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What would Ron Swanson say about Parks and Recreation's first nomination for best comedy?

"All he knows is that Julia Roberts is that toothy girl from Mystic Pizza, so he probably would be completely unaware of what's happening," says Parks boss Mike Schur. "He's not very hard-wired into the Hollywood scene. I do think he would be very secretly happy for Leslie Knope."

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But Schur and star Amy Poehler were plenty happy to be recognized after three rocky seasons on-air. "I think she and I both felt like there was a lot of uncertainty about our show. We were mid-season last year, and we made the whole season kind of in the dark, not knowing what our fate was going to be," says Schur. "Neither of us wanted to admit it out loud, but I think we both really wanted the show to get the nomination, just because it would be like getting told, 'Good job! Gold star for your work!'" When Poehler called Schur with the news this morning from Nantucket, "there was a lot of whooping and hollering from her family in the background. It was very cute."

For now, Schur is sharing his happy Emmy news with his daughter's first birthday. " Yeah, she doesn't seem to care that much," he says. "Last night, I was rocking her to sleep and she truly vomited all over me. I know it's a cliché, your kid throws up on you, but it actually happened to me last night. It was amazing. And it was, like, voluminous. A tremendous amount of vomit came up. It was pretty awesome."

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The real celebration will have to wait until Tuesday, when the cast reconvenes for the show's first Season 4 read-through. "I think our celebration for today will be to talk happily about it for 20 minutes in the writers room and then necessity will dictate we move on and start planning for next year."

While they're planning, what about pushing for a nod to the late, much-missed Li'l Sebastian during the Emmy telecast? Maybe host Jane Lynch could throw him a shout-out? Schur has his own ideas: "I could suggest that. Or maybe Tom Haverford's video memorial tribute to Li'l Sebastian could be shown during the no-longer-with-us montage... It would truly be in terrible taste, but..."