, and her last clue was that she's been in many relationships with many of the presidents. See some previous clues here!
The guesses: Jenny said Sherri Shepherd, but was afraid since she's said her name in the competition 700 times already and it hasn't been her. She also threw out Nicole Beyer, host of Nailed It. Nicole guessed Star Jones, which wasn't bad, and Robin said Wanda Sykes or Mindy Kaling.

The Masked Singer

We'd bet a thumb on this being Patti Labelle, and when she sang "Cheap Thrills" by Sia, it left no doubt: Patti can't keep the Patti locked away. The song didn't suit her very well: Patti does big ballads and sweeping pop songs, and this was sort of choppy. She was dancing like she was at a honkey tonk while a couple did cha-cha and tango moves behind her. It was awkward, but was still unmistakably Patti.
This week's clues: She reveled in saying, "Last time you thought I was all kinds of people," and that she has never taken a voice lesson. "I'm just a girl who never left her garden," she said. And her package was full of number clues: 524 on a door, a clock that read 12:00, a $13 price tag. There was a French flag too.
Guesses: Nicole said Shirley Bassey. Jenny said Anita Baker, and bless her heart, that girl knows her black girl voices, but this ain't right. It doesn't matter though: that's Patti, for sure.

The Masked Singer's Penguin Texted Jenny McCarthy Fake Out-of-Town Pics to Throw Her Off

Whoa! This cat -- sorry fox -- is the real deal! As he murdered "Hey Look Ma, I Made It" from Panic! At the Disco, he made it clear he was not going to be the hunted in this competition anytime soon. He's a stellar singer, and a fantastic dancer to boot.
This week's clues: He said he grew up in a rough patch of the woods and the other foxes weren't so nice. He mentioned movie titles: Shazam, Fast and Furious,and referenced turning into an "undercover super fox." He said he never got applause for himself until he put on this mask, which means he's not somebody we'd expect at all. His last clue: growing up he imagined he'd be in a uniform.
The guesses: Robin said AJ McLean from Backstreet Boys. Ken said Jaime Foxx. Jenny suggested Ne-Yo, which is a very good guess. Yet nobody mentioned the popular internet theory it's Jeremy Renner. Based on that voice and those moves though, this very well could be Wayne Brady.

In the end, Penguin had to say goodbye. Just before the mask came off, Jenny reminded everyone once again that she thought it was Sherri Shepherd, and it must have felt really good for her to finally be vindicated because when the head came off it was... Sherri Shepherd. Jenny exploded with joy and smug, self-satisfaction, and she had every right to. Read what Shepherd had to say about the experience ... and lying to Jenny for so long.

In its second hour, The Masked Singer sent home the Black Widow, but not before Nick Cannon started the festivities with a dazzling disco-ball inspired turban that made him look like he could tell someone's fortune on the way home from taping. Did he peer into a crystal ball before the show to know that Black Widow would have to pack up her web and hit it? Who knows, but after this episode we know for sure Butterfly is Michelle Williams, and that Nicole Scherzinger is super thirsty for Thingamajig. To find out who Black Widow was scroll down; here's the rest of what happened!

Black Widow
After slaying Before He Cheats" by Carrie Underwood last time, Black Widow did Cher's "Believe" with a trap update. She definitely sounds like a pop star and knows how to ride the rhythm; she has range and power and hits her notes well too.
This week's clues: Black Widow again teased she used to be a child star, and she reasserted that this spider costume makes her feel like she doesn't have to pretend. She mentioned Memphis and Bel-Air, and we saw satin sashes, like the kind in pageants, that read 'No Scrubs' and 'Misdemeanor' -- clear references to R&B/hip hop stars TLC and Missy Elliot. She called herself a hot homemaker too and gave a weird final clue that involved whipped cream and crackers. See last performance clues here and here.
This week's guesses: Robin's convinced she's Raven-Symoné, given she's an "edgy" former kid actor and can sang. Guest judge Anthony Anderson guessed Drew Barrymore because of the child actor angle, Nicole mouth-breathed something about T-Boz, and Ken maintained it was a country star like Miranda Lambert. But nah, that's SO Raven.

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The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer

This towering soulful singer came back with a daring choice: the very old-school Temptations cut "Ain't Too Proud to Beg." He sounded good but not as great as he has in the past. Still, he's a standout in the competition and has a beautiful voice.
This week's clues: Shown at a Last Supper-type meal with his homies, Thingamajigshowed himself breaking bread with homies, and a pile of gummy bears. He said his dad is a big influence who helped him get right with the ladies, and we kept seeing leather dress-type shoes, including one being dipped in what looked like butter? His final clue was a book on sign language. See previous week's clues hereand here.
This week's guesses: Nicole, who practically needed to be doused with water to calm the fire from her loins, wondered if he could be Dennis Rodman. Robin guessed Montell Jordan, Jenny thought it could be Tony Parker, and Ken wagered Ronnie DeVoe of BBD, a group he loved coming up. Ken's full of surprises!

The Masked Singer's Black Widow Confesses She's No Stranger to Wearing Disguises in Public

This is almost certainly Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child, a fact driven home by Butterfly incorporating some gospel goodness in Norah Jones' "I Don't Know Why."
This week's clues: She mentioned being intimidated by performing again, which is understandable given standing next to Beyonce, right? There were more hints to her gospel/choir background, and she talked about the "lowest of lows," a nod to her open dialogue about depression. She gave a final clue about a forensic kit, talking about a chance she had to choose life or death. See last performance cluesandprevious performance clues here, which convince us this is Michelle!
This week's guesses: The Masked Singer is gonna have to figure out how to make these middle weeks of competition more interesting, because when Nicole guessed Michelle from Destiny's Child and Jenny confirmed, we're just waiting at this point for her to yank that thing off.

Singing "Teenage Dream" from Katy Perry, Leopard sounded a bit like Seal; his raspy voice can work against or for him as it did to tonight.
This week's clues: We saw a newspaper that read Pose. His final clue was old-school cameras. See previous week's clues here and here.
This week's guesses: Billy Porter, Tyler Perry? This one's hard.

The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer


Singing "Never Enough" by Loren Allred, Flamingo -- who is absolutely Adrienne Bailon -- revealed a lot of range with a measured, heartfelt ballad. Previously, Flamingo had everyone certain she's a former girl-grouper (which Bailon, in 3LW and Cheetah Girls, was) but here she sounded like a real crooner.
This week's clues: She opened her package with "Mira" -- a nod to her Latinx heritage. She said she sung and danced her way to the top, although she started hating the sound of her own voice not that long ago. She last showed off an NAACP Award -- a red herring meant to make us think she might be African American. We're on to you Adrienne! See more evidence this is Adrienne Bailon here and here.
This week's guesses: Anthony guessed Fantasia but, yeah, no. Amber Riley's name came up but no, this is Adrienne, as Jenny noted.

In the end, Black Widow had the least votes and was revealed to be none other than Raven-Symoné! Check out what she had to say about being on The Masked Singer.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Fox.