January Jones, Jon Hamm January Jones, Jon Hamm

Our top moments of the week:

12. Weirdest Finish: Smash ends its two-season run with former rivals Karen and Ivy dueting on — appropriately — "Big Finish." The musical endnote is a predictable one, but Ivy's unplanned pregnancy is definitely not. Ivy decides to keep her baby and raise it with her cranky sometime-boyfriend Derek. Is it too late for NBC to order a third season? Because we would pay good money to see those two co-parent what is sure to be a fascinating offspring.

11. Too Real for TV Award: What would Ryan Lochte do if his girlfriend dumped him over the phone while he was being filmed for his reality show? Run away! That's what happens when Jaimee, his long-distance British bird, calls him to break the bad news. "Hold on. No, no, no, no. For real. Stop it," he tells the cameramen. The crew obliges and films him from afar. "I care about Jaimee, and I know how this conversation was going to go, and I didn't want cameras there. I turned off the mic and started talking to her." Maybe his idol Kim Kardashian can take a cue and keep some things off-camera too?

10. Most Head-Scratching Plot Resolution: On Body of Proof's series finale, Megan finally uncovers the truth behind her father's death when she exhumes his body and finds his coffin empty! It turns out, he didn't commit suicide (duh); he was murdered by police chief Angela Martin, who killed him to cover up her murder of a woman who was having an affair with her boyfriend. You can't say the show didn't go out of its way to tie up loose ends.

9. Worst Gaffe: After The Voice's Judith Hill and Sarah Simmons, the season's front-runners and two of Adam Levine's team members, are shockingly eliminated, the Maroon 5 frontman is caught on a live mic making the off-the-cuff crack, "I hate this country." Was it the smartest thing to say? No. But the dude's obviously just frustrated at losing two singers, so ease up on him, America.

8. Most Surprising Moment of Sincerity: Fans of the Real Housewives of Orange County know Tamra Barney makes for great reality TV — thanks to her steady diet of wit, catfights and occasional steamy scenes with her fiancé Eddie. But this week the normally tough mother of four gives viewers a rare look at her more vulnerable side when she reveals that she tried to commit suicide when she was 21 after her first divorce. Her breakdown, during the keynote address of a women's conference, is startling, but is it sick that wish we could see more of the same from her?

7. Best On Switch: Over the years, Psych has welcomed more than its fair share of famous faces, but '80s icon Anthony Michael Hall makes a splash on the Season 7 finale as Harris Trout, a consultant brought in to observe the station. Not only does he fire Chief Vick, demote Lassiter and tell Shawn his services are no longer need, he also wants to repaint the walls! "Oh, it's on," Gus declares. Oh yes, it is! When does Season 8 start?

6. This World Is on Fire Award: Rachel hasn't exactly been truthful about restoring the power (no surprise there) on Revolution. While they do have the capability of turning on the electricity, there's a catch: a 1-in-1 billion chance that they'll set the world on fire. (Yes, the world!) That seems like something Aaron should have been privy to before she dragged him halfway across the country — by foot!

5. Why the Face? Award: Michael Douglas and Matt Damon have been getting (deserved) praise for their performances in Behind the Candelabra. But the true breakout star of the Steven Soderbergh biopic is the leathery, androgynous, feline face of Liberace's plastic surgeon Dr. Startz (Rob Lowe!). It took Lowe a painful hour and 45 minutes each day to achieve the transformation, but fear not, the Parks and Recreation hunk remains ageless in real life.

4. Best Joke: No one does sight gags like Arrested Development, and the cult comedy pulls off perhaps its best one yet on its Netflix revival. [Spoiler alert if you haven't watched the season yet.] In the intervening years since we last saw the Bluths, Gob has found himself part of a Hollywood entourage, much like the one on a certain HBO comedy of the same name. The group's favorite haunt? Balboa County's hottest nightclub: And Jeremy Piven, a shot pulled directly from Entourage's opening credits.

3. Worst First Impression: On The Bachelorette premiere, Jonathan is certain that he'll get a rose if he asks Desiree — minutes after their first meeting, mind you — to join him in a makeshift fantasy suite of his own design. Although Desiree politely rebuffs his offer, he keeps trying to get her into the suite throughout the night. Des realizes what he's doing and cuts him loose even before the rose ceremony.

2. Funniest Mud Run: How do you defuse bad publicity? By making a fool of yourself on national TV. The Today show team tackles a Tough Mudder endurance obstacle course — which includes plunging into 34-degree ice water, carrying 80-pound logs and scaling a slick incline dubbed Everest —and it's as ridiculously hilarious as it sounds. But in a twist we did not see coming, Al Roker makes quick work of Everest, while Savannah Guthrie needs a rope to make it to the top. (We bet Ann Curry wouldn't have needed a rope.)

1. The Truth Hurts Award: Don's womanizing ways come full circle on Mad Men when he sleeps with his ex-wife Betty during their visit to Bobby's summer camp. But for once, Don doesn't have the upper hand. A confident, newly svelte Betty drops some post-coital knowledge on him that he can't handle. "I love the way that you look at me when you're like this, but then I watch it decay. I can only hold your attention for so long," she says, before throwing the best shade ever. "That poor girl," she says of Don's wife Megan. "She doesn't know that loving you is the worst way to get to you."

What were your top moments?