The Masked Singer put an end to another high-level mystery in the second hour of its double feature on Wednesday. After saying goodbye to Penguin in the first hour, the second episode eliminated the Black Widow, revealing her face to the world.

Raven-Symoné, an entire Disney machine unto her self, as well as a recording artist, talk show host, and many more careers that eclipse more than most of us will achieve in our whole lives, did her best with Cher's "Believe," but it wasn't enough to match the soul of Flamingo or the old-school sexiness of Thingamajig, so Black Widow was shooed away.

Raven, who said the experience inspired her to get back into the studio, spoke with TV Guide about why she wanted to rock the spider suit, the comfort she found in anonymity, and how this was hardly her first time hiding in plain sight.

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You've done so many amazing things across your career, why'd you want to be on The Masked Singer?
Raven-Symoné: Reality-based competition shows are all the rage, and I haven't been part of one. I was addicted to it [in the first season], so I jumped at the chance to be able to sing songs that normally record labels or producers wouldn't think of me to sing. I loved being able to show my range, and because of it [I] got back into the studio. At the end of the month I'll have an album out, 33,000.

You're pretty used to having security, but how did having this level of security compare?
Raven-Symoné: It was crazy, I've never had so much security in my life! I still have my "Don't Talk to Me" shirt that I had to wear. I wish my life could be like that on a regular basis. I brought my mother and my partner once but everyone else... I wasn't allowed to tell any of my friends or anything. I have been in front of people's eyes and on television since I was 3 years old; being able to not have that kind of recognition was kind of a relief.

Did doing this make you think about wearing a mask in real life, even though it's over?
Raven-Symoné: I wouldn't want to take away the things I have — I don't want to be completely anonymous — but I do have my version of a mask I use. I'm not going to tell you what it is.

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Would you have liked to keep going, or were you ready to go?
Raven-Symoné: Hell yeah I wanted to keep going! I'm disappointed. I enjoyed doing the show. In my head I feel like, if I had not broken my wrist I would have gone two more rounds. I say no to nothing, I don't give up. I had hurt my wrist on a Friday — let's just say I realized I am 33 and not 15 anymore — and I was ready to go, up for anything. My doctor said, "Are you sure?" I said, "Are you going to pay me? Are you going to give me some of that doctor money? Then let me get in these streets and make my money!"

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Fox.