Paul McCartney and Paul Rudd Paul McCartney and Paul Rudd

Saturday Night Live paired Pauls this weekend: Paul Rudd and Paul McCartney.

Rudd opened the show by joking that troves of fans were screaming for him as he came into the studio. When McCartney stepped out on stage, the star of the upcoming film How Do You Know quickly realized that the overzealous crowd was there for the Beatles legend.

McCartney continued to appear throughout the show, popping up in the digital short for a "mini-harmonica solo" and playing with Seth Meyers on "Weekend Update."

McCartney went on to perform five songs over four musical sessions, including a tribute to the 30th anniversary of John Lennon's death, which occurred Wednesday, with "Give Peace a Chance." He also sang "Band on the Run," and closed the show with "Get Back."

When McCartney wasn't on, Rudd got some laughs for kissing Fred Armisen and Bill Hader in a sketch about a family whose excessive displays of affection are off-putting to guests.

Rudd also appeared in a skit about a game show that makes rich people uncomfortable because it tests their knowledge of the names of those around them, including their doorman and office cleaning lady.

Among the other highlights, Hader reprised his role as WikiLeaks' Julian Assange, who broadcast from prison and threatened to sabotage multiple Internet sites — for instance, deleting your favorite skinny profile photo from Facebook.

Which Paul did you enjoy more: Rudd or McCartney?