It is Prime Day, which is when Amazon marks down items big and small in a "Black Friday in July" sales frenzy. But being a fanatic of The Bachelor is a full-time gig, which is why now is the time to make yourself an even better fan. TV Guide is here to help you spend your money like a responsible member of Bachelor Nation. In other words, here are seven Prime Day items that you should be to improve your experience while watching The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise.

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1. A new recliner!
You gotta be comfortable, and nothing is more comfortable than a La-Z-Boy reclining rocker.

2. A wine fridge!
Because you gotta keep your rosé cold.

3. A wine glass set!
Because you need something to pour your rosé into.

4. A combination smoke detector/speaker/Alexa!
So that you know if all the candles you lit are getting too smoky and also so you can tell your smoke detector to turn on your TV.

5. A Kindle!
To read Bachelor books like Amy Kaufman's Bachelor Nation.

6. Luggage!
For your Bachelorette-inspired trip to Richmond, Va.

7. A stylish Fossil smartwatch!
So you can keep track of exactly how much of your life you're wasting watching this show.

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