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Here's Who Else We Want to See on Bachelor in Paradise Season 5

Bekah's gone missing again!

Liam Mathews

Bachelor in Paradise revealed its initial Season 5 cast on Tuesday, and the lineup contains some fan favorites from The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Bachelor Winter Games like Grocery Joe, Venmo John and Yuki. But there are some fan favorites who are conspicuously absent as well. Bachelor in Paradise always reveals more cast members as contestants rotate on and off the show, so here are some people we expect (or at least hope) to see at a later date.

1. Bekah
The most glaring omission is Bekah Martinez, the breakout star of Arie's season. It's a surprise, too, because during that season's The Women Tell All Chris Harrison teased that she'd be on Paradise. But she was noncommittal, and she may have skipped it. She got in a Twitter beef with Raven Gates (who's not on the show because she's still in a relationship that started on Paradise last year) while filming was happening, which indicates that she wasn't there. But there's also a gap in her Twitter activity from May 28-June 15, so it's possible she made it down to Mexico after all. But maybe she has a boyfriend. We'll see! She's gone missing before, but she came back. Hopefully she'll show up. The season will suffer without her.

2 & 3. Seinne & Jacqueline
Arie's season had a contingent of women who were very different than the average Bachelor contestant. Only one of them, Kendall, is currently represented in the cast. In addition to Bekah, there's Seinne and Jacqueline, who were both wildly overqualified to date Arie. But hopefully they'll head down and meet someone on their level, like Grocery Joe or Venmo John or...

4. Leo
Leo the witty stuntman has not yet been eliminated from Becca's season, but his lack of screentime indicates that he will be soon. He's perfect for Paradise. He looks great in minimal clothing and being freed from The Bachelorette's narrative constrictions will allow him to be his hilarious self. Other guys still on Becca's season who will probably make their way down to Mexico include Colton (confirmed by Bekah), Connor and Wills.

5. Dean
Deanie Babies is single again, and we'd all like to see him grow into the upstanding fellow he could be. He's very likable, he just needs to get better at being in relationships. Maybe he'll give it another shot? Krystal would surely be all over him. If he doesn't go, any of his exes -- Lesley, Kristina or D.Lo -- would be welcome additions to the cast as well.

6. Peter!
This could be Rachel's runner-up's last chance. He wasn't on Paradise last year or Bachelor Winter Games, so if he sits this one out, too, the world will move on and he'll never be the Bachelor (hopefully producers have learned their lesson with people who are off the show for too long after Arie). But maybe that's what he wants. He might be done. And he's been posting on Instagram at a steady clip throughout filming, so it looks like he won't be there.

7. More Winter Games people
What about Christian from Germany, who wanted to go in the Jacuzzi with Clare? What about that girl from New Zealand who threw up when she had to kiss Josiah? What about the Russian woman who Luke Pell jilted? She deserves another shot at love! What about Benoit or Clare, who broke off their engagement? Winter Games was so fun because of the international cast, and it would be a shame for them to not be utilized more.

8. Liz the doula
Liz -- who infamously slept with Nick Viall at Jade and Tanner's wedding -- should get another chance. Jade and Tanner met during Paradise, after all. And Liz is nice. She'd fit in with Kendall and Bekah and Seinne and Jacqueline. She could date Venmo John.

Who do you want to see on Bachelor in Paradise?