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The Bachelorette Fans Roasted the State of Virginia Really Hard

Listen, if your product placement is overzealous, you're gonna get mocked for it

Liam Mathews

Virginia is for haters.

That's what The Bachelorette found out in Monday's episode, where Becca and the boys took a trip to Richmond that was underwritten by the state tourism board, and fans weren't buying their effusive praise of the Commonwealth. The episode opened with a nearly four-minute tourism pitch that was excessive even by the franchise's "____ is the perfect place to fall in love" sponsorship semi-disclosures. Around the time Leo said, "Just like Virginia birthed the nation, I hope that it births a relationship that really lasts with Becca," fans were calling bull. Because Virginia is nice. But it ain't romantic like Paris with beaches like Fiji.

The Bachelorette: Chris Has No Chill

The Virginia slander on Twitter was the best part of an otherwise lackluster episode.

A lot of fans seem to be unfamiliar with Virgina's famous slogan "Virginia Is for Lovers," which is weird. I'm not sure how you can live in America and not have heard that. I mean, the whole point of why The Bachelorette was in Virginia was to say "Virginia is for lovers" 97 times.

Your answer:

Remember when this show used to go all over the world all the time? The budget ain't what it used to be.

They didn't even do telegenic stuff while in Virginia. Becca and Jason went to an "unhappy hour" at the Edgar Allan Poe Museum where a bunch of nerds were doing goth stuff. They visited Edgar Allan Poe's mother's grave. They were apparently supposed to go whitewater rafting but the weather was bad, so this was the back-up. Personally, I would enjoy the Poe museum much more than whitewater rafting, which is one of many reasons why I would be a terrible Bachelorette contestant.

But that wasn't even close to being the weirdest thing that happened in Virginia. No, the weirdest thing was that the actual sitting governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia made an extended appearance. Ralph Northam, wyd?

(Yes, Stacy, that's exactly right.)

The Washington Post got to the bottom of how and why Northram's appearance happened. As you could probably guess, it was to impress his daughter.

All in all, very weird episode! I'll leave you with this:

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.