It was hometown week on The Bachelorette, but the main event wasn't Becca meeting any of the guys' families. It was Tia and her relationship with Colton.

Tia and Colton spent a weekend together in January, while The Bachelor was airing. They kissed (but nothing more), and Colton presumably auditioned for the show thinking that Tia would be the Bachelorette. She wasn't, of course, but Colton went on the show anyway. There's no question that Colton did not come on the show for Becca. The question is if the feelings he seems to have developed for Becca are genuine. Complicating things was the fact that Becca is actually very into Colton.

For the activity part of their date, they visited a children's hospital and brought the kids some gifts. Colton talked about his cystic fibrosis foundation. If he helps sick kids, I'm not going to question his motives for doing it.

Then Colton's very intense dad asked Becca about what Colton said about his relationship with Tia, and asked if Colton has asked about her relationship with Arie. There was a lot of talk about Colton's virginity with his parents, which I thought was kinda weird. The whole date segment felt sort of oppressively intense, like the parents were too invested in the drama.

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Then Becca's friends from Arie's season came back to catch up with her before the rose ceremony. Tia was among them, as was Bekah, who spoiled Tia and Colton's date on Bachelor in Paradise. That means we know how this turns out, and we're watching to see how it goes wrong.

Becca brought up that Tia and Colton dated, and Tia took Becca aside to talk about her feelings. She admitted that she still has feelings for Colton. "When I think about Colton at this point now it honestly makes me sick to my stomach," she said. Tia gave the season a much-needed drama injection. She lobbed an emotional rock into Becca's tranquil pond and it landed with a big SPLOOOSH!

Bad, selfish move, Tia. You had your shot and you blew it!

And Tia got what she wanted, because Becca sent Colton home. She just was tired of dealing with all this drama.

We'll see what happens with Colton and Tia on Bachelor in Paradise next month.

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